5 Ways to Prevent Car Theft Using a Dashcam

Car theft is a major problem in America. With over a million vehicles being stolen each year, it’s important to look for any way you can reduce the chances of your vehicle being targeted by thieves.

One popular method is installing a dashcam in your car. A dashcam records footage from inside and outside of the vehicle while driving.

how to prevent car theft with dashcam

Dashcams have been proven to be helpful for people who are trying to find out what happened during an accident, but they’re also great at preventing car theft! In this blog post, we will discuss how using a dashcam could help prevent car theft on our roads!

1. Install a Dashcam with Night Vision

More than 80% of car theft happens during nighttime. To prevent this, you should install a dashcam with night vision. These will be able to record footage even in the dark.

In case you already have a dashcam installed in your vehicle without the feature, you should consider using a quality light to illuminate the parking spot at night.

2. Activate Intelligent Parking Mode if Available

Intelligent parking mode starts recording even if the ignition is off and the engine is stopped. This can capture footage of people tampering with your vehicle when you are not around, which will help in reporting these incidents to law enforcement.

The technology works by detecting unusual movement near your vehicle. If you have an advanced camera, the dashcam should be able to detect someone walking in front of your car and start recording.

So if you’re paranoid about theft or vandalism while parking, it’s a good idea to get one with this feature.

In case your dashcam doesn’t have this feature available and still wants to protect yourself from car theft in parking, install security lights and a motion detector below or near your vehicle with an anti-theft alarm system for extra protection.

3. Install Dashcam in Visible Location

Make sure the dashcam is visible from the outside so that thieves get afraid of being caught in the camera. You can place the dashcam near a window or on top of an air vent in order to make sure that they’re visible from outside.

The location should be such that thieves will notice the camera and go away.

4. Configure Cloud Storage of Dashcam Footage

Many people keep the dashcam storage in the car solely which can be a problem if the car gets stolen.

You can configure your dashcam to store footage in an external drive or upload footage on cloud storage systems so that in case the car is stolen, you get the footage to find the culprit.

Many standalone companies provide cloud storage at cheap prices nowadays. You can utilize cloud storage maintained by your dashcam brand as well if they have one.

5. Use Dashcam with Blinking Light & Warning Signs

A simple blink of a warning light may deter thieves from stealing your vehicle. You can place a warning sign on the dashboard to make thieves think that you have installed security features and they will most likely leave your car as is.

You could also use an in-car alarm system which is more effective than just using blinking lights alone but it’s costly as well so a dashcam with a flashing light may be a good cost-effective way to go with.

Final Words

The best way to prevent theft of cars is by parking away from potential targets, such as schools, gas stations, or supermarkets since these areas are highly targeted by thieves looking for easy items to steal like laptops and purses left behind while people get out of their vehicles. Place emergency call button near steering wheel if there isn’t one already because once inside the thief will risk getting caught before they can steal anything.

If you have a security camera installed in the car, thieves will be less likely to target your vehicle because they know that their faces could be recorded on video and this makes them think twice before breaking into the car.

However, Dashcam alone won’t deter all thefts but it’s definitely an added layer of protection. Thieves only need three seconds unattended inside a car to open the door lock with some tools around and take what they want so having these measures set up lowers chances greatly!

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