How to Secure Subwoofer Box in Trunk? Keep it from Sliding!

One of the most important aspects of a car audio system is a subwoofer box. This is because this speaker boosts bass sound and makes your music or songs come to life.

How to Keep Subwoofer Box from Sliding

If you have been looking for some tips on how to secure your subwoofer box in your trunk, then this blog post has what you need!

We will go over ideas that will help keep everything in place during travel time. Let’s get started!

Step by Step on Securing Subwoofer Box in Trunk

Here are the step by step process that you can follow to secure the subwoofer box in the trunk-

Gather Essentials

First, make sure you have all the essentials in hand. Those are-

  • Strong fastening strips or tape
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Light, if you are doing it in low light area

Mark the Area

Before you do anything, it is best to mark the area where the subwoofer box will be placed. This can help in terms of symmetry and making sure that the box is not too close to any object in your trunk.

Secure Box with Tape or Fastening Strips

Once you have marked the area, take some strong fastening strips or tape and secure the subwoofer box in place. Make sure that it is tight against the car so that there is minimal or no movement.

While securing, make sure you keep enough clearance around the box so that it can breathe and there is no build-up of heat.

You can attach the adhesive strips to the bare wood or fiberglass-made subwoofer boxes. But the boxes are mostly come covered with some sort of cloth or carpets, which may need to be cut according to the size of the strips for securing the box perfectly in the vehicle.

Test it Out

Now, give the box a good test to see if it’s secure. Try to move it around and see if it budges at all. If everything seems good, then you are ready to go!

If not, make some adjustments until you are happy with the results.

Here is a nice visual that I found to be really helpful-

How to Keep Subwoofer Box from Sliding: Alternative Way

In case you have a subwoofer box that has a foamy or carpeted exterior and you don’t want to cut it through, here is a nice way to keep the subwoofer box in place, preventing it from sliding when you drive.

Gather Essentials

To do this, you need some simple tools like-

  • Velcro
  • Staple gun, and
  • Cutter

Measure & Cut Velcro

Measure the subwoofer box and cut the velcro according to that. You’ll need to attach velcro underneath the subwoofer box. So, only take measurements for that side.

Staple the Velcro

Now, staple it in place. Make sure you staple it securely so that it will not come loose over time.

Only use the hook side of the velcro in the subwoofer and it should grab onto the carpet in the trunk. However, if there is no carpet, you may need to find a way to attach the other side of the velcro to your car trunk for a perfect fit.

Test It Out

Again, give it a good test to make sure everything is still secure before hitting the road!

Here’s a helpful video-


There are many ways of keeping the subwoofer from sliding in your trunk. You can simply use a heavy bag or something similar just to keep the subwoofer box in place. However, the methods we have described are pretty easy to do and don’t cost much.

You can achieve desired results without even spending 10 bucks. So, we recommend going with any of the ways illustrated above so that it doesn’t irritate you anymore.

I hope these tips help you secure a subwoofer box in the trunk of your car.

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