9 Ways To Fix Rattling Car Speakers [Stop Door Rattle Now]

If your car speakers have been rattling recently, don’t worry! It’s a simple fix that can be done in just a few minutes.


There are many things that could cause this problem, but the good news is there are also many ways to go about fixing it.

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 common fixes for car speaker rattle and how you can avoid these problems altogether!

1. Clear Door Panel Pockets

Clear out the door panel pockets and make sure you are not storing anything in these areas. People often store items such as pens, smartphones, or other objects which may cause a rattling sound inside your car speakers when they move around while driving.

In our experience, more than half of the issues get solved after the application of this simple trick. Be sure to check this before trying the next method.

2. Loose Car Speaker Mount Can Cause Rattle

If the car speaker is not perfectly mounted, it may cause the speaker to generate those annoying rattling sounds while you drive the vehicle.

To solve the issue,

  • Loosen the speaker mounts screws on all sides of the car speakers until it is loose.
  • Use a screwdriver to tighten and turn each side until they are tight. This should not be too hard, but make sure you do this for every mount point around your car’s speakers!

You will now be able to enjoy your music without any annoying rattles coming from your vehicle’s sound system. Good luck with that!

3. The Speaker May Have Damage to it

If the car speaker has physical damage, it may produce that rattling sound.

The most common damage we see is a torn speaker cone. A torn cone is easily repairable with duct tape or superglue but a blown-out speaker cannot be fixed without replacing it altogether.

This can result in louder rattles that are more difficult to ignore than if the sound was coming from a faulty speaker mount point. The best way for people who experience these issues often might just be to buy new speakers rather than find ways to stop them from happening again and again.

Because, duct tape won’t permanently heal the speaker cone, rather it will keep it in place for a fair bit of time before it gets torn again.

4. Car Interior May Require Sound Dampening

If the rattling sound is coming from a speaker mount point, but not because of some physical damage as mentioned above then it may be due to poor installation. If there’s nothing wrong with the car stereo or speakers themselves and you’re still hearing that rattle it might be time to look into getting your vehicle interior professionally sound-damped.

This is an easy and effective way to get rid of the speaker rattle while you drive. People who tend to modify their car interior on their own see this kind of issue. However, you may face the issue without any modification as well. It depends on how the sound is carried out to you from the speaker.

5. Car Speaker Enhancement Kit May Solve Rattle

A car speaker enhancement kit can sometimes solve these issues. These kits are relatively inexpensive and come with a variety of parts to try out for the best fit.

The most common part of this kind of kit is an acoustic foam that goes between your speakers and doors, so it’s worth trying one if you’re experiencing rattling sounds from your speakers.

These are cheap and can give you a hundred dollars worth of fix within moments.


6. Block Bass From the Side Speakers

Using a bass blocker to prevent the bass sound from moving to the side speakers. This will work only if you hear a rattling sound when the music has a low-frequency sound.

For this to work, you need to figure out which speaker is causing the issue. After you find the culprit, you need to install a bass blocker so that the speaker doesn’t rattle. This is a relatively cheap fix but requires a fair bit of time to accomplish.

7. Try Adjusting the Sound Settings on Your Stereo System

To solve the rattling issue, try adjusting the sound settings on your stereo system to “flat”.

Changing the balance or turning up one of the speakers. Sometimes, too much base on the door panel speakers can cause the door to rattle when the bass drops during a song.

This may not be an immediate fix, but it’s worth trying out if you’re experiencing this issue in your car. You can’t always tell which speaker will solve the problem until you start messing with them individually or try playing different types of music on your stereo system to find out what’s best for you.

8. Car Body Panels Can Cause the Rattling Sound

Car body panels can cause a rattling sound. When a car is in transport, small bits of debris and dirt tend to get trapped under these panels which might create irritating sounds when driving your vehicle at high speeds or turning corners.

Apart from that, if a body panel is loose or moves when you drive fast, it may vibrate when you play sound in the car.

9. Have the Issue Fixed by an Audio Specialist

If you’ve tried everything, but still can’t find what’s causing your car speaker to rattle, it may be time to consult with a professional audio specialist who can inspect your vehicle for any potential issues.


If you’re experiencing rattling in your car speakers, we hope our article has helped. It is possible to fix the issue at home with a few simple steps and some patience.

But if it persists or doesn’t respond to these techniques, it may be time for the professional help from an audio technician.

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