10 Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound 2023

Exhaust tips are a necessary part of any exhaust system. They are responsible for influencing the quality and the sound of your engine’s exhaust. An exhaust tip gives your car a distinct sound and offers your car a sporty flair, which adds to its aesthetic appeal.

There are many exhaust tips in the market, so it can be daunting to find the right one. Plus, they all look the same, so you will find it nerve-wracking to make a pick.

best exhaust tip for deep sound

While we can’t give you an exhaustive list of all the exhaust tips available on the market today, we have narrowed down the ten best exhaust tips for deep tone. And have reviewed every one of them in detail, covering everything you need to know.

After the reviews, we included a buying guide to help you make an informed purchase decision. Have a read!





Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip


Flowmaster 15363 Exhaust Tip


GMC model 22799815 Exhaust Tip


MagnaFlow Center/Center Performance Muffler Exhaust 10416




Top 10 Best Exhaust Tips for Deep Sound:

1. Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip

Borla is a USA manufacturer of state-of-the-art exhaust systems and tips that deliver high performance, thrill, and unique sound. They are known for being the first company to explore and design high-performance exhausts made from stainless steel.

In 1987, when the company was founded, they built exhaust systems for Rolls-Royce and Ferrari Concours classics. Today, their exhaust systems are popular amongst truck and car drivers. 

One of their masterpieces is the model 20248 13” long exhaust tip. This exhaust tip is built from an industrial-grade T-304 austenitic stainless steel with precision welds and unique styling. Its inlet diameter is 2.25”, while the outlet diameter is 4” round. 

The Borla 20248 exhaust tip involves a weld-on installation. It is sold single and features a resonated tip for quieting the roar without annoying popping.

Ensure you verify that the automobile you are getting this exhaust tip for “outer diameter” exhaust tubing matches that of the tip’s inner diameter (2.25”).  

Note that the top of the end of the tip is embossed with the Borla logo. Aside from that, there are no decals or stickers on it.

If you are looking for a perfect way to customize your vehicle and reduce the sound it produces, then this exhaust tip is for you. Additionally, it is backed by Borla’s million-mile warranty. 


  • This exhaust tip is made from high-quality T-304 austenitic stainless steel with precision welds.
  • It comes backed by Borla’s Million-Mile warranty.
  • It has a resonated tip that adds a more powerful sound control.
  • This exhaust tip has a reasonable cost.


  • None.

2. Flowmaster 15363 Exhaust Tip

Flowmaster is a California-based performance technology company that started in 1983 to solve the then-growing problem of automobile sound issues at race tracks in California.

Today, they have expanded globally and have pushed exhaust technology to a new level by manufacturing innovative performance exhaust systems, race mufflers, headers, and different exhaust accessories for all automobiles.

However, we focus on one of their exhaust accessories: the model 15363 exhaust tip.

This exhaust tip is made from durable polished stainless steel and chromium (hexavalent compounds), which guarantees it will last for years.

It is a stylish exhaust tip with an inner diameter of 3” and a 3.5” outer diameter. Before buying it, ensure your car’s exhaust system is compatible with it.

The Flowmaster 15363 exhaust tip is 12” long. Thanks to its angled-cut design, the roar of your car engine sounds deeper.

It is sold individually too. This exhaust tip involves a clamp-on installation, making it easy to attach to your car.

However, it is also easy for someone else to steal. You can weld it on to prevent theft. Also, due to the chromed parts, when heated, the exhaust tip sort of gives off a yellow color after using it for a while. 


  • It is made for polished stainless steel that doesn’t rust. 
  • It features a clamp-on installation. 
  • It fits all exhaust systems with 3” tubing. 


  • It turns yellow after a while. 

3. GMC model 22799815 Exhaust Tip

The GMC model 22799815 exhaust tip features genuine OEM polished stainless steel and chrome 01-18 dual-wall construction to have a long service life.

It is not a universal fit, as it only fits any automobile that uses a 5.3L engine, specifically Sierra 1500.

If your car falls under this category, you can get this exhaust tip and give it a sporty look. Moreover, it has a very competitive price.

The GMC model 22799815 exhaust tip has an inlet outside diameter of 3”, an outlet outside diameter of 4”, and a length of 11”.

This exhaust tip features a clamp-on installation that doesn’t take more than 2 minutes. Embossed on the tip’s tail is the name of the company GMC. 


  • It is made from genuine OEM polished stainless steel.
  • The exhaust tip is very affordable.
  • It features a clamp-on installation that’s easy to attach.


  • It is not a universal exhaust tip.

4. MagnaFlow Center/Center Performance Muffler Exhaust 10416

Quality, power, and sound are the slogans of MagnaFlow and these are the attributes of their center/center performance muffler exhaust 10416. This exhaust tip is constructed from 100% corrosion-free stainless steel for longevity.

It has a satin finish, improving your vehicle’s exterior appearance. However, each unit is lap-jointed and welded with carbon wire, which may rust at first contact with moisture. 

The MagnaFlow center/center performance muffler exhaust 10416 is 14” long. Its inlet and outlet diameter is 2.5”.

This exhaust muffler’s straight-through perforated core produces a quiet but deep throaty sound.

It is a universal fit muffler but may require cutting, fabrication, and welding to fit the exhaust systems of different cars. Hence, MagnaFlow recommends a professional installation.

This exhaust muffler comes backed by MagnaFlow’s limited lifetime warranty. It is expensive.

But, if you want your car to produce a quiet deep, resonant exhaust tone and have improved performance, then this exhaust tip should be on your radar. 


  • This exhaust muffler produces a deep throaty sound.
  • It features 100% corrosion-free stainless-steel construction for long service life.
  • Its satin finish improves the appearance of any vehicle it is installed in.


  • It is welded with carbon wire that is known to rust when it comes in contact with water. 
  • Installation may require some cutting, fabrication, and/or welding. So, it’s not straightforward to install.
  • It cost more than mufflers in its league.

5. Evil Energy Exhaust Tip 

The Evil Energy exhaust tip is one of the cheapest exhaust tips on the market today that helps car exhaust systems with low deep sound. It is made from polished stainless steel with two wall layers for longevity.

This exhaust tip features sound-absorbing cotton that produces a low deep tone. It has an inlet diameter of 2”, an outlet diameter of 3”, and a length of 14.8”. Ensure that your car’s exhaust pipe matches its inlet size before buying. 

Furthermore, the Evil Energy exhaust tip has a burnt-like color that adds to the aesthetic of any vehicle it is installed in.

Installation is very easy. You can either weld it to the exhaust pipe or use an exhaust clamp (butt, lap, or narrowband). Although, welding to the exhaust pipe is the best way to install it.

One downside to this exhaust tip is that it tends to start rusting on the tip after a few uses. However, Evil Energy’s manufacturer offers a two-month warranty on it, so you can have confidence in your purchase. Note that this muffler produces a low deep tone. So, if you want something loud, it is not for you. 


  • It is budget-friendly and offers excellent value for money.
  • It is a universal tip that fits any 2” exhaust pipe.
  • Installing this exhaust tip is easy and can be done in two ways (weld or clamp).
  • It produces a low deep tone. 


  • It rusts on the tip after a few months of use.

6. AUTOSAVER88 Exhaust Tip

The AUTOSAVER88 exhaust tip will make your vehicle sound rumble and crackle. It features a thick inner wall design made from industrial-grade stainless steel to produce deep sound and offer long service life. Thanks to its powder-coated black finish, it won’t rust.

The stylish look of this exhaust tip will give any vehicle a sporty look. With it, your exhaust tailpipe will be free from dust, rain, rusts, and any form of deformation.      

The AUTOSAVER88 exhaust tip has a 4” inlet diameter, 8” outlet diameter, and 15” overall length.

However, the inlet diameter is not exactly 4”, so it may need some modification. Also, before buying this exhaust tip, ensure you measure the size of your exhaust pipe to ascertain if it’s compatible with it. 

That said, the AUTOSAVER88 exhaust tip comes with a screw for easy mounting to your exhaust pipe without welding or drilling.

All you need is an Allen wrench. To ensure this exhaust tip lasts long, always clean cement, oil, and sand ash away from the surface at least once a month for longevity.


  • It has a powder-coated black finish that improves the look of your vehicle.
  • Installation is easy.
  • This exhaust tip makes your car produce a rumbling sound when you drive.


  • The inlet diameter is not exactly 4”.

7. DC Sports EX-1012B Performance Universal Tip

In the 90s, DC Sports gained popularity amongst car enthusiasts because of the exhaust systems and tips they developed for Honda and Acura.

These systems and tips had unique designs that performed better than most of the ones available at the time. 

Even though DC Sports had changed management to Advanced Engine Management (AEM) in 2004 and then to Pilot Automotive in 2007, the quality of their exhaust systems and tips didn’t decline. Instead, it got better with the advancement of technology. 

DC Sports has many affordable exhaust tips, one of which is this EX-1012B performance universal tip.

This exhaust tip is constructed from 100% T304 stainless steel and has a flat black powder-coated finish. However, the paint tends to peel off after a few uses.

Furthermore, it features a TIG weld that withstands tough use. Thanks to its resonated tip design, your vehicle will experience an increased power output, leading to a more aggressive sound with no drones.

The DC Sports EX-1012B performance universal tip will fit any 1.5” to 2” tailpipe. Its inlet diameter is 2.25”, outlet diameter is 3.75 ”, and total length is 9”. It comes with a three-bolt clamp system for easy installation.

All you will need is an Allen wrench. However, if your tailpipe isn’t straight, you may experience issues fitting it to the pipe.

Also, if you stay in a snowy area, getting this exhaust tip may not be ideal for you because it gets rusty in the snow when used in a few months.


  • It is affordable.
  • It is made from high-quality T304 stainless steel.
  • It improves vehicle sound, rumble, and crackle.
  • This exhaust tip comes with a three-bolt clamp system for easy installation.


  • It doesn’t fit Tacoma 2016.
  • It rusts easily in a snowy environment.
  • The black paint tends to peel off after a few uses.

8. MBRP T5073 Angled Rolled Exhaust Tip 

The MBRP T5073 angled rolled exhaust tip gives a crowning touch to your performance exhaust system by improving the roar. It is made from T304 polished stainless steel to withstand heavy use.

It features an ‎angled rolled end for dampening the rumble of your exhaust system without the unpleasant popping sound.

Whether you have a diesel truck or a gas truck, this exhaust tip will give it a deep tone. Plus, its shiny look adds beauty to the vehicle’s appearance. 

The MBRP T5073 angled rolled exhaust tip has an inner diameter of 4”, an outer diameter of 6”, and a length of 12”. It is a universal tip that will fit any exhaust pipe with a 4” diameter.

Installation is tremendously easy. All you need is an Allen wrench to tighten the clamp, and that’s all. Plus, the bolt that comes with the clamping system is very sturdy. 


  • It gives the car exhaust system a deep tone and improves vehicle appearance.
  • This exhaust tip doesn’t rust. 
  • It fits all 4” exhaust pipes.
  • Installation is straightforward. 


  • None

9. ‎AMAAM Rolled Angle Cut Universal Exhaust Tip (2 pair)

The ‎AMAAM rolled angle cut universal exhaust tip comes in a pair of different lengths (12” and 18”). They are made from premium-grade stainless steel with a black powder coating to protect them from rust and corrosion. 

However, the black powder coating doesn’t last on it after 5000 miles of use. These exhaust tips feature a sleek rolled-angle cut design that amplifies the sound of your vehicle system’s exhaust and adds to your vehicle’s beauty. 

The AMAAM rolled angle cut universal exhaust tips have a 2.5” inlet diameter and 4” outlet diameter. You’ll need to weld them into your vehicle exhaust pipes to install them.


  • It comes in a pair of different lengths (12” and 18”).
  • These exhaust tips feature a sleek rolled-angle cut design that gives your vehicle a sporty look.
  • They are universal exhaust tips for any 4” exhaust pipe.
  • They are easy to install. 


  • The black powder coating doesn’t last long.


To round up this review is the long, powerful silencer, the Blackhorse-racing exhaust tip. It is made from stainless steel and aluminum, which has heat and corrosion resistance that improves its service years.

This exhaust tip shape lowers backpressure while absorbing vibrations and dampens exhaust noise.

Its straight-through perforated cores design allows for uninterrupted exhaust flow & improved exhaust acceleration performance.

The Blackhorse-racing exhaust tip muffler is 30” long. Its inlet and outlet diameter is 4”, so it will fit any tailpipe with that diameter.

However, check the outer diameter of your exhaust pipe before purchasing to ensure that the tip fits it. Be informed that this exhaust tip is 100% welded, so you’ll need a professional mechanic to install it to your vehicle exhaust system. 


  • It is made from stainless steel and aluminum and is very durable.
  • This exhaust tip will fit any 4” diameter exhaust pipes.
  • It aids continuous exhaust flow and better exhaust acceleration performance.
  • This exhaust tip also dampens exhaust noise. 


  • None

Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound Buying Guide

A good exhaust tip will improve the sound quality, increase engine performance, and help the flow of exhaust gases in your car. So, taking your time before deciding on an exhaust tip to buy is very important.

The design of the exhaust tip

There are four popular designs of exhaust tips in today’s market, each serving different functions. Below are a brief explanation of each of them;


As the name implies, this form of exhaust tip is a single pipe with a conventional yet wide design that adds to the aesthetics and appearance of vehicles.

Angle cut

This sort of exhaust tip is carved at a steep angle to produce a much more powerful sound, giving a car a sharp and muscular look.

95% of supercar owners adore this exhaust tip design because it looks fantastic with aggressive body types.

Dual wall

Due to the two layers of stainless steel construction, this type of exhaust tip is extremely durable. They’re very appealing because of their two-layer design.

Edge Rolled

A rolled edge exhaust tip has a thicker appearance with inner depth, which allows more airflow and makes your exhaust system sound and look bigger. 

So, you should pick any of these designs depending on what you want for your car.

The size of your Exhaust tailpipe:

A very important thing to consider when purchasing an exhaust tip is the size of its inlet and the size of your exhaust tailpipe’s outlet.

You must ensure that the intake size of any exhaust tip you purchase fits the outlet size of your vehicle’s exhaust tailpipe.

Doing so will prevent you from being stressed out when returning it or, in the worst-case scenario, wasting money on an exhaust tip that will not fit.

The Exhaust tip construction: 

Almost all exhaust tips in the market are made from stainless steel. This is because stainless steel has a very high tolerance for corrosion.

And can withstand high temperatures produced by exhaust systems. Although, some exhaust tips are made from aluminum which also has excellent resistance to corrosion and high temperature. 

When looking to buy an exhaust tip, go for the one that’s either made from stainless steel or aluminum.

Furthermore, some manufacturers improve the quality of the exhaust tips they produce by coating them with high-grade powder for further protection from rust and weather elements.

Type of Vehicle you drive:

It’s important to know that every car has different requirements based on their exhaust system.

So, it’s best to figure out which kind of tip is right for your vehicle before making any purchase.

There are exhaust tips specially made for some car models, and it would be best you get the one made for your car.

However, most of the exhaust tips in the market today are universal, meaning they will fit any vehicle that has an exhaust tailpipe compatible with it. 

Sound Level

One of the main reasons you are looking to get an exhaust tip is to alternate the sound level of your car exhaust system.

It’s either you want to give it a deep sound. Or you want to reduce the noise it produces. Certain exhaust tips give off an aggressive growl, while others are capable of producing a deeper sound. No one does both.

So, don’t just pick any exhaust tip. Be deliberate about your choice according to your preference.


Exhaust tips give cars a sporty look, which makes them very attractive. This may be the reason you are searching for an exhaust tip.

If it is, you need to consider the color of the tip.

Ensure that the exhaust tip you buy compliments the color/painting of your car. Also, check that the manufacturer logo placement is cool with you.


There are two ways to install an exhaust tip in an exhaust system. You either weld it to the exhaust tailpipe or clamp it.

Welding is a more permanent installation that ensures the tip doesn’t pull off when on the highway.

However, removing it wouldn’t be easy if you start having issues with the sound the tip makes your vehicle produce. 

On the other hand, clamping it to your vehicle will mean you can take it off whenever you want. But if not correctly or firmly clamped to your exhaust tailpipe, you may lose it on the highway, or someone can easily steal it. 


Exhaust tips can be inexpensive, but spending according to your budget is always wise. There are exhaust tips that are of good quality and maintain a low price range of less than $50. There are also some above $50, but below $100. 

So, it all boils down to your budget and what quality you are looking for. In some cases, a higher price will not always result in better quality.

Final Thoughts

Not only are you making an aesthetic enhancement to your car when you install an exhaust tip. But, you are also modifying its sound.

That’s why you must be deliberate about the exhaust tip you install in your car. We have covered exhaust tips from all the major brands you can choose from.

Also, we have guided and educated you on important factors that should be taken into account before buying a car exhaust tip for your car. As a result, we hope that after reading this comprehensive article, you will better grasp how to choose the proper exhaust tip for your vehicle. Happy Driving!

How do I make my exhaust sound deeper?

You can make your exhaust sound deeper with an aftermarket tip. Aftermarket tips are usually made from stainless steel or aluminum; some have a special coating to protect them from rust and weather elements.

The type of car you drive also affects the type of tip you get for it. Some exhaust tips are created specifically for certain car models.

You can usually get a new tip from your car manufacturer or a third party. Replacing the factory exhaust tips with aftermarket tips is inexpensive to add style and sound to your car’s tailpipes.

Do exhaust tips improve the sound?

Yes, when you pick the right one. Exhaust tips are designed to allow air to flow through them, which helps create a more powerful sound or deeper tone. The same principle applies when you use an exhaust tip with an extension pipe for maximum effect.

Do All Exhaust Tips Improve My Car’s Sound?

No, not all exhaust tips improve car sound. Some are simply designed to protect the original factory tip from rust and weather elements.

Others, like universal turbo mufflers or accessories that attach to your car’s rear end, may give you a louder sound but don’t really make it deeper in tone. If you want to make your car’s sound deeper, choose an aftermarket tip. This buying guide can be a great way to kick things off.

What Is the Best Exhaust Tip for My Car?

That depends on your car. If you want a deeper sound, then go with something that was specifically made for it.

At the same time, make sure to match the type of tip to your car’s model and color. For example, if you have a silver car, don’t choose an orange tip.

What is the best material for an aftermarket exhaust tip?

The type of material you use in a custom aftermarket tip depends on personal preference and what you want out of your aftermarket tip.

Stainless steel, polished or chrome-plated metal, billet aluminum alloy, and ceramic are common choices for custom exhaust tips. Each has a unique look and will affect the tone of your car’s engine sound.

What muffler gives the deepest sound?

An aftermarket muffler designed to give deeper sound and lower pitch is a great choice for your car if you want to avoid a sound amplifying exhaust tip.

Other parts of your exhaust system will affect the tone too, such as an aftermarket adapter or your turbo. That said, there are some brands that specialize in creating custom mufflers for cars with unique engine sounds.

Difference Between Muffler and Exhaust Tip

An exhaust tip is a piece of metal that attaches to the end of your car’s tailpipe. A muffler, on the other hand, is the sound dampening mechanism. It has a resonator chamber, filled with fiberglass insulation and sound-absorbing materials.

In the simplest terms, an exhaust tip is just one of many parts that can be modified to improve your car’s sound.

Does Changing the Exhaust Tip Make the Car Louder?

It depends on the new tip you choose. Some are made to dampen the sound more while some are for making the car louder.

So, if you choose a sound-dampening tip, your car won’t be louder. If you go with aftermarket resonated exhaust tips that are designed to make the car louder, your car will also get louder.

Why Did My Exhaust Tip Turn Black?

There are a few reasons this could have happened. The first is because the tip was too hot when it rusted, which causes a chemical reaction that slows down the rusting process.

The other reason your exhaust tip turned black may be that it’s made from cheap materials, such as steel, with low carbon content. That kind of metal will rust very quickly if the tip isn’t treated with rust-proof paint.

And a serious issue in your engine or fuel system can also cause the exhaust gas to be black turning the resonator tip into black color.

What Is The Difference Between A Resonator Exhaust Tip And a Regular Exhaust Tip?

The primary difference is the tube inside the resonator tip, which allows for a multiple tone effect. It’s also known as Resonator Pipe.

A regular exhaust tip typically has one sound wave with one tone that begins when the engine starts up until it begins to slow down at maximum RPM.

But in the resonator exhaust tip, multiple resonance chambers allow different frequencies to resonate. That’s what produces the deeper tone on a resonator exhaust tip.

So, resonator tips or dual wall exhaust tip provide more noise than that of a regular exhaust tip.

Should I Keep My Normal Exhaust Tips Or Use A Resonated Tip?

It all depends on your personal preference. If you want a more loud and deep sound, go with a resonated tip.

But if you want a quieter environment while driving, you better keep the regular high-performance exhaust tip that comes with your car that suppresses the sound output quite well.

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