Car Speaker Not Working on One Side [SOLVED]

If your car speakers are not working on one side, then there may be a few different things going wrong.

The wires to the speaker could have been damaged in a way that causes only one side of the speaker to not work. Another possibility is that you have blown out your speaker altogether and it needs replacing or rewiring.

Car Speaker Not Working on One Side

Whatever the issue may be, we are going to discuss 5 common reasons behind the problem along with the solutions. Stay with us!

Why Car Speaker Just Stopped Working on One Side of the Car?

There can be a lot of reasons why the car speaker is not working only on one side of the car. You’ll need to go step by step so that you can troubleshoot the issue fast and effectively.

The Car Radio is Bad

If your car radio is bad, it’s likely that this is the root of your car speaker’s problem. When you have a bad car radio, it can cause the speaker to short out or stop working altogether.

In some cases, a bad car radio can even damage the wiring in the car, which can lead to further problems down the line.

If you’re experiencing problems with your car speakers, it’s a good idea to start by checking the condition of your car radio. If it’s not in good shape, then you may want to consider replacing it.

The Speaker That’s Not Working is Broke

If you have a bad speaker, it can cause the problem. There are a number of steps you can take to troubleshoot and solve the issue. You’ll want to go through each of these steps in order to diagnose this problem as quickly as possible.

First, check the speaker that is malfunctioning. It’s possible that your speaker was damaged by something such as weather or external elements and needs to be replaced.

To test whether your speaker is bad, unplug it from the radio and use a temporary wire directly from the amplifier to see if any sound comes out of it.

You’ll want to check the voltage in the speaker wire as well to be sure that the speaker is getting enough power. It should show 12 volts when you connect a multimeter to the speaker cables.

Another way to check is by swapping the speakers.

To find out whether the speaker has gone bad or it’s any other issue, you can simply swap the speakers.

If the speaker that’s not working, starts producing sound after swapping, then the speaker is not bad. You should check for other issues in your car stereo system to solve the problem.

If the speaker is not working on its new location as well, it’s time for a speaker replacement.

Balance Control Settings is Set Incorrectly

Another common reason why people experience an issue with only one side of the speakers. If the fader or balance control settings in your radio is turned down on one side, then this could cause the problem.

For example, if the fader is turned up for the right side and down for the left, the speakers on the left side will stop working, despite the fact that the speakers are perfectly fine.

To check this, set your radio to surround sound and turn it up in increments until you hear both speakers working on one side. Then adjust the balance setting or fader settings so that all of the speakers are equalized in volume. Simply keep the indicator at the middle of the scale and you are good to go!

The Wiring for Your Car Speakers is Damaged

If there has been any type of damage to the wiring in your car, it could cause one side of your speaker not to work. This can be from a number of things such as accidents, weather conditions, or even rodents chewing on the wires.

To check this, you’ll need to do a continuity test to see if the output voltage from the head unit is the same as the input voltage of the speaker. A simple way to do this is by using a multimeter.

If you notice any irregularities between output and input voltage, there must be something wrong with your wiring harnesses that need to be fixed or replaced.

If you’re confident that the wiring is not the issue, then you’ll want to move on to checking the next things.

Audio Output Jack or Transistors are Bad

If the audio output jack is bad, it can cause the car speaker to stop working on one side. The same is true for transistors. If they are not working properly, it can cause the car speaker to malfunction.

If you’re experiencing this problem, it’s a good idea to test the audio output jack and transistors to see if they are the root of the issue. You can do this by testing them with a multimeter.

The solution to this issue is pretty simple, replace the bad output jack with a new one. However, replacing transistors can be a real pain for amateur users and we recommend not to attempt that unless you are acquainted with electric circuits.


There are a number of reasons why one side of your car speakers may stop working.

To test whether the speaker is bad, unplug it from the radio and use a temporary wire directly from the amplifier to see if any sound comes out of it. You’ll want to check the voltage in the speaker wire as well to be sure that the speaker is getting enough power.

Check for output, wiring harness, balance issues, and any other irregularities in your car audio system as well to effectively troubleshoot and solve the problem.

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