10 Best SPL Subwoofer For Competition 2023 [Buying Guide]

Bass can impact our emotions in powerful ways, making it one of the most essential components of music.

Best SPL Subwoofer

While ordinary subwoofers can produce some bass, they often don’t have the power or range to deliver the kind of punch that makes you feel the music. This is where an SPL subwoofer comes in handy.

An SPL subwoofer, also known as a Sound Pressure Level subwoofer, is designed to produce louder and deeper bass than traditional subwoofers.

Today, there are so many of them in the market to choose from. So, it can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not an audiophile. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

In this article, we will discuss the best SPL subwoofers. After that, we’ll educate you through our buying guide on how to pick the best SPL one for your needs. Have a read!

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Our 10 Best SPL Subwoofer Picks:

1. Skar Audio ZVX-8 D4 8″ 900 Watt Dual 4 Ohm SPL Car Subwoofer

If you’re an audiophile that loves great bass response in your car audio system, you’ll want to consider adding a Skar Audio ZVX-8 D4 8″ dual 4 ohm SPL car subwoofer to your setup. This subwoofer is designed for serious bass lovers that demand the best possible sound quality.

With its 2.5” dual 4-ohm voice coil, 1100 watts peak power, and 900 RMS power handling, it delivers a clean sound in any application or situation!

The 80dB sensitivity makes it perfect at handling the most demanding environments without losing clarity on low volumes. Its 40 to 500 Hz frequency response range means you’ll hear everything in the song playing.

This 8″ SPL-rated vehicle subwoofer features a sleek black design and advanced engineering construction. It has the perfect combination of power and size to get you noticed in any setting!

Its competition-grade paper cone ensures high-quality sound, while the high roll foam stitched surrounds keep it sounding great under pressure.

This SPL car subwoofer comes at a price that won’t break the bank. Install it in a ported enclosure to get the best performance out of it. Also, you’ll need a powerful amplifier to run it at its rated level.


  • This is a good subwoofer for the money.
  • It is well-built, making it long-lasting.
  • This compact subwoofer is capable of producing some serious bass.
  • It works excellently well in a ported enclosure.


  •  It will sound lacking in a sealed enclosure.

2. Harmony Audio HA-ML182 Monolith 18″ Car Stereo SPL Dual 2 Ohm Subwoofer

Harmony Audio’s Monolith 18″ subwoofer is a high-performing SPL car stereo bass that will give you the low-end you need for your music.

It delivers 3500 watts peak power handling, 1750 watts RMS power handling, 88.4dB sensitivity, and 30Hz-300Hz frequency response. However, it’s a bit pricey.

The Manufacturer, Harmony Audio, built this subwoofer with solid construction. It features an industrial-grade paper cone and a die-cast aluminum basket with stitched high roll foam surround for less sound distortion and higher performance.

The ferrite magnet provides a low noise output, while the tinsel leads interwoven spiders protect against corrosion!

Furthermore, the design of the vents beneath the spider helps to reduce overheating by allowing cold air access to critical components. There’s also a heatsink with a fin-shaped design that distributes heat away from the voice coil.

The Harmony Audio HA-ML182 Monolith 18” subwoofer comes equipped with a spring-loaded push terminal that accepts direct speaker wire for the best possible connection and power transmission.

You can mount it in a (3.88 cubic feet to 7.24 cubic feet) sealed enclosure and (5.65 cubic feet to 7.77 cubic feet) vented enclosure.


  • This is a very well-made subwoofer that delivers deep, rich bass that will have you feeling the music like never before.
  • It has a solid construction that ensures durability and reliability.
  • Works in both a sealed and vented enclosure.
  • It doesn’t overheat.


  • It is a bit too pricey.

3. SA-12 D4 REV.3 – Sundown Audio 12″ 750W Dual 4-Ohm SA Series Subwoofer

Do you crave deep, rich, low-end frequencies that will make your hair stand on end and your heart race? Then you need to check out the Sundown Audio SA-12 D4 REV.3 – a powerful 12″ dual 4-ohm subwoofer that will have your car audio system shaking with thunderous bass.

This subwoofer features an aluminum 2.5″ voice coil, 750 watts of RMS power handling, and 84 dB sensitivity that delivers serious bass in detail across a 20 – 200 Hz frequency response range!

It has an optimized high-velocity pole vent and a vented magnetic gap for effective heat dissipation. Thanks to its high-strength cast aluminum frame and sturdy surround, it is very durable.

Similar to the Harmony Audio HA-ML182 Monolith subwoofer, you can mount this subwoofer in a sealed or ported enclosure.

If you plan to use it in a sealed enclosure, make sure it has a volume of 1.0 cubic feet. The recommended volume capacity for a ported enclosure is 2.0 cubic feet.


  • This subwoofer will have your car audio system shaking with thunderous bass.
  • It is designed to be compatible with vented and sealed enclosures.
  • It has high-quality construction.
  • This subwoofer is one of the most durable ones out there.


  • None

4. Massive Audio SUMMOXL104-10 Inch Car Audio Subwoofer

The Massive Audio SUMMOXL104 10” car audio subwoofer is one of the best options for people who want to upgrade their sound system. It delivers pure, clean sounds that will have you head-banging in no time!

Its 3″ dual black anodized 4 Ohm voice coil, 3000 Watts peak power, 1500w RMS Power handling, and 90.3dB sensitivity makes this bad boy awesomely potent.

The Massive Audio SUMMOXL104 10” car audio subwoofer features a 250oz double stacked magnet, industrial-grade cast aluminum basket, kevlar fiber-reinforced non-pressed paper cone, and an EROM foam with red stitching surround. It works in a 6″H x 14″ D x 14″W ported box or 15″ H x 14″ D x 12″W sealed box.


  • This is a powerful subwoofer.
  • This subwoofer doesn’t select enclosures.
  • It offers excellent value for money.
  • Its 10” design ensures that you’ll get booming low-end frequencies with every note.


  • None.

5. BOSS AUDIO P126DVC 12″ 9200W Car Power Subwoofers (4-in-1)

We all know what BOSS AUDIO is capable of when it comes to car audio systems. They are one of the most popular car audio brands on the market with a wide variety of products to choose from. One such product is the P126DVC 12″ 9200W car power subwoofers (4-in-1).

These four subwoofers have been designed to deliver a high-quality sound in any setting. They will bring your favorite music to life with dual 4 Ohm voice coils, combined 9200 Watt Max power, and 4600 RMS @ 25Hz -2kHz frequency range with 96dB sensitivity.

Each features a poly-injection cone and a rubber surround that prevents them from producing distorted sound and makes them durable.

They’re perfect for either a 1.0 cubic foot sealed enclosure, or 1.3 cubic feet ported enclosure! Boss Audio has a two-year warranty on them.


  • You get four 12” subwoofers.
  • They offer value for money.
  • Their sound reproduction is top-notch.
  • Each of them is well-made and will last for years.
  • You can put them in a ported or sealed enclosure.


  • None

6. Audiopipe TXXBDC412 Audiopipe 12″ 4 Magnet Subwoofer

Audiopipe is one of the top car audio brands on the market today. Known for their quality bass sound, their subwoofers are perfect for music lovers who want to rock out on the road. We’ll be looking at their TXXBDC412 12″ 4 magnet subwoofer.

This subwoofer is designed to give your car audio system that extra boost it needs to give you an extremely powerful sound. It features a 3” BASV 4-Layer voice coil and comes equipped with four strontium 250 Oz magnets, ensuring high performance.

This subwoofer offers 2200 Watts of peak power, 1100 Watts RMS power handling, 20-900 Hz frequency response, and 88 dB sensitivity. Powerful right? It will give you one of the best sound quality money can buy.

The Audiopipe TXXBDC412 12″ 4 magnet subwoofer is durable and can handle whatever you throw at it. Be informed that it requires 3.5 cubic feet for a ported enclosure or 2.0 cubic feet for a sealed enclosure.


  • This subwoofer plays loud and has a lot of bass.
  • It bangs for the bucks.
  • It suits all mounting applications.
  • It is built with heavy-duty materials.


  • It may not last long.

7. Planet Audio AC12D Car Subwoofer

Planet Audio is a well-known car audio equipment manufacturer. Their products are reliable and affordable, making them a popular choice for car enthusiasts of all experience levels.

The Planet Audio AC12D is a 12” dual voice coil car subwoofer is designed to deliver accurate bass response and superior performance. Let’s take a closer look at this subwoofer and see what it has to offer.

The Planet Audio AC12D subwoofer features a dual 4 ohm 2″ high-temperature voice coil. It offers 1800 Watts MAX power, 900 Watts RMS power handling, 88dB sensitivity, and 32 Hz resonant frequency.

This beautifully designed speaker is perfect for your car or home. It has high-quality construction, including a durable polypropylene cone, stamped basket to deliver clean and clear music output, and a foam surround, which ensures higher efficiency!

The Planet Audio AC12D subwoofer can be mounted in a 1.25 cubic feet sealed enclosure or 2 cubic feet ported enclosure. It’s affordably priced, making it a great option for budget-minded shoppers.

It comes with a three-year guarantee from Planet Audio if you buy it from a licensed dealer. Note that you’ll need to break in the subwoofer before running it at its full potential.


  • This subwoofer sounds great.
  • It is very affordable and offers excellent value for money.
  • It features high-quality construction.
  • It can be mounted in a sealed or ported box.


  • If you don’t break in the subwoofer, it will blow up a few minutes within the first use at its full potential.

8. CT Sounds MESO-8-D4 Max 8” Car Subwoofer

CT Sounds is a company that you may not have heard of, but they make some incredible car audio products. Today, we’re taking a look at their MESO-8-D4 Max 8″ subwoofer. This thing packs a serious punch and will add some serious bass to your setup.

The MESO-8-D4 Max 8” car subwoofer is designed to give you exceptional performance in a small package. You can feel the bass in your chest with this speaker.

It has a 2.4” four-layer high-temperature CCAW voice coil and 160 oz triple-stacked Y35 grade ferrite magnet that powers it to deliver earth-shaking sound. With 800 Watts RMS power handling, 1600 Watts MAX power, it will produce great sound for music lovers and bass heads alike.

Thanks to its powerful large foam surround, 5% carbon fiber reinforced cone, and 24 mm top plate thickness durable construction, this subwoofer is a hit with bass lovers. CT Sounds used an advanced airflow cooling system that ensures the subwoofer runs cool all the time.

Whether you are looking to improve the sound quality of your car audio system or want to hear those low notes rumble, this subwoofer will not disappoint. You can equally mount it in a 0.5 cubic feet sealed enclosure or a 0.75 cubic feet ported enclosure.


  • It has an advanced airflow cooling system, so it doesn’t overheat.
  • This subwoofer produces some serious bass.
  • It is very sturdy and withstands harsh use.
  • It has a sleek design.


  • It doesn’t last up to a year.

9. JL Audio 12W7AE3 12″ Single 3-Ohm Subwoofer

JL Audio is one of the most well-known and respected brands in car audio. They make some of the best subwoofers on the market, and their 12W7AE3 model is no exception. This 12” 3 ohms subwoofer is a serious piece of equipment, designed for those who demand the best possible sound quality.

This subwoofer has a 1000W RMS power handling capacity for continuous use. It features 86dB SPL efficiency to deliver clear sound without distortion at high volumes. And its 18-200Hz frequency response range ensures layer upon layer of richly detailed audio no matter what kind of music you are playing.

The 12W0v32 subwoofer features a polypropylene W-Cone with polyester foam surround and a solid cast-alloy basket.

It is equipped with a patented Uni-Plate backplate and pole piece that provides an unbroken thermal path to its patented Elevated Frame Cooling system, which helps reduce distortion and improve reliability.

JL Audio’s signature Floating Cone Attachment Method (FCAM) ensures that high excursion does not compromise cone-to-cone coupling or create stress on the surround.

The subwoofer’s modest mounting depth allows it to fit in a wide range of enclosures and installations.

Additionally, it is designed to work in a 1.375 cubic feet sealed enclosure, or a 1.75 cubic feet ported enclosure. For the best performance, only pair it with an amplifier with a power range between 400W – 1000 W.


  • This subwoofer is the perfect merger between power, performance, and price!
  • It delivers earth-shattering bass.
  • JL Audio designed it to fit in different enclosures and installations.
  • It offers good value for money.


  • None.

10. Sundown Audio U-12 D2 12″ Dual 2-Ohm U-Series Subwoofer

The Sundown Audio U-12 D2 12″ dual 2-Ohm U-Series subwoofer is a professional-grade car audio subwoofer that can handle some serious power.

It pleases us to inform you that the Sundown U Series is the most direct successor of the popular Z v.3 woofer range, which was manufactured from 2011 to 2016 until the “new platform” Z v.4 series was introduced. It offers performance comparable to the Z v.3 series at a significantly lesser price.

That said, the Sundown Audio U-12 D2 12″ Dual 2-Ohm U-Series subwoofer is an audiophile-grade subwoofer that adds versatility to any sound system.

With its dual black aluminum 3” 2-ohm high-temperature 4-layer voice coils, the U-12 D2 can deliver up to 1500 watts of pure power and impeccable sound quality. It has an 88.4 dB sensitivity rating, which means it’s well-suited for any music.

This 12” subwoofer frequency response ranges from 26 to 250 Hz, so it can handle even the deepest bass tones without distorting.

Plus, its durable construction ensures that it will stand up to the rigors of daily use. It’s suitable for use in a 1 cubic feet sealed enclosure or a 2 cubic feet ported enclosure.


  • It can handle even the deepest bass tones without distorting.
  • It’s suitable for use in a 1 cubic feet sealed enclosure or a 2 cubic feet ported enclosure.
  • It has a durable construction.
  • This subwoofer is loud.


  • None.

Best SPL Subwoofer Buying Guide

Do you want to buy the best SPL subwoofer for your car? It can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know what to look for.

In this buying guide, we will explain the factors you need to consider when making your purchase. By considering these factors, you will be able to find the perfect subwoofer for your needs!

Subwoofer Size:

The first factor that you need to consider is the size of the subwoofer. This will depend on the size of your car and how much space you have available.

If you have a small car, you will need a smaller subwoofer. Likewise, if you have a large car, you can choose a larger subwoofer.

Enclosure Type:

There are two main types of enclosures: sealed and ported.

  • Sealed enclosures are airtight and provide accurate bass reproduction. However, they don’t allow any increase in volume or bass extension because they’re completely sealed.
  • Ported enclosures are less accurate than sealed enclosures. But, they produce more volume and bass extension because they have an opening in the front of them.

Most SPL subs are designed to fit both ported and sealed enclosures.

Power Rating:

This is the amount of power that the subwoofer can handle. The higher the power rating, the more bass it will produce. It’s important to match the power rating of the subwoofer with the power output of your amplifier.

If you don’t have an amplifier, you need to purchase one that has enough power to drive your subwoofer. Power rating is divided into two; peak power rating and RMS power handling.

  • RMS Power Handling: The RMS power handling is the amount of continuous power that the subwoofer can handle. This is important to consider because you don’t want to overload your amplifier and blow your subwoofer.
  • Peak Power Handling: The peak power handling is the amount of instantaneous power the subwoofer can handle. This isn’t as important as the RMS power rating, but it’s still something to consider.


Impedance is a measurement of how much resistance a device offers to the electric current flow. Most SPL subwoofers have an impedance of either four or two ohms.

Frequency Response:

Most SPL subs have a frequency response range of 20-200 Hz. However, some subs go down to as low as 15 Hz or up to 300 Hz.

Make sure that you pick a subwoofer that can reproduce the frequencies you are interested in hearing from your music.

SPL rating (sensitivity) of the subwoofer:

This will determine how loud it can get before distorting. If you like listening to very loud music, choose a sub with a high SPL rating so that it sounds better at higher volumes and doesn’t distort easily.

Type of material used to make the subwoofer cone:

There are three main subwoofer cone materials: paper, polypropylene, and Kevlar.

  • Polypropylene is a hard plastic that is very durable but not as accurate because it’s stiffer than paper, which means it can’t move as fast.
  • Paper is softer than polypropylene, so it doesn’t last as long. However, it has better accuracy because there isn’t any distortion when the cone moves back and forth (this will result in cleaner bass).
  • Kevlar cones hold up so well under pressure and produce great bass sound, but they tend to be expensive due to their strength (these types of cone materials usually cost more than the other two).

Voice coil configuration of the subwoofer:

There are two types: single voice coil (SVC) or dual voice coil (DVC). SVC SPL subwoofers have one wire coil on the former, and are less expensive but can only be wired in one way.

On the other hand, DVC SPL subwoofers have two wire coils and can be wired in either series or parallel.

Series wiring will make the subwoofer louder but decrease the sound quality, while parallel wiring will make the subwoofer quieter but increase the sound quality.

Most SPL subs use a dual voice coil configuration because it allows for more flexibility with wiring options.


The last factor to consider when choosing an SPL subwoofer is your budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good subwoofer that will produce high-quality sound.

There are plenty of affordable SPL subwoofers on the market that will give you the bass you’re looking for.

Final Thought

It’s not easy to find a high-quality SPL subwoofer. That’s why we put together this list of 10 of our favorite, high-performing SPL subs that will provide you with everything from powerful bass to versatility and affordability.

Now, it’s time for you to make a decision. These subs are great performers, so which one is right for you? Hopefully, our buying guide helps you answer that. We wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect subwoofer for your system!

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