Facts You Must Know to Pass the DMV Road Test! FAQ

Driving test is a mandatory step for getting your driving license. While getting the license is an exciting thing, the process can get messy for the lack of enough knowledge.

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In this article, we have covered almost all the questions we have found on different forums, groups, and the questions that we got through our contact form.

What is a Road Test?

A driving test, popularly known as the DMV Road test, is a competency test of a person to drive a vehicle. When you apply for a driver’s license, the authority must examine whether you are competent to drive a car safely or not. That’ why the road test is a prerequisite for getting a driving license.

As it is a combination of different driving skill tests that your examiner will ask you to perform, it requires you to have learners certificate or similar kind of completion certificate of driving course.

When Do I Get Eligible to Participate in a Road Test?

Depending on the place you live in, you may become eligible to participate in a road test at 16 or 18 years of age.

However, being eligible to participate in a road test does not guarantee that the country allows people of 16 years of age to drive on the road. Will discuss more on that later.

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How Do I Get an Appointment for the Driving Test?

In the United States and most of the European countries, you must get an appointment online to test your driving skills with authority.

For scheduling the test, most of the states require the applicant to submit some documents like learner license for young applicants, knowledge test certificate, proof of driving education, etc. So, go to your local motor vehicle authority website, read their regulations and prepare the documents as per requirements.

While some websites contain enough information to get started without visiting them, you may need to visit the motor vehicle department office to get to know details about the process.

How Much is the Fee for a Road Test?

Like the other points we have discussed above, how much you need to pay to take the test is also depends upon the place you live in.

For example, the Texas Department of Public Safety takes 17 to 25 bucks depending on the different classes they have. On the other hand, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles takes 10 dollars fee for two tests. If you fail the two, you need to pay $10 again to retake the test.

What are the Tests I Need to Pass?

In a road test, you will be asked to show a wide variety of driving skills. The examiner will see how you take turns, back up, change lanes, enter and exit a highway, respond to different situations on the road, etc.

He will take note of everything and rate your skills which eventually will be translated to a passed or failed driving test.

In short, the examiner will see whether you can drive safely on the road or not. If he can ascertain that you know how to drive and can drive safely on the road, you will pass. So, don’t worry about the tests you are going to be asked. While most of the tests are common, the examiner can ask you to show some uncommon skills as well to see how do you respond to that.

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What to Do to Pass a Road Test?

PRACTICE! Yes, you need to practice a lot before taking the driving test to pass it.

However, practicing is not the only thing that you need to do. Go through all traffic rules of the state, train your mind to act promptly on different traffic signals and traffic signs on the road, and get yourself a driving training completion certificate from an authorized learning center.

Remember, all these works won’t give you any results unless you learn and practice at the same time. Knowing how to drive safely and actually driving safely is totally a different thing.

Imagine, you know how to swim, and jumped onto the river without any practice! That’s what is going to happen if you go to the DMV to take the driver’s license road test without going through the process of learning, practicing and correcting.

We put the ‘correcting’ here because you are going to do a lot of mistakes when practicing. Finding those mistakes and correcting is a process of learning to drive safely.

What Happens if I Fail the Driving Test?

You don’t get the driving license. That’s the only thing that is going to happen if you fail the driving test. 1 in every two DMV road test participants fails in their first attempt. So, don’t worry if you fail the test.

In most of the regions, you will get multiple chances to prove your driving skills with a single payment. However, failing the test will set you back for around two weeks to a month depending on the locality. This restriction is common in almost all over the world to let the examinee enough time so that he can get himself ready for the test.

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What Do I Need to Bring with Me at the Test Spot?

In most of the regions, you need to bring with you the learner license, payment receipt of the fee, and driver education completion certificate. However, your local authority may require you to bring other documents as well especially if you are under the age of 18. So, check their website for detailed and specific information.

Along with your documents, you need to bring with you a car for the test. DMV won’t provide you the car and hence, you must take your car to the test spot. If you don’t have a car, you can use your family car, friend’s, neighbors’ or a rental vehicle to take the test.

However, there might have specific rules regarding the car. For example, you need to show the agreement between you and the rental company. That’s not all! The document must refer as an authorized driver of that vehicle and you must provide proof of insurance and other stuff.

So, check what your state asks you to bring to the test spot so that you do not end up rescheduling the appointment for incomplete documents.

Plus, the car must not come with a faulty exhaust like clogged catalytic converter or a muffler, the check engine light should not be illuminated, headlights must be good. And, don’t forget to check transmission fluid and the engine oil level so that you don’t get stuck during the test.

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Does the DMV Provide a Car For Road Test?

No, DMV does not provide a car for the road test. You need to bring the car with you to take the test. And the car needs to be safe for driving, have all the necessary documents to drive on the road.

So, not only the authority asks you to bring your own car, it requires the car to meet all the road safety rules.

Do I Need to Pass a Road Test Again in a Different State?

You don’t need to pass a road test again to drive on a different state when you have already passed the test in your state. As the passing criteria are almost the same, they allow you to drive almost without any restriction. Moreover, there are some states that allow you to drive without taking the test when you have a foreign driver’s license.

However, the rule differs state to state and you must double check the rules in authorized government websites.

Are There Any Restrictions After Passing a Road Test?

There remain almost no restrictions on your driving after you pass a driver’s test and get the license. However, if you are underaged, i.e. 16 or 18 years, you may get some restrictions in terms of driving like you can’t drive late at night, can’t drive with a passenger unrelated to you, etc.

These restrictions are not universal and not all countries have such laws regulating the behavior of under 18 drivers. But it is wise to check than getting caught by policemen.

Applicant driving the car to pass the dmv road test

Does the owner of the car have to be there for a driving test?

Not necessarily. If you have all the papers of the car, have the authorization to drive it, you can take the car to the spot without the owner.

Although you can do it, there is a loophole. As you are seeking the license, you can’t drive the car yourself. So, whether the owner of the car or his representative, you must come with a person who has a valid driving license to drive the car on the road.

What Happens If You Don’t Drive After Passing Your Test?

It is not mandatory to drive after getting a driver’s license. But it is recommended to drive cars regularly to keep yourself prepared for any emergency drive.

While driving skills don’t fade away quickly, you will feel less confidence driving the vehicle if you don’t drive a vehicle regularly.

Can I Drive to the DMV Without a License?

No, you can’t drive to the DMV without a license. You need to pick somebody from your family, friends or neighbors to take you to the DMV and let you use his car for the test.

For rental cars, you can go with a person from your acquaintances who has a valid driving license, or you can get a person from the rental to drive you to the test spot.

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Does The DMV Let You Borrow a Car?

Yes, you can borrow a car to participate in the driving test. But they have put some strict rules of using a borrowed car to participate in the road test. So, check their rules and comply with them to avoid your appointment getting rescheduled.

Why Can’t You drive home after passing your test?

You can drive home after passing your test as long as the authority provides you the certificate and provisional license to drive the car. However, there can have some restrictions on driving with the certificate and provisional license in some states. So, we recommend asking the examiner or some other employee of DMV to get the best answer.

Can You Lose Your Driving Skills?

No. Like walking, running, swimming, and cycling, once you learn driving, you won’t forget it. However, not driving for a very long period can make you feel uncomfortable driving.

In such circumstances, you can practice for a day or two to get yourself in a good shape to drive again with full confidence.

Is the Drivers Written Test Hard?

No, most of the questions you are going to be asked are very simple and easy to answer. You need to learn all the traffic rules, get yourself used to the traffic signs and signals to answer all the questions perfectly.

There can be some questions that measure your brain strength, spontaneity, promptness and ability to cope up with new situations on the road. Don’t worry, these questions are not rocket science. You will be able to answer those satisfactorily with a bit of effort.

examinee got the driving license after passing the test

What Are the Chances of Passing My Driving Test First Time?

Recent stats show that 1 in every 2 participants pass the driving test at their first attempt. So, the chance is generally 50%.

The examination is not hard at all. It is the fear of the exam that makes people mistake in the road test that eventually leads to a failed attempt.

What Is The Best Time to Pass Driving Test?

From the information found in different driving test authorities, most people pass their tests in the first phase of the day. So, it’s 9 to 11 specifically when most people pass their tests.

Our brain works best in the morning when we wake up from sleep. That is maybe the reason behind most success in the morning than at any other time of the day.

DMV Test Etiquettes to Maintain

Although the test does not require you to be in any specific mood or behavior, it is expected that you follow some common manners so that the examiner does not get irritated. The etiquettes include not using car speakers, talking about unrelated topics like scratched up interior, vehicle quality, price or any personal topic.

In the new era of Youtube, people try to capture there test through the rear view mirror dash cams, but that can irritate the person sitting next to you. So, avoid doing that as well.

Final Thoughts

Having a driving license is exciting. No one forgets the day when he gets the license in the hand for the first time when he can drive a car without anyone carefully following every movement in the driving seat.

Although we have covered almost all the questions that may come to one’s mind when they start the process of the test, we can miss anything. If you don’t find the answer to your questions here and feel that the answer should be in the article, leave a comment below or use our contact form to reach out to us.

Note: The information given here is collected mostly from authorized government websites. But there is some information that we have collected from unverified sources. You must check the local law of your region to get the best answer. CarSumu.Com won’t take any liability for any damage.

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