What is a Dash Cam? How Does it Work? FAQ

The dashcams are small cameras that are attached to the windshield, rearview mirror, or cabin rearview mirror of the car. These cameras allow you to immortalize everything that happens from the moment you start your car until you reach your destination, and each journey is stored in video clips that can then be copied to your computer.

What is Dash Camera? How Does a Dash Camera Work?

The recordings are linked to the Russians because of the car insurance companies who impose the installation of a dashcam as a requirement in their contracts to collect evidence in case of any incident. Apparently, insurance fraud and pedestrians jumping in front of vehicles to claim compensation is commonplace in Russia. They have also been used for years by American patrol cars.

What are the Types of Dash Camera?

The most common is to use a dashcam without installation that works on battery, many choose to do a little DIY with the interior light to connect the camera there and not worry about the power supply. There are also those with installation to improve the integration with the rest of the vehicle and to make it as aesthetically unnoticeable as possible.

Depending on the shape, we can classify them in:

  • Those that act as an interior rear-view mirror, which simulates this one and has the same operation with a camera inside and the buttons/connections needed to manipulate it.
  • Those that include GPS and are shaped like a navigator.

The supports can vary depending on the characteristics of your vehicle and your tastes, the most common is to place the dashcam on the windshield with a suction cup, but there are those who install it hanging from the roof, on the dashboard, anchored to the mirror or if you are one of those who move on a motorcycle, on the handlebars of this.

Choosing a dashcam is not an easy task. There are so many products of this type on the market, especially of Chinese origin, that it is not easy to make the right choice.

One of the most important features of a good car camera is the quality of the image, as a minimum resolution is required to at least be able to recognize the car’s number plates. To meet this point, all you have to do is search the web for video evidence recorded with the camera you want to buy.

What are the Uses of Dash Cam?

They are usually used for safety reasons, although some people enjoy recording their tours during the trip to some city or even in case they hunt something interesting to share on youtube.

Their strong point is safety. We have all witnessed some barbarism at the wheel, whether we have been involved or not. Having a recording available in case of need, knowing that most of these incidents are usually “your word against someone else’s”, can be very helpful to clarify the events or defend yourself from false allegations.

So, a camera along with wheel locks can make your vehicle secure. Plus, it ensures that thieves don’t attempt to steal your headlight bulbs as well.

How Dash Cam Works?

The function of a dashcam is none other than to provide the driver with evidence in the event of an accident.

It would be neither the first nor the last time that, in a simple hit at an intersection, the driver at fault does not admit his responsibility and decides to lie on the accident report. Not to mention the cases of leaks after an accident.

Instead of leaving the resolution of the case in the hands of the car insurance, the dashcam allows to provide almost indisputable proof that removes any doubt regarding the responsibility of each driver.

The most important feature you should consider when choosing your dashcam is video quality. In general, the most expensive dashcams have pointing sensors, anti-reflective lenses, and high-resolution images, which means better video quality and more possibilities to record a license plate number or other key details in case it needs to be presented as evidence.

Clearly, all recorded material must be stored somewhere. Dashcams make this easy for you, as they have a slot for a MicroSD memory card, where videos are automatically stored. I recommend using high-speed, top-quality memory cards like the SanDisk Class 10 card. Sensors are the heart of our dashcams, converting light coming through the lens into data that makes up the video.

Without a doubt, it is a very reliable device and a bit indispensable when it comes to being behind the wheel, along with all the required information I hope you can make the final decision to get one.

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