How to Import and Buy Japanese Used Cars from Auction

Japanese Domestic Market (JDP) vehicles are prestigious for their steady reliability, distinct performance, and unrivaled quality.

how to import japanese auction car

A Japanese car auction is a technique of trading used cars and different vehicles based on the auction bidding system. They provide used and new cars at different prices.

The auction took place in large lobbies with hundred of tables with the most recent monitors and electronic devices with pictures of cars that are going to be auctioned. Following are the steps of buying Japanese used cars from auction.

Choose a Reliable Auctioneer

When you search online for a Japanese car auctioneer you need to get the most trusted one. Tips for choosing a reliable exporter.

  • Get all the important details of the company like dealer’s registration number, company info, and date of establishment
  • For verifying the registration documents you can ask help from the Chamber of Commerce, JETRO office, and Japanese Embassy in your country
  • Search for feedbacks from previous buyers at a Japanese car auction. 

Select your Preferred Vehicle

Japanese car auction houses provide the facility of online buying of used cars. An auction tool is available at Try not to spare a moment to contact the exporter and request more insights concerning the vehicle that you wish to buy. They ought to answer you quickly and send you a free statement. In case you are happy with the statement, let the exporter know and they will send you a pre-forma receipt.

Security Deposit

When the receipt is sent to you, it is advised to settle the full installment in 48 hours. To make the deal hassle-free and smooth, inquire the supplier that if you can ship T.T to their bank account. Typically, payment receipts are sent within two days. Else, they will cancel the transaction. You have to send a copy of T.T via email and this is the final document. 

If you buy through you must settle a refundable deposit first. The amount must be corresponding to the amount you desire to bid. The deposit is refundable. Significantly, we would utilize our cash to completely pay for the vehicle you bid on.

Once they confirm your payment, they will start the shipping process. 

Vehicle Shipment

When the payment is confirmed the seller will ship your car from the Japanese car auction. The timing will depend on the distance between your country and Japan. The dealers tried their best to guide you as much as they can about the documents. Some of the basic documents importers need when they import from a Japanese car auction.

  • Original Bills of Lading (3 sets)
  • Original Commercial receipt (2 sets)
  • Certificate of Origin
  • JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute) inspection certificate
  • JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre) inspection certificate
  • Vehicle’s Export deregistration document
  • Record of ownership history
  • Air-condition de-gas certificate
  • Marine insurance policy
  • Auction car inspection sheet

Clearance of Custom

It is the last step of clearing the car and get the keys in your hands. Clear the custom obligation as indicated by the government requirements and your vehicle is ready to go on the roads.

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