10 Best Truck Topper for Camping [Reviewed in 2023]

Owning a truck and camping are two things that often go hand-in-hand. Camping is a great summer activity, but if you don’t have the proper gear it can be uncomfortable.

Best Truck Topper for Camping

While there are many different ways to camp, one of the most popular is using a truck bed tent. These tents fit neatly in a truck bed and provide the comforts of home while you’re camping. However, not all trucks are created equal, and not all tents will work with every truck.

If you’re searching for a new truck bed tent for your next outdoor camping trip, you are in the right place.

In this article, we will review in-depth, 10 of the best truck toppers for camping that will make your camping experience comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you have a Ford or Chevy, 4×4, or 2WD, we’ve got you covered. Read on!

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Our 10 Best Truck Topper for Camping Picks:

Here are the detailed camping truck topper reviews-

1. Offroading Gear 6.5′ Box Length Truck Bed Tent with Front Awning

The Offroading Gear 6.5ft Granville II truck tent with a front awning is a hit with campers and truck owners alike! This tent is made from quality materials and is designed for easy assembly, making it perfect for weekend camping trips or extended road trips.

It fits nearly any short-bed pickup truck with a 6.4ft – 6.6ft box and features extra-rugged 210 Polyester with a UV coating that resists corrosion. However, the poles aren’t very sturdy.

This tent can comfortably accommodate four adults and three children. With its integrated waterproof floor, kids will have enough room to play, and you’ll have space to wine & dine with your family.

The tent’s three mesh windows provide fresh air without sacrificing privacy. There’s also a rear access window for accessing your truck interior without stress.

The Offroading Gear 6.5ft Granville II truck tent front awning provides added shelter from the sun and rain, making your camping experience even more enjoyable. It packs neatly into a lightweight carrying bag for easy transportation without affecting your fuel economy.

The color-coded fiberglass poles, elasticized straps, scratch-free clips, and instructions sewed into the carrying bag make setting up this tent a breeze.


  • This truck bed tent is easy to put together and mount on any 6.4ft to 6.6ft truck bed.
  • It is well-made and has a coating that prevents it from rusting.
  • The tent’s three mesh windows let in fresh air while protecting your privacy and keeping insects away.
  • It comes with a front awning that protects you from the elements.


  • The poles of this tent are flimsy.

2. Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III

The Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III is made to fit over the bed of any open-bed Chevrolet Avalanche or Cadillac Escalade EXT, giving you plenty of space to sleep comfortably.

It provides a pleasant, relaxing resting space for those long road trips or prolonged adventures. With over 5.5 feet of headroom, this tent will accommodate two people comfortably.

This truck topper features a waterproof and weatherproof design, innovative sewn-in floor construction, and extended 6ft by 6ft awning so you’ll be set for any adventure, no matter what the weather throws at you. It has a rear access door to reach your stuff in the truck interior from within the tent.

Thanks to its two large no-see-um mesh windows for ventilation, the Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III topper is perfect for hot weather camping.

You can open the windows from inside or outside of the tent. There are two separate built-in side pockets for additional gear and supplies.

The Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III comes with its carrying case for easy transport. It will take roughly 10 minutes to assemble and mount on your truck. Be informed that while this product works well, it is more a hit or miss. So, you may end up with one that’s quality or defective.


  • This tent will accommodate two adults comfortably.
  • It is designed for Chevrolet Avalanche or Cadillac Escalade EXT truck beds.
  • It has a weatherproof design.
  • You’ll take about 10 mins to mount it on your truck.


  • The tent awning poles are weak.
  • The tent quality is inconsistent.

3. Raptor Series 100000-126800 Offgrid Voyager SUV Camping Roof Top Tent with Ladder

Per adventure you have an SUV instead of a truck, the Raptor Series 100000-126800 Offgrid SUV camping rooftop tent is for you.

This tent 7ft long frame attaches easily to the roof of your vehicle, providing a comfortable place to sleep/rest for two people. It features an aluminum slat floor, a high-density 78 by 48 foam mattress with a 750-pound max load, and a telescoping ladder for easy access.

The manufacturer, Raptor Series, built it to mount on an existing roof rack system or an aftermarket rack/crossbar system. Thanks to its high-quality construction and aerodynamic design, it is unaffected by heavy wind. However, raindrops penetrate it.

The Raptor Series 100000-126800 Offgrid SUV camping rooftop tent is lightweight but ensures you don’t load it more than your vehicle’s and roof rack system weight limits.

That said, this tent top-down net door allows airflow while shielding you from the outdoors. It also features built-in pockets and plenty of places to hang your gear. Plus, there are two air vents with a control that lets you regulate the air entering and leaving the tent.

The Raptor Series 100000-126800 Offgrid SUV camping rooftop tent built-in awning comes with a natural panoramic view, allowing you to enjoy all of your favorite camping places in comfort.


  • This top tent comes with a bed that accommodates two people.
  • It is extremely sturdy and resistant to the element.
  • It offers excellent value for money.
  • This awning mounts to any existing roof rack system or an aftermarket rack/crossbar system.


  • Raindrops get into it.

4. JoyTutus Pickup Truck Tent

The JoyTutus pickup truck tent is perfect for camping enthusiasts who want to stay mobile. This tent attaches easily to a pickup truck with a 5.5ft to 6ft bed to provide a comfortable place to sleep and relax. It comfortably accommodates two people.

JoyTutus made it from double layer 150D polyester oxford with PU2000 waterproof coating to keep out 90% rain and water. The tent floor also incorporates a water-resistant layer that prevents water from penetrating from underneath, so you can keep your air-filled bed dry.

Furthermore, the JoyTutus pickup tent has two sky view vents that maintain air circulation and a zipper window for hunting. It helps you stay organized with its four storage pockets for keeping your phones and other accessories.

The A/B/C poles of this tent are sturdy and the pole sockets are well-stitched, making the pole stable. With the user guide, setting up the tent in your vehicle will be a breeze.

However, always ensure the front and rear poles are correctly secured before installation so they don’t break.

The JoyTutus pickup tent comes with a large capacity packing bag for easy transportation. Best of all, it costs below $150, which makes it a very affordable option for budget-conscious campers.


  • This pickup truck tent is very easy to set up.
  • It comfortably accommodates two adults.
  • The tent has two vents for sky viewing at night.
  • It is made for durable materials and has a PU2000 water-proof coating.


  • If you don’t tighten the poles well, they will snap when setting up the tent.
  • Rain still penetrates the tent.

5. FOFANA Truck Bed Tent Automatic Setup Truck Tent

If you’re the kind of camper who wants to be able to set up and take down your tent quickly, easily, and without any hassles, then you’ll want to check out the FOFANA truck bed tent automatic setup truck tent.

This amazing tent fits 5.5 ft beds like a glove and sets up in minutes, thanks to its automatic pole structure that removes the mounting hassle.

The FOFANA truck bed automatic setup truck tent is made from durable materials that will hold up well even in tough conditions, so you can rest easy knowing that your shelter is safe and sound.

It is 6ft tall, offering more than enough headroom for two fully grown adults to move around in it comfortably. With its U-shaped door, entering and leaving the tent is effortless. Plus, its full sewn-in floor keeps you dry and clean.

This truck tent features massive mesh windows that provide a panoramic 360° and 180° celestial sky view to make your camping more fun. The windows have flaps that can be zipped up for privacy. The integrated large interior pockets and gear loft help keep your items organized.

Plus, the full coverage waterproof rainfly protects the whole tent from rain, keeping you dry and safe. However, the rainfly doesn’t last for long because it’s made from a thin material.

When you buy this tent, you’ll get a carrying bag for easy transportation to your camping site.


  • This tent has an automatic pole structure for fast setup and takes down without the hassle of poles assembly.
  • It features two wide mesh windows for viewing the sky and surrounding environment from the tent.
  • The U-shaped door grants easy access in and out of the tent.
  • It comes with a rainfly that keeps you dry when the weather is rainy.


  • The rainfly material is too thin, so it tears easily.

6. Rightline Gear Full-Size Long Truck Tent

Next on the list is the Rightline Gear full-size long truck tent. With a floorless design that allows you to set up and take down the tent without having to remove your belongings from the bed, this truck tent provides endless opportunities for adventure. It attaches to any 6.5ft truck bed without picking the dirt and grime on it.

This tent is made from 2000mm water-resistant fabric with tape-sealed seams that will keep you dry throughout your camping period. Its protective heavy-duty polypropylene straps and plastic buckles won’t damage your truck’s finish.

Furthermore,  the Rightline Gear full-size long truck tent will accommodate two full-grown adults perfectly. It features a sky view vent that lets in more light & ventilation while giving you a better view of your surroundings.

Thanks to its color-coded poles and pole pockets, setting up this tent is quick and straightforward. Plus, there’s a guide sewn into the tent to help you with the mounting process.

The Rightline Gear full-size long truck tent comes with a rainfly to keep you safe and dry during your camping trip if it rains.

It features two gear pockets for mobile phones & small personal things, an overhead lamp hook, and a door with a zipper for easy access into and out of the tent.

However, the door material and zipper aren’t sturdy. Overall, it is a decent truck tent for camping.


  • The floorless design of this tent makes it super easy to set up in minutes.
  • It is made from 2000mm water-resistant fabric with tape-sealed seams that will keep you dry.
  • The tent is built to last with heavy-duty polypropylene straps and plastic buckles.
  • Its rainfly is strong and does an excellent job of keeping rain/water out.


  • This tent door and the zipper doesn’t last long.

7. North East Harbor Pickup Truck Bed Camping Tent

The North East harbor pickup truck bed camping tent is a good truck topper for camping. It is made with waterproof and weather-resistant Polyethylene fabric that will keep you dry and comfortable even in the heaviest rainstorms. It has a built-in floor and fits 6ft to 6.1ft truck beds to comfortably shelter two adults.

This camping tent features an internal gear pocket for storing your phone, glasses, wallet, keys, etc. It has a lantern hook for hanging your lantern or flashlight to illuminate the whole tent.

Thanks to its rainfly, you’ll be shielded from rain throughout your camping trip. There are two mesh windows at each side of the tent for ventilation. The windows each have flaps to keep out the rain while the zippered door allows you to enter or exit the tent easily.


  • It is a decent pickup truck tent.
  • It fits most 6ft to 6.1ft truck beds.
  • The tent is easy to set up and takedown.
  • There are two windows for ventilation and a zipper door for easy access.


  • It may not last long.

8. Guide Gear Premium Truck Tent

How many times have you wished you could take your bed with you on your camping trips? With a truck tent from Guide Gear, now you can! This tent is designed specifically for Chevy, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Toyota, and more full-sized pickup trucks.

It offers all the comfort and convenience of home for two fully grown adults (5.25ft headroom). This tent can accommodate 79” – 81″ truck bed mattresses with the tailgate down, making it perfect for campers of all levels of experience. It is also very affordable.

The Guide Gear premium truck tent is made of 190T polyester with a 1500mm water-resistant covering and a sewn-in polyethylene flooring to keep you dry and comfortable even in the heaviest rainstorms.

It also comes with a rainfly for more protection against rain. With the mesh windows, there will be enough ventilation in the tent. Plus, the Large D-shaped door provides easy entry and exit for you and your gear. However, there’s no access to your truck interior from the tent.

Furthermore, the four shock-corded fiberglass poles of the Guide Gear truck tent deploy fast and securely to your vehicle, making it simple to set up. The tent is portable and comes with a heavy-duty, weather-resistant polyester carrying bag for easy transportation and storage.


  • This tent is very easy to set up.
  • It shelters two adults and can accommodate 79” – 81″ truck bed mattresses.
  • It is lightweight and water-resistant.
  • For the price, you can’t beat it.


  • There’s no access to the truck interior from the tent.

9. DAC Full Size Truck Tent

If you love camping and own a full-size truck, the DAC full-size truck tent is perfect for you! This top-of-the-line tent is designed to fit easily in any full-size truck bed, and it sets up in minutes so you can get started on your camping adventure.

It easily attaches to the back of a full-sized truck and provides a comfortable and spacious place to sleep. It’s also made with durable, waterproof polyester material, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be well-protected from the elements.

The DAC full-size truck tent is for trucks like Toyota Tacomas later than 2005. Be informed that the tailgate must be bigger than or equal to 58” wide for it to fit properly.

It sets up within a few minutes, giving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors. Also, it is one of the roomiest on our list, accommodating two persons and pets.


  • This tent is perfect for full-sized trucks like the Toyota Tacomas later than 2005.
  • It sets up in minutes.
  • It is waterproof and comes with a rainfly.
  • The tent has a lot of room for two adults and pets.


  • It doesn’t fit all full-size trucks perfectly.

10. Quictent Waterproof Truck Tent with Removable Awning

Last on the list is the Quictent waterproof truck tent with removable awning. This tent has a 65” width for 2 persons, 63” headroom, and 73” full length. It fits all 5.5ft – 5.8ft truck beds, and it’s perfect for campers who want the flexibility to take their shelter with them wherever they go.

Installation is supposed to be simple because of the easy-to-use poles and pole pockets. However, the instructions are poorly written, making it tough to set up.

With durable construction and waterproof fabric with tape-sealed seams (PU 2000mm), this tent will keep you safe and dry no matter where you set up camp. It also has a PU4000mm fully sealed floor. There are lots of windows that let in air to keep the tent interior cool at all times.

This Quictent truck tent features a removable 48” L x 48” W awning for extra protection from the elements. It’s simple to pack, carry, and store thanks to the included storage bag.


  • This tent is low-cost, high-quality, and well-functioning.
  • It sets up in minutes.
  • This tent has a waterproof fabric with tape-sealed seams (PU 2000mm) and PU 4000mm fully sealed floor.
  • It has lots of windows for ventilation.


  • The poorly written guide makes installing it a difficult task.

How to Choose the Best Truck Topper for Camping?

Now that you know what are the top truck toppers for camping, you may want to understand the selection process. So, here we go with the criteria that we have followed to choose the perfect truck topper models for your next camping trip.

Size of the Truck Topper

The first criterion is the size of the truck canopy. You need to make sure that it should be able to cover the entire area of your truck’s bed. If you have a short bed, then you need to get a smaller one and vice versa.

Plus, you’ll need to consider the space needed. Whether you are alone, a couple or a family will decide what size and space you need inside the truck caps.

Water Resistance and Ventilation

The next criterion is water resistance and ventilation. You need to make sure that the truck topper you are choosing is waterproof for safe gear storage. Otherwise, your camping gear will get wet, and it will be a disaster.

On the other hand, you also need to make sure that there is enough ventilation so that you don’t feel suffocated inside the topper.

While almost all the products come with these features, it’s still recommended to check for a roof vent or slider windows, and waterproof feature. You won’t love to be stranded on a camping site with faulty accessories, right?

Sturdiness and Easy to Install

The next criterion is sturdiness and ease of installation. You need to make sure that the truck topper you are choosing is durable and can withstand all the elements of nature.

Plus, it should be easy to install so that you don’t have to spend hours doing it. Most of the products come with an instruction manual, and you should read it carefully before starting the installation process.

While it depends on personal preference, you should get either fiberglass models or aluminum toppers from the wide range of standard tents available in the market.


The last criterion is the price of the unit. You need to find a truck topper that fits your budget without compromising on quality and features.

There are many wedge campers and other truck canopies available in different price ranges, so you can easily find one that suits your needs.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, you should consider insulated roof, storage space, vertical space, siding options, and rear windows features according to your requirements and preferences.

Final Thoughts

Is there anything better than sleeping under the stars? Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. And if you want a truly comfortable experience, you need the right gear.

Now that you’ve had a chance to look at our top 10 picks, it’s time for you to make a purchase decision on the one that best suits your truck.

We hope this article has helped you narrow down your choices and given you some good ideas on what tent will work well for your camping needs.

Select from our list and make a purchase. You won’t regret it when your next outdoor adventure comes around. Happy camping!

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