10 Best Automotive Spray Paint in a Can 2021

Spray paints for cars are suitable for giving your vehicle a new look and protecting it from damages like scratches or rusting.

The good news about spray paints is that you can choose to do it yourself or take it to the paint shop to get the look you desire.

Whichever the case, you must work with the best spray paint for cars that ensures perfect shine, durability, and high-quality finish.

To achieve a perfect finish that lasts long, you need to take your time to do thorough research and take a look at each painting’s features. 

But who has so much time to spare on this? That’s why we have put our hands together to find the top 10 best automotive spray paints in a can for you. This will help you find the top products without spending time on research, analysis, and making the decision.





Dupli-color BSP200 Jet Black Paint Shop Finish System


POR-1545818 Top Coat Gloss Black Spray paint


SEM Paints SEM15243 Satin Black color Coat Aerosol


USC SprayMax 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol


Dupli-Color Trim and Bumper Paint-Black-TB101


Our 10 Best Spray Paint For Cars & Automotive:

Here are our detailed reviews on the top spray paints that you can use on an automobile:

1. Dupli-color BSP200 Jet Black Paint Shop Finish System

The Dupli-Color Jet Black paint shop finish system spray Paint comes in ready-to-use form and works best in car’s exteriors. The spray lacquer does not require reducing because the manufacturer reduces it before taking it to the market.

One thing you’re going to love about this paint is how fast it dries on surfaces. You’re not going to wait for the first coat to dry to add the next coat. You can do all back to back. 

Spraying the paint is very easy, so you can do it yourself but make sure to reapply more than a layer because it is thin auto paint. However, the product does not come in a spray can. So, you need to use an automotive paint sprayer to get your job done.

Achieving a shiny, smooth, mirror-like look through wet sanding is very easy. To use this spray paint, you need a first clear coat before applying it. Being that it is a thin paint, you need to do several coats before achieving the perfect color and the look you deserve.

There’s no worry about spending much of your time because it dries fast enough even with several layers.


  • It is easy to spray
  • Does not require a re-coat window, so reapplying can be done anytime
  • The car paint is pre-reduced, so there’s no need for mixing
  • Wet sanding to get the perfect shine is very easy
  • Good for working on exterior bodywork for automotive machines
  • It dries faster, saving time


  • Requires clear coating
  • The spray paint is thin and does not last longer


2. POR-1545818 Top Coat Gloss Black Spray paint

Do you have a car that is constantly under rust attack? Do you intend to make your car corrosion free? Then consider using POR-15 Top Coat as it comes with specialized features that make it fit for working on bare metal. POR-15 coat is a direct to metal spray that can give the car a rust free shiny black finish resulting in a new look.

You’ll love using this spray because it is extremely flexible for use on different surfaces. It’s firm and strong and also can prevent the car from getting scratched and chipped.

Plus, it will make the car resistant to moisture and prevent openings. This spray does not need you to apply the first coat before applying a topcoat.

Spraying this paint coat will make the vehicle resistant to UV rays preventing damages by sunlight, and give it a long-lasting gentle shine with the ability to retain color.

The spray is a perfect choice for giving your car a durable coat that can withstand adverse weather conditions.

Its adhesion is perfect for protecting the paint from peeling, cracking, and chipping, making it one of the most durable automotive paint sprayer in a can. 

To apply the paint, you need to clean the car from dirt or greasy particles. Then let it dry for some time and apply the coats at intervals to give enough room for hardening. 


  • Able to resist UV rays
  • It does not require an undercoat
  • It is good for preventing rust and corrosion
  • It has good adhesive features making it durable
  • Helps you achieve a corrosion free car
  • Gives a perfect shine and color that lasts
  • Makes the car resistant to moisture and prevent openings


  • For the moisture to cure, you have to leave it for some days


3. SEM Paints SEM15243 Satin Black color Coat Aerosol

Satin Black color Coat Aerosol works great with materials made of plastics, PVC, Carpet, or knitted fabrics. If you want to change the color or the look of your car mats, plastic interior or exterior materials, this is the spray that you need.

SEM Paints Satin Black is an elastomeric paint that gives you a long-lasting and crack-free coat. Because of its built material, it is waterproof and adheres to the surface pretty hard.

Plus, the paint is flexible enough when dried to prevent cracks and chips. So, you can use this in boat seats, car fabrics, dashboard, and many other places where the surface does not remain strictly firm.

This paint can dry up within a short time and gives a smooth, even coating. 

Using it is easy because the aerosol spray comes in a pressurized container with a releasing button. Given that this paint is black, it has high hiding power. You’ll not paint several layers to hide a scratch or a peel when applying it.

It’s ready to use spray, so there’s no setting it up before use.


  • Using the aerosol spray is easy
  • It hides and seals scratches in one coat
  • It is a flexible paint
  • Comes in the ready to use form
  • High adhesion makes it durable
  • Makes the surface waterproof


  • No cons noticed till now.


4. USC SprayMax 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol clear

This spray aerosol, which is the best clear coat, gives a perfect glossy and mirror like look to the surface. 

You can use it for repairs and do touch-up paintings in the car. Apart from serving as a clear coat, you can also use it as a base coat as it does not need mixing with activator before use.

It’s easy to use with a well-designed nozzle that allows gentle flow, so you shake well to mix the components and spray. The aerosol spray can resist scratches, chemical or scraping damages, and protect the car from bad weather.

The manufacturing date is always included in the spraying can, and it’s of high quality making it a perfect product to give your vehicle a nice and shiny look.

After opening the can, use all the content before 48 hours elapse because afterward, it turns to be inactive. Apply it as per the manufacturer’s guideline but understand that it does not give a UV resistant coat.


  • Have two uses; it is a base coat and a clear coat
  • Does not require mixing before use
  • Has a well-designed nozzle giving an even gentle flow
  • It can resist scratches and scrapings
  • It is an easy to use aerosol spray paint


  • It turns inactive after 48 hours of opening
  • It is not UV resistant


5. Dupli-Color Trim and Bumper Paint-Black-TB101

Dupli-Color Trim and Bumper paint are made of the Fade-X technology that makes it strong and gives both the interior and exterior a lasting finish. 

It has a spray nozzle with an EZ Touch fan that is easy to use and gives an evenly distributed solid color.

The spray paint comes in black color, giving you a hiding look with just a few layers of application.

To protect and give your car bumpers a new look, use this spray paint because it will not only provide a high adhesive coat but also dries off in thirty minutes. With this paint, you will not have to wait longer to drive your car. It only takes an hour to put the painted surface back into use after application.

To have a perfect outcome, use it on bumpers made of polyurethane or thermoplastic.

This spray’s flashpoint is at 18 degrees Celsius, so it is very flammable and can be disastrous if exposed to flames. Ensure you exercise the utmost precautions when handling it to prevent accidents.

In case you are planning to do a color matching, do away with scratch or work on the peeling; this is the paint spray for you.

The paint will help you conceal the damages given that it has high hiding powers and black. Always follow the instructions of use and ensure that you get rid of wax and grease on the surfaces before applying the paint. Cleaning of the surfaces is essential in making the paint stick on longer, giving a long-lasting coat.


  • Gives the discoloring bumpers a new look
  • Dries faster on surfaces after application; thirty minutes maximum
  • The spray nozzle is easy to use
  • It has a high adhesive capability
  • Made of high technology making it strong


  • Extremely flammable, requires precaution
  • Only works perfectly on bumpers made of plastic
  • Greasing off and cleaning before applying is mandatory


6. Krylon KO8107 Dual Superbond Paint and Primer Gloss Black

Krylon Superbond is a two in one package that acts as an undercoat and paint, so using it will save you from buying undercoat. Priming allows the paint to have a better adhesion enabling the coat to be strong. With this spray, you will work with it on your car’s metallic surfaces, providing a smart finish with long lasting protection.

The spray is multi-use, meaning you can paint on metallic, wood, wicker, concrete, and plastic surfaces. To get the desired look, you have a variety to choose from; you can use the satin finish, which can withstand regular cleaning and scrubbing.

The satin finish cannot hide cracks and also does not give a perfect shine. A flat finish is good for hiding imperfection but cannot give a lasting coat and bear frequent scrubbing. A gloss finish is good because it offers the toughest coat with a shining finishing that is durable but unable to hide imperfections.

When using Kyrol Dual Superbond, you will not have to do the cleaning before applying, making your work easier and saves time.


  • Serves a paint and a primer at ago
  • Gives a lasting and attractive finish
  • Allows for multi-use
  • Comes in various forms like satin, gloss, and flat finish
  • It does not require cleaning the surfaces before painting
  • It is durable with a better adhesion


  • Has a bad smell
  • Does not dry faster on surfaces


7. Genuine Honda Accessories 08703-NH731PAH-PN Crystal Black Pearl Touch-Up Paint

Are you a Honda user? Do you prefer using a specific brand’s product? The Genuine Honda Crystal Black Pearl will help you achieve this brand identification craze.

This paint suits different Honda models, including the 2008-2012 Accord, 2008-2010 Element, Civic NGV, and Honda Accord 4-door. It also works well in Ridgeline, 2013 Honda Civic 4-door, Accord Plug-in Pilot, and 2006-2013 CR-V.

This paint is of good quality because it comprises 100% acrylic with the ability to cover up large surfaces providing a durable finish. It is also good in covering up water stains and scratches on your car.

The spray has a double-end pen feature that makes it easy for the sprayer to do touch-up on both the topcoat and colored paint. It has a small brush that does not clog and a foam applicator to fix visible defects like light scratches and peels on the car’s surface.

With this paint, you will achieve a beautiful look that can repel UV rays giving your car a lasting and enduring finish.


  • Can be used on different Honda models
  • The sprays coat can repel UV rays
  • It is of high quality comprising of 100% acrylic paint
  • Consists of a brush and foam applicator which is pressure sensitive and prevents clogging
  • Comes in different colors, including crystal black pearl
  • Good for small touch-ups


  • It is of a small size, which is not good for use on large surfaces


8. Dupli-color BCL0125 Clear Exact-Match Automotive Top Coat

The Dupli-Color ClearMatch is a top-notch paint made of high standard professional grade materials.

Established companies like General Motors, Toyota, and Volkswagen use it for fixing big damages on vehicle parts and motorbikes.

It will give your car a shiny look and comes in a can of 8oz. It is ready to use spray that you spray on top of a base-coat achieving the desired color with a glowing finish. To spread evenly on top of the base-coat, let the base layer dry first before applying.

You should apply it on top of the factory-applied finishing coat. And consider matching the color of the paint to the color of the car, which you can easily search for by looking at the car make, year, and color. The sprays nozzle comprises EZ Touch 360-degree design that enables it to achieve the gentle and evenly-spread coats.

It dries faster and gives a shiny finish of the highest quality. Ensure you give the coats time to dry off if you intend to apply more than one coat because it clogs severely.


  • Gives a long-lasting glossy finish
  • It is easy to apply
  • Made in a standard that it matches those of the original equipment producers
  • It dries faster on surfaces
  • It is for professional use


  • The nozzle valve clogs often
  • Takes time waiting for the base coat to dry
  • To achieve a glossy finish, you have to apply more than once


9. Perfomix 11203 Plasti Dip Black Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol

Another good spray paint to use for your car is the Plasti Dip Black Rubber Coating, a multi-purpose Aerosol spray in a can of 11oz. With this paint, you can spray, brush or dip into surfaces according to the mode of application that is comfortable to you.

This paint gives an impressive matte black finishing coat that will protect the car from moisture destruction, prevent the surface from acidic invasions, and bar it from corrosives. The Plasti Dip Black Rubber Coating makes surfaces strong and not slippery; this gives a firm hold that is comfortable preventing unnecessary accidents.

The paint flexibility helps in having a strong sticking coat that does not crack or chip easily, and it can stretch, allowing for mixing with other paints or water. Thinning of the paint will make it hard but easily breakable when you expose it to unfavorable weather conditions.

The good thing with this paint that makes it outdo the others is its ability to prevent you from electric shock and protect the surfaces from vibrations. It also allows the car surfaces to be heat resistant and reduce sound effects.

When you want to get back the original car surface, you will not have a hard time because it comes off with no struggle, given that it is peelable. You can use this paint on different vehicle bodies either at home or at the garage. Ensure that other areas you don’t intend to spray are well covered and give each coat enough time to dry off.


  • Removing from surfaces is easy
  • It is a flexible paint that can withstand harsh weather
  • Has multiple Uses
  • Protects surfaces from vibration, heat and reduce sound effects
  • Prevents electric shock
  • It is easy to apply


  • You have to shake the spray to get a continuous flow constantly
  • It peels off with time


10. Krylon K05125507 ColorMaster Paint+Primer,Brushed Metallic,Satin,Nickel

If you are looking for a spray paint that will give you a good metallic finish, use Krylon ColorMaster Brushed -Metallic paint. The paint dries within ten minutes after application and gives the best results when you spray on metallic, wooden, or plastic surfaces.

It incorporates Covermax technology that allows for maximum surface coverage. The spray tip consists of EZ- touch 360 degrees feature, making it easy to adjust for use preventing wastage of spray that spills over. Because of this, you will get an even coat that does not splash on other objects and surfaces.

Even though this paint is thick, it dries faster and does not drip but produces a strong and lasting coat because it contains acrylic. Use the paint on different vehicles and motorcycles made of glass, plaster, woven materials, and tough irons.

It is suitable for indoor use and is durable with great gentleness and sticking powers for indoor use. To help you achieve a glossy shine, spray the paint multiple times on the surface.


  • It dries within just ten minutes of application.
  • Consists of an adjustable spray nozzle, making the work easy
  • Great for using indoors
  • Gives an excellent metallic finish
  • The design incorporates Covermax technology that allows for maximum cover
  • It does not drip
  • It is durable and gives a gentle glowing coat


  • Achieving a glossy look, you have to apply several coats


As you are doing some modification or repair in your, you may find our guide on tail light tints useful. After painting job is done, you should opt for waxing your car for protecting the shine. Plus, consider checking our guide on hose attachments for car washing as well.

Final Verdict

Understanding each spray paint feature will help you as a car owner to use the product that is suitable for your car model and design. If you look at each paint with its pros and cons, it will help you settle for a product that will meet your demand and expectations.

Knowing the paint to use will not only help in getting the best results but also help you in deciding whether to do the spraying by yourself or get some professional help.  

Choose high quality, easy to use, and durable paint that fits your economic demand and gives the perfect results. With this review of the ten best spray paint for cars above, you will have a variety to choose from, helping you make an informed decision and achieving the desired look for your car.

Ensure you don’t rush into picking the best automotive spray paint in a can for the paint job without proper scrutiny that will later make you regret spending your money and time. Happy car spray paint hunting!

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