10 Best Tail Light Tint Films & Sprays Reviewed in 2021

Tint sprays and films are a popular way to modify car headlights and tail lights. They are a good way to customize your car to your tastes, at the same time, maintaining visibility.

We especially loved the part where you could give the vehicle a specific coloring or upgrade it to a better version.

If you are one of those who want to customize the car using tinted lights but don’t know where to start, worry not. We have reviewed the best tail light tint sprays and films to help you make a quick decision.

We have divided the article into three sections, two of which covering tail light tint films and sprays and the other is a comprehensive tail light tint buying guide.





Luxe Lightwrap Tail Light Film Tint (Kit)


VVIVID Air-Tint Vinyl Headlight Film Tint


Ijdmtoy Self Adhesive Tail Lights Film Tint


Vans Yellow lens Tail Light Spray Paint


VHT SP99 Translucent Tail Light Tint Spray


Our 5 Best Tail Light Tint Films:

1. Luxe Lightwrap Tail Light Film Tint (Kit)

The Luxe light wrap is perfect for taillights and headlights thanks to its ability to conform to any shape.

You can be sure of bubble-free installations as the Luxe light wrap will conform to the headlights or taillights’ shape. The air release technology ensures no bubbles form when installing it.

One of the impressive things about this tail light tint film is that you can pull it off during installation and start reinstalling again. That’s because it is a repositionable adhesive that makes removing it a child’s play.

You can get up to ten years of durability with this film as it is overly thick. It is about 3.2 mils thick, which enables it to last longer and protect your car’s surface. What’s more, it comes with a variety of shades that ensure you aren’t at constant loggerheads with authorities.

To install the tint, lay it on the car surface before repositioning until all bubbles and wrinkles have disappeared. You then apply a little pressure and heat so as the tint can stick firmly. You can then post-heat it to a temperature of about 190 degrees Celsius.

When removing it, be careful not to destroy the surface as it adheres quite strongly. Pulling it off roughly or carelessly would have the tail light plastic coating come off with the tint.


  • Can be applied to the whole car
  • Air release technology ensures you don’t leave bubbles during installation
  • It is quite thick, which makes it durable
  • Relatively easy to install


  • Can be hard to remove after several years, necessitating the use of heat
  • Removal poses the risk of peeling the car’s UV coating.


2. VVIVID Air-Tint Vinyl Headlight Film Tint

The Vvivid air tint tail and headlights film come with a premium grade material that consists of an air release membrane. The air release membrane enables you to install the film fast and efficiently without any special liquid.

The Vvivid tail light tint film is highly versatile, given that it can wrap virtually any shape. It conforms to whatever shape it is you are applying to and is extremely comfortable with the heat.

It was initially hard to wrap surfaces, but you can save a considerable amount of your time on whatever headlight shape you want.

Another hugely impressive feature of this tint film is the self-healing ability. If it sustains any scratches, they tend to go away with the heat. Remarkable, isn’t it?

A heat gun should help you make it conform to headlights and other contours on the car. You heat the area then stretch it to make it conform to the surface.

Unlike other tints that have adhesives that can eat away at your car’s plastic surface, this tint is safe since it is acrylic based.

Before going for this tint, ensure you have measured your car and headlights to avoid tinting that won’t fully wrap the surface you have intended.

To top it all up, you also get a detailer squeegee, and a two times anti-scratch felt edge decal that helps you wrap it around vinyl.


  • Self-healing ability ensures no scratches remain on the film
  • Doesn’t eat away at plastic surfaces thanks to the acrylic adhesive
  • It is easy to apply
  • Highly versatile and can wrap around any shape


  • Isn’t as perfect in areas with too much sunlight
  • The film at the lights tends to melt if gets too much heat


3. Ijdmtoy Self Adhesive Tail Lights Film Tint

The Ijdmtoy self-adhesive tint is a wet film application that fits nicely on your car tail lights and headlights, giving an orange and amber look.

It is quite durable and can last you well over four months before removal. However, you should remove it soon after three or four months to avoid leaving behind residues. 

Note that the residue might make it quite hard to remove. Hence the reason it is advisable to remove it after just a few months. If you happen to live in an area with too much sunlight, this film will fade with time, and you’ll have to change it faster.

To achieve the most authentic amber color, you’d have to apply over three layers. You also have to ensure the surface is clean before applying it to avoid air bubbles.

Apart from a few drawbacks, it is a relatively durable film that would serve you for quite some time.


  • It is quite affordable as compared to other tints
  • Quite thick hence durable
  • Easy to install on the tail light
  • Proper adhesive properties


  • Air bubbles are a constant issue when applying the tint
  • It isn’t easy to remove when the time comes


4. Vvivid Dark Smoke Gloss Air-Tint Headlights (17.9” x 60”)

The Vvivid Gloss air tint headlights are among the thickest tints for headlights in the market. The thickness makes it highly resilient in the face of scratches or the headlights’ projected heads.

It comes with an exceptional cell pattern in the tint that ensures you don’t have to worry about scratches or fading. The cell pattern is not just printed on the surface of the tint but is inside it.

The ultra-clear adhesive enables you to comfortably lift and realign the tint as many times as you want without leaving behind fingerprints or glue lines.

Another impressive feature of this tint is the recently improved vinyl that completely cuts off peeling or shrinking risk.

In case you were worried the adhesive texture would have the look of an orange peel, then the highly impressive gloss finish should allay your fears.

This tint is also very easy to install and allows you to have that car show appearance without paying a visit to a garage expert.

Coupled with the impeccable air release technology, this tint is one of the most surface friendly tints available.


  • Air release technology eliminates the formation of air bubbles during installation
  • Improved vinyl material eliminates risks of peeling or shrinking
  • Provides the perfect light clarity while enveloping the car in a protective coating
  • It is relatively easy to install


  • It isn’t a good enough alternative to nightshades
  • Tends to scratch easily at times


5. Vvivid Air-Tint Headlight Tail light 16-inch Vinyl Tint Wrap

This is yet another tail light and headlight tint that has an incredible self-healing ability. A little heat and any scratches and marks disappear over time.

It is effortless to install, although it fits best on hard to wrap surfaces. That saves you lots of time in getting to have your car rocking the film. You can also cover nearly any shape with this film thanks to its super conformability.

With the help of heat from a hairdryer or a heat gun, you can make the film conform to the surface wherever it is curved.

You also get to enjoy improved clarity thanks to the light transmission being topnotch. The orange peel effect is just a bonus on the many incredible improvements that come with this tint.

All of the improvements do not in any way take anything from the ease to use. It is relatively easy to install, ensuring fast wrinkle-free installation.

When you get bored of seeing the same effect every day, you can easily remove it for a better one. It easily peels off without leaving any residue.


  • Wrinkle-free installation
  • Easy to remove as it leaves no residue
  • Wraps on virtually every shape
  • Self-healing film that gives it more durability


  • The specified yellow color isn’t as yellow as expected
  • Cracks might appear on vinyl


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Our 5 Best Tail Light Tint Sprays:

6. Vans Yellow lens Tail Light Spray Paint

The Vans yellow lens spray paint is a highly versatile spray paint that you can use on all vehicle brands. With this great quality tail light tint spray, you can modify headlight and side maker’s lenses as well.

It is relatively easy to use spray paint since all you have to do is point at the part you want to modify then spray.

With this spray paint, you can give your car a glossy sporty look that will have your vehicle looking like a racing car.

To work on plastic lenses, you have to steel wool the lenses using 0000-grade steel wool. You will, however, need several coats to darken a yellow lens.

You can remove it easily if you have applied it on a glass lens. A little paint thinner in a bucket would help you remove it without any residues.

Acetone and any other moderately harsh solvent will ably remove it on plastic. It would be best if you took care not to destroy your lens, though.

If you happen to have bug lights, then this spray paint can work for you. That is because it is quite strong.

For the small bottle it comes in, this spray tint packs quite an amount in the can. Just remember not to use it on your car windows.


  • Easy to use
  • A paint thinner can remove it off glass lenses
  • It gives a clean finish
  • Impressive quantity even in the small can


  • It is quite pricy
  • Starts flaking off after about one year


7. VHT SP99 Translucent Tail Light Tint

The VHT translucent Nite Shades is a black tail light coating that enables you to create a Custom European style. It can withstand temperatures of over 1800 Fahrenheit and is fit for almost any automotive.

You don’t have to worry about whether it will be compatible with your car. VHT has a wide range of other tints as well that would be perfect fit for metal or plastic surfaces on other automotive.

With this tail light tint, apart from creating custom styling, you can also put it to use restoring lenses that have scratches or have been faded due to the ordinary wear and tear.

It is perfect when used on fog lights, turn indicators, and obviously tail lights. However, you have to note that you can’t altogether remove it from the plastic lens once applied.

Therefore, make sure when you are applying it, you won’t need to remove it anytime soon. It is also best to use off the road as the tints could lower visibility on the street and be potentially dangerous if not used carefully.

After application, this tint spray dries entirely within an hour. If you need it to dry thoroughly, however, you have to apply it and wait overnight. That’s because night breeze ensures it dries completely.

This tail light tint dries so fast that it doesn’t need any further curing for the perfect glossy finish.


  • Dries very fast without the need for curing
  • Multipurpose since it can also restore scratched lenses
  • Light lens coating gives the car a distinctive European styling
  • Relatively affordable


  • You can’t use it on the road
  • You can’t entirely remove it once you apply it


8. Plasti Dip Rubber Coating Smoke Aerosol (Multipurpose)

The Plasti Dip multipurpose aerosol smoke coating comes in an elegant design and provides a smooth finish for you. It has a distinctive look that allows it to be excellent for so many things.

The color of this aerosol gradually changes as you add more coats. It gives a nice and smoky gray after a few coats. Each extra coat gives it a darker appearance that still retains the smokiness.

Plasti Dip gives the surface it is applied on a protective coat against corrosion, abrasion, mild impact, and harsh elements. Because of its multipurpose nature, you can use it on almost any surface or lens without fear of adverse results.

This product provides a controlled grip that ensures there is no slipping. Plus, it is soothing to your eyes because of the unique formulation with a translucent, nearly black-gray color.

With its straightforward application process, this becomes one of the most popular tail light tint sprays of this year. 

All you have to do is shake the bottle and spray. Smoking out your tail lights will still see the lights shine through making the car more appealing to look.

The fact that it is multipurpose means you can use it on motorcycle windshields or windows too for that dark smoky hue. In case you get tired of it, you can easily remove it by simply peeling it off without leaving behind any residue.


  • Multipurpose, so it works for so many things apart from tail lights
  • Gives out a soft feel to go with the smoky hue
  • It is easy to use
  • Acts as a protective coating for whatever surface you apply it on


  • It has a somewhat dull finish
  • Tends to peel off some surfaces easily


9. Rust-Oleum Specialty Lens Spray Paint

The Rust Oleum lens spray paint is a translucent black coating that enables you to customize your tail lights to a blacked-out look. 

With this spray tint, you can have the trendy custom-made, turn indicators, side markers, and tail lights to give your car a new feel. Can be used at a temperature of up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a standard tail light tint worth considering.

It is relatively easy to use as all you have to do is shake the can then spray the desired area. It comes with any angle innovation that makes it easier for you to apply it.

Unfortunately, using it on the road might bring you trouble since It is recommended for off-road use only.

If you don’t want to black out your lights, don’t apply more than three coats. More than four coats would see the light not show through, and you don’t want that.

Acetone and aromatic hydrocarbon thinners would come in handy when you become tired of it and want to remove it.


  • Creates a silver shine on tail lights and side markers
  • It is easy to apply
  • Comes with a comfort-tip nozzle for more straightforward application
  • It comes with the Any angle spray technology, which makes it easier to spray


  • You can’t use it on the road as it is made for off-road use only
  • Applying more than three coats could blur out the lights


10. Dupli-color Custom Lens Tint Smoke

The Dupli-color custom wrap tail light tint gives you that professional look with resistance to corrosion and harsh elements. With this wrap around tint smoke, you can opt to modify the entire outlook of your car.

It is made especially for automotive and features the E. Peel technology that ensures you can quickly peel it off when you feel like it. That is unlike some other tints that are hard to remove once applied.

It is perfectly suited to OEM painted automotive, chrome, aluminum, plastic, and metal surfaces, making it one of the most versatile and authentic tail light tint available online.

Since it is removable, it would be prudent to remove it and change it every six months. You aren’t constrained to a specific effect as you can have the neon glow, lens tint, and gloss.

Optimized for taillights, fog lights, side markers, and turn indicators, this is another top notch tint for your tail lights that you can consider using.


  • It is a classic wrap-around tint
  • Versatile since you can use it on wide a variety of surfaces
  • A single application can last you well over five months
  • The E Peel technology allows for comfortable removal


  • It isn’t advisable for precision work
  • Only for off-road use


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Our Verdict

The VVIVID Air-Tint Vinyl Headlight Film Tint barely struggled to catch our attention. With a self-healing surface, wrinkle-free installation, and an ability to conform to almost any shape, what tint would work to catch your attention?

The fact that it has air release technology that ensures it doesn’t form air bubbles on installation further marks it out as the best tail light tint for the money.

Its durability is also a testament to how good this tint is. Most shades wouldn’t last over three months. Not with this one.

It would be a bargain to purchase this one thanks to the many wonderful features it packs. You can’t set a foot wrong considering it.

Some you were asking for the 3M tail light tint film review but due to the unavailability of the film, we couldn’t review that till now.

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