5 Best 4×6 LED Headlights [Reviewed in 2023]

There is nothing more important than being able to see when driving at night. There are many types of headlights available to tackle that, but it’s hard to pick a perfect pair of headlights that can serve you for years.

best 4x6 LED headlights

In this article, we will review five of the best 4×6 LED headlight models available in order to help you find one that suits your needs!

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Top 5 Best 4×6 LED Headlights:

1. Z-OFFROAD 4pcs 4×6 Inch 60W LED Headlights

Bright, durable, and featuring some of the latest optic designs you’ll find, these 4×6 LED Headlights from Z-OFFROAD are a sealed-beam type product that can be installed in any vehicle with 4×6 or 6×4 sockets easily.

They’re made with a durable die-cast aluminum housing and reinforced polycarbonate lens. Following Z-Offroad’s commitment to standards, both are IP67 waterproof and dustproof, making these headlights versatile for both casual cars and offroad trucks.

The beam brightness and pattern were surprisingly excellent.

The Osram LED chips provided a low beam of 2800 lm/pcs and a high beam of 3600 lm/pcs, with an ultra-wide pattern that lights up quite far in front of you.

You might need to perform a bit of terminal orientation because of different placed power supply pins, but it’s very worth it for these lights.


  • Much brighter than other headlights priced the same
  • Straight cut-off line to prevent users from being flashed
  • IP67 Waterproof rating
  • Black, sleek body ensures an upgrade in aesthetics
  • It doesn’t blind oncoming traffic.


  • Somewhat high in price, though very worth it.

2. Bicyaco DOT Approved 60W 4×6 Inch LED Headlights

Coming in second place are the Bicyaco (4 PCS) DOT Approved 60W 4×6 Inch LED Headlights, which won a lot of points with us for its utility-focused design.

Like the Z-OFFROAD headlights, these are entirely plug-and-play, meaning all you have to do is hook them up to your headlight slots to get them working. They’re IP67 waterproof and completely shock-proof, so there’s no chance of you getting hurt.

They’re compatible with a wide variety of vehicles too. From our research, you can fit these on a Kenworth T400/T600’/ T800, Peterbilt models, and all the Chevys you can think of.

What we loved about these headlights, though, was the perfect cut-off line. The headlights light up the area right in front of you without blinding oncoming traffic.


  • Perfect cut-off line for optimal, undisturbing illumination
  • It comes with four 4×6 headlights for added performance.
  • Patented ventilation system helps the headlights get rid of moisture
  • Quick and easy installation with included H4 Plugs


  • Wiring them up is extremely difficult when replacing non-polarized halogen bulbs.
  • The glass seems a bit thin and liable to break easily.

3. COWONE DOT Approved 60W 4×6 Headlights

Cowone’s headlights are the priciest yet, but these DOT-approved models are some of the brightest we’ve seen yet. They don’t approach the Bicyaco 60W 4×6 Inch LED Headlights, but it’s an equally good product at a slightly higher price if you ask us.

We’re going to talk about the LED Chips first because, well… we love them! You get 12 High-Beam Ultra Bright 5W LED Chips of 5800 LM and 9 Low-Beam Ultra Bright 5W Chips of 3200 LM, placed in an aluminum housing.

They fit on the usual lineup of Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Chevy models but can also work on hundreds of light SUVs, Dodge Challengers, and Ford Galaxies.

However, you should know that while these are advertised as 2-prong, they’re 3-prong in reality.


  • It fits an extensive range of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and SUVs
  • Quick installation takes less than half an hour in total
  • Bright lights suitable for highway trucks and jeeps
  • Lifespan of more than 70,000 hours


  • Low beam lights don’t have a lot of space for wiring.
  • High brightness can be a problem for residential roads.

4. Haitzu Dot Approved 4×6 LED Headlights

This 4-pack of Headlights from Haitzu doesn’t offer the same sleek looks as the Bicyaco 60W 4×6 Inch LED Headlights do, but in return, they offer bright, long-lasting illumination at just a fraction of the cost.

Like the other products here, you get two illumination modes with these headlights: a High-beam mode offering 5600 lm and a Low-beam mode with 2500 lm. They have a suitable color temperature of 6000K and last up to 50,000 hours.

They’re a definite upgrade from halogen bulbs, and above all, our favorite thing about these headlights has to be how easy they were to install. We were also surprised by the brightness since you rarely find 5600 lm High-beams at such a low price range.


  • Very affordable product that gives you good value for your money
  • Bright, manageable light even at low beam
  • Plugs come with H4 plugs for easy installation
  • The best headlights for classic vehicles like 1980-1986 Nissan 720 and Toyota cars


  • Headlights have a suboptimal cut-off line and can flash oncoming traffic if not installed carefully.
  • Our research says the lights can break easily.

5. LEDMIRCY 4×6 Inch LED Headlights

They’re slightly more expensive than the Haitzu 4-pack LED headlights, but these LEDMIRCY models impressed us with an almost-perfect construction and meager price.

Before you think we’re gushing, let us explain. These plug-and-play headlights come with a straight, clear cut-off line, aiming down to prevent blinding traffic.

Like the Bicyaco (4 PCS) 60W 4×6 Inch LED Headlights, they have a unique breathing hole at the back, designed to help dissipate moisture. The aluminum housing is both rust-proof and IP67 waterproof for your convenience.

The illumination isn’t insufficient, with a High-beam of 3280 lm and a Low-beam of 1680 lm. These headlights are perfect for quiet, residential neighborhoods where it can get a little dark.


  • Low-strength lights are perfect for areas with restrictions on bright headlights
  • Lights with come DOT/SAE inspection stamps on the front
  • Designed to be used on a wide variety of Chevy Camaro models, among other cars
  • You can quickly get the condensation out by opening the ventilation breather.


  • Lights are dimmer than most low-priced headlight packages.
  • From what we’re seeing, these have a chance of dying on you if you don’t regularly clear the condensation.

How to Choose the Best 4×6 LED Headlights

You know what specs you should be looking for when buying a car, but few of us think about what we should get when buying a new pair of headlights. We’ve made it simple for you. Below, we’ve listed out the most common characteristics of LED Headlights, along with helpful tips on what you should be looking for.

1. Total Lumens

You’ll find two units being used to measure the brightness of a headlight, Lux and Lumens, but to keep it simple, we’ll be considering Lumens, which is the more commonly used one.

The total lumens is a value calculated by multiplying the lumen of each bulb with the watts consumed by the headlight and is usually a pretty good indicator of how strong the bulbs are.

A total lumen of 1600 or so is usually considered pretty weak, whereas a value of just over 5000 (which is where the limit is since LED bulbs don’t handle heat well) is considered very bright. You’ll want to go somewhere in the middle so you don’t violate brightness restrictions in your state.

2. Beam Pattern

The beam pattern is the angle of the light given out by the LED headlight. Ideally, your headlight should comply with SAE guidelines and be angled below, so they don’t flash oncoming drivers in the eyes.

Make sure to pick a compliant beam pattern. Otherwise, you can be fined and even have your car impounded.

3. LED Lifespan

LEDs are durable bulbs, but it’s undeniable that they will burn out at one point. Like the other two characteristics, you’ll see the lifespan listed somewhere on the product. Low-grade LEDs can last about 50,000 hours roughly, with higher-grade and more expensive products lasting just over 70,000 hours.

This one depends totally on your choice: choose a long-lasting, high-grade LED Headlight or a cheaper alternative that won’t last as long.

Final Verdict

All of these were fantastic products, but if we’re being honest, some of them had significant drawbacks that made them unsuitable for certain things. The LEDMIRCY 4×6 Inch LED Headlights, for example, are far too weak to be used on dark highways, while the Haitzu Dot Approved 4×6 Inch LED Headlights are too bright and can flash oncoming traffic.

Except, that is, the Z-OFFROAD 4pcs 60W 4×6 Inch LED Headlights.

These bulbs are expensive, no doubt, but provided the best performance and excelled in brightness, beam pattern, cut-off line, and even in lifespan, lasting just over 65,000 hours.

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