5 Best Foam Cannon Soap For Mud [2023 Reviews]

Granted, if you have a truck in the Midwest, you probably know how difficult it is to keep it clean. To enumerate, bugs, dirt, grass, and even mud can get stuck on the outside and stay there for months, hurting its performance.

best foam cannon soap for mud

Yet, there is a solution; a foam cannon soap. It’s effortless to use, relatively inexpensive, and effective. In other words, it will quickly and successfully get your vehicle clean in less than ten minutes.

However, getting suitable soap for a job like this is no easy task. How can you know which one suits your needs best? Read on to find a list of the top 5 foam cannon soaps that you can use to clean up mud effectively.

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5 Best Foam Cannon Soap for Mud:

Let’s jump right into our list of the five best foam mud soaps that will make your truck look new.

1. Best Pick: Chemical Guys EQP339 TORQ Foam Cannon & Wash

Its power and components make this product the best choice when you are looking for high-resistance soap to remove stains from full-sized vehicles.

To clarify, it emits a thick, broad spray that manages to cover the entire truck, reaching every nook and cranny. In addition, it prevents swirls and scratches during washing.

Despite its high pressure, the product takes care of your vehicle. Besides, it completely removes stains without neglecting the paintwork, thus avoiding further damage.


  • Easy to use
  • Flow rate can be changed
  • Adheres to vertical surfaces and does not runoff
  • No problem to get a lot of thick foam
  • Great for power washer
  • Effective results in a short time


  • The lather adjustment knob can stretch quickly and affect lather production
  • The plastic canister is of poor quality

2. Best Finish: Meguiar’s G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash

Its mild and intelligent formula makes this soap the top choice for those who want to wash their truck while achieving a shiny and luxurious finish.

Contrary to what was mentioned in the previous point, this product is focused on smaller vehicles, and its objective is a more detailed finish. To put it differently, Meguiar’s is a high-level soap. In fact, its innovative blend washes and conditions the paint, giving it a factory-fresh shine. Correspondingly, if you want a high-quality wash, ensuring extra care for your truck, then this is the soap for you.

Generally speaking, because of their ingredients, many foam gun soaps can end up damaging your paint. However, with Meguiar’s high-quality soap, that won’t happen. In essence, it is a super-smart formula that will take care of your car and leave it looking like a new one without neglecting the paint. As a result, it will gently wash away stains and dirt, keeping your truck’s paint and wax as pristine as possible.


  • The scent is soft and pleasant
  • The gallon lasts a long time
  • It helps preserve the car’s finish
  • It also works in a foam gun
  • Dries very well and leaves a wonderful shine


  • The suggested dilution ratio of 5:1 leaves a residue that is difficult to treat
  • The foaming action is limited
  • It is a thick soap but not very concentrated

3. Best Formula: Adam’s Ultra Foam Shampoo

Take care of your truck with the best soap on the market. Its advanced formula with a quadruple concentration generates a thick lather that cleans and lubricates your vehicle instantly. 

Altogether, Adam’s Ultra Foam soap provides a very gentle wash that removes all the dirt and grime from your car without damaging the paint or exterior wax coating. Plus, it prevents scratches or water spots after washing.

In summary, this product differs from previous ones because it aims to produce a large amount of foam to soften older stains and provide a deep clean in one wash. Furthermore, its chemical composition and neutral pH make it possible to achieve effective cleaning and a glossy and protective finish.


  • Thick, lubricating foam that does not damage the exterior of your truck
  • Help remove mud, pollen, heavy dirt, and any other type of stain
  • The wash shampoo is suitable for foam cannon


  • The soap leaves a white film

4. Fast Acting: Mothers 05610 Triple Action Foam Wash

This soap blend contains penetrating polymers that effectively soften, dissolve and remove any dulling contaminants.

For one thing, this product stands out for including polymers in its composition, which help it to act faster than other cleaners. It is a professional soap, safe for use on the exterior surface of any truck. Its formula, also based on the formation of thick foam, provides lubrication and a high level of protection against scratches or marks. It covers the entire surface in seconds, providing deep cleaning without removing wax, paint, or sealant from your vehicle.


  • The formula is thick and lubricating
  • It lathers well
  • Protects the original finish of the vehicle
  • Suitable for spray gun and foam cannon


  • Can leave water streaks on the car
  • Highly chemical odor

5. Best Durability: Bilt Hamber Auto Foam

Get a high-quality wash by purchasing this product whose innovative auto-foam treatment provides an effective and long-lasting solution.

The first thing to remember, it is one of the highest quality products on the market. Its innovative auto-foam treatment is a water-based pre-wash whose objective is to moisten and saturate the dirt present in your vehicle’s paint.

It is the ideal preliminary step to the application of soap and a high-tech paint protector. Its long-lasting formula covers the entire surface in a matter of seconds, with excellent washing power but with the necessary softness to take care of the vehicle’s finish. Unlike the previous ones, it is accessible for any type of budget, and its long durability makes it more profitable.


  • Leaves, no scratches or water spots
  • The wash soap is highly lubricating
  • Valuable to give an excellent base to the wash
  • Can deliver glossy finish
  • Perfect for covering large surfaces


  • It does not produce much foam
  • Its formula is very liquid and does not keep for long

Best Foam Cannon Soap for Mud Buying Guide

So you’ve decided to make the jump and buy a foam cannon? That’s great! Pressure washers with foam cannons are some of the best ways to wash your car or truck, but they can be expensive. To help you find the perfect soap to fulfill your needs, we put together this guide on what to look for when shopping around.


When shopping around for a bottle of soap, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is how well it’s going to clean. The more dirt and grime your car has on it, the stronger you’ll want that sudsing action! Look at the cleaning power rating or PPM (parts per million) listed with each soap. Generally speaking, a good range for your average car is somewhere between 500 and 1500 PPM.

User and Car Safety:

Washing agents need to be on optimal power range so that they can clean up your vehicle without harming the paint. Plus, a high pH level can damage your car’s wax coating, which will make it more susceptible to dirt and road grime. On the other hand, if you buy something with way too low of a pH level then it may be hard for suds to form at all! Soap won’t do much good that doesn’t foam up.

And be sure to check if the soap is okay to be touched by humans for a few minutes as some people are more sensitive than others. pH is typically listed on the bottle, but if not you can always do a quick search online!

Working Time

How much time it takes for the soap to dissolve mud and dirt will affect how much pressure you need to use and how long your session is going to last.

Typically, a longer working time means it’s harder for the soap to break down stubborn grime as well as requiring more work from your washer. Keep in mind that if you have a foam cannon this can make up some of the difference. However, if you don’t have a foam cannon and need to do some bucket wash or scrubbing with your wand and wash mitt, it can take exponentially longer.


Look for soaps that are environmentally friendly as well as biodegradable! This will help keep the ecosystem safe should any runoff occur after washing your car or truck. It’s also good for the health of your car and prevents potentially harmful chemicals from seeping into places it shouldn’t go.

Price and Value

Last but certainly not least, consider how much money you’re spending versus what you get in return. While this isn’t exactly an apples-to-apples comparison to other products out there, it’s still good to keep your budget in mind when shopping around.

A bottle of soap is always going to be cheaper than a foam lance or cannon so if you’re on the fence about buying one then this might be something important for you to consider! Plus, having separate bottles of shampoo and conditioner can get pricy at an auto parts store or car wash.

Final Verdict

On balance, considering all the foam soap options we have presented, the best formula will be the one that best suits the need of the user and their vehicle. For instance, if you have a luxury vehicle, the best choice for you will be the Maguire. On the other hand, if you need to cover larger surfaces, a less expensive but equally effective option such as the Belt Hamber may be beneficial.

Ultimately, every user knows what they need to protect the exterior surface of their truck. That is to say; you just need to focus on what you need and identify what qualities are most important to you when choosing a product to clean your vehicle.

On the positive side, you can be sure that all these options are effective, and some of them will surely be the right ones to get rid of the dirt on your truck.

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