How to Fix JVC Bluetooth Pairing Problems? [4 Methods]

Is it time to throw away your JVC car stereo because the Bluetooth pairing is not working?

Have you tried everything and can’t seem to fix the problem? If so, don’t worry. We have all of the information that you need in order to find a solution to your issue. Read on below!

how to connect to jvc car stereo bluetooth

Before we go into the actual solutions to the problem, we need to identify the cause of the issue. The pairing problem can appear due to reaching the highest pairing limit of the device, software bug, lag in the system, or incorrect pairing techniques.

Since most of these JVC Bluetooth pairing issues arise because of the user not knowing how to properly pair JVC stereo to iPhone or Android, we’ll start with that and then continue with the fix for the most common reasons to the least ones.

How to Connect Bluetooth to JVC Car Stereo

Pairing JVC stereo with a mobile phone is easy. Here’s the process-

Pair iPhone to JVC Car Radio

Follow these steps to pair your iPhone with JVC head unit-

  • Go to settings, and turn on Bluetooth.
  • It should show you the JVC stereo on the screen. Select that.
  • Now, the car stereo should show BT Pairing on the screen.
  • Check the security code on the stereo and the iPhone. Both should be the same.
  • Press on the volume control knob on the stereo to confirm and Tap Ok on your iPhone.

Pair Android Phone to JVC Stereo

The process is more or less similar to that of the iPhone. Head over to settings and turn the Bluetooth on. It should search for devices available to be paired with.

Once the JVC Unit appears, select that. Some phone pairs automatically without any code prompt and some will ask you to input the security code that popped up on the stereo display.

Whatever it is, follow the direction and press ok. You’re done!

However, some phones may not work with some stereo systems. To check whether your phone is compatible or not, check here.

How to Solve JVC Bluetooth Pairing Problems

If your JVC car stereo Bluetooth is not working after following the full process described above, follow these methods one by one until the problem goes away.

Method 1: Delete Paired Devices

Sometimes, the problem arises because of pre-existing pairings. If you have paired quite a few devices with JVC car stereo before and are now facing Bluetooth pairing issues, try this method to fix it.

Go to the Source from wherever you are in the stereo. Then open Settings, then find Bluetooth. Get into the Bluetooth settings to find the Delete Pairing option there.

Press Enter and should ask you to confirm the action. So, press the volume control knob again.

Although most setups are similarly organized, some newer models have slight variations in the way they offer you the options. No matter how they are presented, you need to find the Bluetooth settings and paired devices to delete them all.

Some may need you to delete one by one while some will clear all the paired devices at one go.

Method 2: Update Firmware

If doing the above process didn’t help, try updating the firmware of the JVC car stereo.

This is a really easy process. Download the firmware from JVC website. Download the one that’s made for your stereo model.

After you’ve downloaded the file, decompress it and move the file to a USB drive. Now, connect the drive to the stereo and update.

With every firmware update file, there is a manual to guide you in the right direction. So, I highly recommend you follow that guideline to eliminate the risk of bricking your device. Doing the firmware upgrade wrong can destroy your device. Be careful here.

Method 3: Reboot the System

If the first two steps didn’t work, try this one. Sometimes the system gets jammed or lagged that can prevent it from working properly. In that case, a system reboot can help you out.

Turn off the car, disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery for a minute, reconnect the negative terminal. After that, ignite the engine and see if Bluetooth starts working normally.

Method 4: Reset the Head Unit

This is quite an extreme step, but if the previous three don’t help you out, this might.

Using a small pin or paper clip (or anything that can fit into the reset hole), press and hold in it for a few seconds till you hear a beeping sound from inside. The head unit will restart after some time automatically without any issues.

This should solve all Bluetooth issues including JVC H/W error and make your device smoother than before.

Hard resetting the device will erase all the data you put into the device and it will restore the factory settings. So, backup data if you own a multimedia unit before applying this.


If you’re experiencing Bluetooth pairing problems with your JVC car stereo, don’t worry. There are a few different methods we have explained above that can help you fix the problem and get back to enjoying music or podcasts in no time!

The best thing about these tricks is they only take a minute or two from start to finish. So, if you’ve been stuck trying to figure out how to fix JVC Bluetooth pairing issues for hours on end, try one of these methods today and see if it helps!

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