13 Reasons Why Car Waxing is Important in 2021

Waxing your car is the best thing you can do to protect it from the sun, bugs, and dirt.

Waxing also makes a car look shiny and new!

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In this blog post, I will tell you 10 reasons why waxing your car should be at the top of your list of things to do this month.

1. Waxing your car will protect it from scratches

A waxed surface is much less likely to be scratched by debris, bird droppings, or bumped into. In contrast, an unwaxed surface will show scratches and scuffs more easily.

In order to protect the paint finish from damage, it is important to maintain your vehicle’s coating with regular car washes as well as applying protective coatings like waxes on top of each wash. The use of these products helps repel water while maintaining shine; they can even reduce swirl marks too.

2. You’ll have a shiny, glossy finish that is easy to maintain

If you want to make your car look like new, it’s important that you get a wax. Waxing the car is an excellent way to protect and maintain its finish for years on end.

Plus, when properly maintained with regular washes in between as well as waxes every so often, you’ll have a shiny glossy finish that should be easy enough to care for yourself at home or just take into a shop if needed.

3. Your paint job will be preserved for years to come

Car wax is a lot like sunscreen for your car paint. Waxing the entire exterior of your vehicle once or twice per year will protect it from harmful UV rays, which can damage and fade the finish over time.

The more you maintain an automotive surface by keeping dirt and grime away with regular washing, the less likely it will be to need repainting sooner than scheduled. And if that happens? You’ll have to sand down all those nice curves to get back to bare metal!

4. Waxing is Easy to do at Home

Any car owner can easily do it. Waxing the car can take less than an hour to do. The steps are easy and it doesn’t require much strenuous exertion on your part.

The only things you need to have are- car wax, an orbital buffer, and a few microfiber cloth towel.

5. It helps prevent road salt from damaging the exterior of your vehicle.

This is a great time to mention that car waxing will also stop the salt from corroding your vehicle. Salt can cause significant damage to any surface, but it can be especially damaging for cars since they are constantly exposed outside of their garage.

Salt causes corrosion and rust on metal surfaces as well as paint fading and cracking due to its abrasive nature. With the protection of car wax against road salt, you have another reason to stay organized with regular care!

6. A waxed car looks better than one that has never been waxed before – no streaks!

Waxed cars also last longer and stay looking good. For example, a waxed car can typically go an extra month before it needs to be re-waxed because the coating on top is so smooth that dirt doesn’t stick as easily.

A close look at your paint job reveals how much more durable it will be. It’s important for motorists to remember that driving over rocks or hitting other objects like potholes puts stress on your vehicle’s body panels which in turn causes major scratches or chips to form in the paint film itself; thus waxing becomes an extra layer of protection to keep that new looking shine on your car body panel.

7. Waxing the car helps to protect it from UV rays and environmental pollutants

Waxing the car helps to protect it from UV rays and environmental pollutants. A layer of wax is a protective shield for your paint job, so you can enjoy your vehicle’s finish longer.

Wax doesn’t just help with the exterior polish; it also provides protection on the undercarriage as well by providing a barrier between metal surfaces that are vulnerable to corrosion without proper care.

8. Waxing a car can increase its resale value

A car that’s in excellent condition is always worth more than a car with faded paint and ugly scratches.

So, with a wax layer on top of the paint layer, your car will look great, and hence, the resale value of the car will increase.

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9. Waxing the car can help it last longer, even if you don’t have time for regular maintenance

Waxing the car can help it last longer, even if you don’t have time for regular maintenance.

Wax not only protects the paint from harsh UV rays and water spots but also covers up any minor scratches in your paint job to keep them looking pristine!

10. Waxing a Car Eliminates Water Spots on the Car

Water spots are a common problem in humid climates. The water is acidic and that can cause corrosion to metal surfaces, which may not be noticeable at first but will snowball over time. Waxing the car prevents this by making it difficult for water droplets to adhere to the surface of your vehicle’s paintwork.

11. Waxed Car is Easier to Clean than an Unwaxed Car

It may seem counter-intuitive, but waxing the car actually makes it easier to clean.

When you wash a car with no wax protection, dirt and debris are embedded into all of those tiny crevices that were not accessible before because they had layers of protective sealant on them.

A layer of clear coat protects against scratches and other damage from road hazards like rocks or insects which can get caught in those little openings.

12. Resists Dirt From Sticking onto the Car

The dirt that gathers on the car’s surface might not be visible at first, but it will eventually start to accumulate and could result in a worn-out look for your vehicle.

The wax protects against this by forming an invisible barrier between the outside elements (such as salt) and your paint job.

13. Wax Hides Minor Imperfections of the Body panel

Waxing the car can hide minor imperfections on the body panel. Dirt and other particles are more likely to stay on top of a waxed surface, rather than be absorbed in.

Waxing also seals small scratches that may form during use, which would otherwise rust or chip away over time.


Waxing your car is a great way to get that new car shine without spending as much money.

Plus, it’s easy and can be done in the comfort of your own driveway!

If you’ve never done it before, try it out! You can do so by using the following steps:

-Wash and dry the surface of the car with water and soap.

-Apply an even layer of liquid wax on the car body panel.

Wait for about 10 minutes until the wax dries completely.

-Use a cloth to buff away from leftover particles, then apply another layer if needed. It’s important not to use too much though as this could lead to smearing instead of polishing.

If you want to find out more about why waxing your car is important or how to do it, check back on this blog post for updates soon.

We hope these tips are helpful and we look forward to hearing from you with any questions or comments below. Have fun waxing!

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