7 Reasons Not To Use Windex On Car Paint

You may have been thinking of using the Windex glass cleaners to clean your car paint? or maybe the windshield?

can you use windex on car paint

Either way, this can severely affect your car’s paint leaving marks on the surface.

In this article, we are going to share with you the 7 reasons why you can’t use Windex on car paint. Keep reading!

1. Windex is a Glass Cleaner

The first thing you should remember, glass cleaners damages paint. Although glass is brittle, it is very hard. While you can use almost any type of cleaners to clean solid glass materials, you can’t do the same with your shiny car paint.

Almost all glass cleaners come with acidic substances or harsh chemicals that can ruin your car paint without giving you any hint of the damage at the first instance. So, don’t use glass cleaners like Windex on your car paint to be on the safe side.

2. It Contains Ammonia

In most of the Windex products, you will find ammonia. While ammonia is a great substance in cleaning glasses, it will dissolve your car wax or any other protectants that you have used to keep it in good shape for a longer period.

Many people use Windex in their car paints and don’t see any difference instantly. So, they will tell you that it doesn’t harm the paint.

But I’m saying you, It does. It does not always show up instantly, but it dissolves your car wax making the paint prone to further damage without giving you any hint.

3. It has Isopropyl Alcohol in it

Like ammonia, you shouldn’t use Isopropyl alcohol on the car paint. The effect is quite similar. Many of our visitors asked- Does isopropyl alcohol damage car paint?

The answer is- Yes! Isopropyl alcohol damages the car paint slowly by stripping off the wax from the surface. So, the paint will be exposed to direct sunlight getting damaged by UV rays and other external harmful substances.

4. It is not Meant for Cleaning Paint

As we have been making things clear to you, you already know that the Windex is not made for cleaning paint.

As Windex came up with some ammonia-free cleaning products, it still is not recommended for car paints. Not only ammonia and IPA that causes problems for the car paint, but there are other substances as well that may harm your automobile finish.

5. It will Accelerate Oxidation & UV Damage

Windex takes off the car wax from the surface leaving your paint exposed to UV rays and other dust and debris. This accelerates oxidation making your car paint look dull and improper.

The result? You’ll find yourself in a position where you will need to repaint the car exterior.

6. It Harms the Finish & Protectants

Apart from stripping off the wax, Windex can remove any other protective materials that may have been in your car paint to prevent damage.

The harsh chemicals in it will harm the finish that makes your car look shiny and glorious. As a result, the accelerated oxidation will corrode the car paint making things a cause for your headache.

7. The Damage Doesn’t Show up Instantly

People don’t bother much about using Windex or any other harmful chemicals on their nicely painted car because the damage doesn’t show up instantly.

While it will start deteriorating the paint as soon as you apply it on the surface, you won’t see any damage on the surface soon.

It will take time to show up. But when it will show up, it will cost you a handful amount of money.

Can I Use Windex On Car Windshield or Windows?

As I was sharing with you throughout this article that the Windex is a glass cleaner. You may have been thinking about what if I use it on my car windshield or windows. After all, these are made of glass!

While the answer is yes, you can use Windex on glasses of your car, it is not recommended to do so. The reason is two-fold here. Let me explain-

1. Will Cause Glass to Glare

The first thing that we have noticed about the Windex glass cleaners is that the glass cleans up pretty well but it starts glaring.

So, it can harm the visibility and make the driving uncomfortable.

2. Can Damage Plastic, Vinyl, Wood, Leather

The next is the glasses in your car are surrounded with other plastic, vinyl, wood, and leather materials.

If some of the sprayed cleaners pour on those materials, it will leave stains on those surfaces.

So, you will end up having an ugly car interior in case of an accidental application to plastic, leather, vinyl, or wood.

Final Words

Despite repetitive warnings, some people keep using Windex as their go-to car paint cleaners. We strongly recommend not to do such a thing if you want your car to look good.

Use a pressure washer along with a nice hose attachment to wash the car to keep it shiny for a longer period.

However, if you are in a situation when you have to clean the car paint and there is nothing other than a bottle of Windex. You should wipe it as fast as you can before it starts dissolving the paint. And don’t forget to wax on that portion of your paint as well to prevent damage.

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