How to Unlock a Kenwood Car Radio [Recovering Security Code]

Do you have a Kenwood car radio but can’t seem to find the code for it? You’re not alone. Unlocking a Kenwood car stereo is actually quite easy if you know what steps to take.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to unlock your Kenwood car stereo and give you some tips on how to do so!

unlock kenwood car radio security code

Different Ways to Recover Kenwood Radio Security Code

I’ll discuss different ways that you can try for recovering the security code to unlock a Kenwood car stereo-

Product Packaging Should Have the Code

If you purchased the car stereo, it should have come in a box with product packaging. Make sure to double-check if there is an option for code retrieval on the back of the package. You can also find this information online by looking up your specific Kenwood model number and reviewing any available documentation that comes with it!

Generally, all new models come with the same security code. So, you can see any product packaging in the shop or online if you have already disposed of the one you got with your system.

Find the Code in User Manual

If the Kenwood car stereo is new, it should have come with a user manual. Check to see if there are any codes listed within this document on pages where you would expect to find them- usually after installation or in an area that deals with programming features.

While some user manuals contain default security codes, some contain guides to recover them if they are lost.

Try Default Security Codes

If both of the above options are not available, you can randomly try different default security code options.

Most Kenwood car radios have the same default security codes, so you do not need to worry about choosing the wrong ones! Here are some common defaults-

  • 0000 (four zeros)
  • 1234 (common pin number in America)
  • 2580
  • 1111
  • kcar

Ask the Previous Owner

If you bought a second-hand device and you know the previous owner, ask them for the security code to unlock your Kenwood car stereo! They may have modified the default passcode as most people do with their personal stereo systems.

Get it to an Authorized Service Center

If all of these fails, you need to take the device to an authorized Kenwood service center with valid purchase proof to get the code for unlocking your Kenwood car stereo. They can find it within their database and provide you with a new security code so that you may use your device!

Hard Reset the Stereo

If you are not so interested in going to the service center, you may try a hard reset which can restore the factory default settings of the stereo. After that, you can try the random default passcodes to see if those works for you.


In this blog post, we discussed how to unlock your Kenwood car stereo and gave you tips on how to do so. We also went over different ways of recovering the security code for unlocking a Kenwood car stereo if it is lost or forgotten.

There are many things that can be done in order to recover the security code from a device such as checking product packaging, looking up online documentation about your specific model number, finding an option for retrieving codes on the back of package while shopping new models in-store or online, locating the information within user manual pages where they would expect it (usually after installation or programming features), randomly trying default passcodes common among all devices manufactured by Kenwood company; asking the previous owner who may have modified their own password; or taking device to an authorized Kenwood service center.

The last option is the most expensive, so it would be best if you were able to check all other options before making that decision! We also discussed how a hard reset can restore your stereo’s factory default settings and give you another chance at entering any of the common defaults in order to unlock your Kenwood car stereo.

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