How to Make Car Aux Louder [14 Tips to Solve Low AUX Sound]

Car AUX is one of the most popular ways to listen to music in your car, but it can also be very frustrating. You might find that your aux cable is not working as expected or you’re unable to hear your favorite songs over the noise from outside.

how to make car aux louder

This blog post will provide you with easy tips on how to make Car AUX louder so that you can enjoy listening to all of your favorite songs!

Reasons Behind Low AUX Volume in Car

In order to make Car AUX louder, you need to understand why it is not working as expected. There are a few common problems like faulty connection, bad AUX cable, software bug, incompatible device, etc. that might be causing your aux cable’s volume level in the car to be low or unimpressive:

The Aux Cable Isn’t Plugged in Correctly

The first and the most important thing, people often plug in the AUX cable incorrectly. On many occasions, you’ll find that the AUX is not loud because you haven’t put the AUX cable fully to the jack which makes it hard for the stereo to get the full volume signal resulting in low aux volume.

The AUX Cable Doesn’t Work on Your Car

Another reason why you might be experiencing low AUX volume is that the aux cable doesn’t work on your car. If this happens, there’s little chance of getting a loud Aux audio as it won’t function properly.

This happens when you try to use incompatible cables to play music on your car stereo or you have installed aftermarket AUX to your head unit that didn’t have one in-built.

The AUX Cable is Damaged

After spending a good amount of money on buying a car aux cable, if the wire inside starts to bend and crack due to age or some other factor it can damage your AUX connection which will affect its performance.

This results in low sound quality and volume so you might want to consider replacing your old aux cable with a new one.

Your Aux Cable Doesn’t Have a High-Quality Sound Output

If you’re experiencing low aux volume, it might be because the AUX cable doesn’t have a high-quality sound output which affects its performance and makes your car audio system unable to provide loud music signals resulting in poor or no sound from Car Aux. You should try a different AUX cable to see if that helps.

Volume is Too Low in the Music Application (e.g., Spotify, iTunes)

The volume of the music you are playing on your phone or tablet is also important. If it’s too low, there won’t be enough power to get a loud sound out of the AUX cable in the car stereo system even if you have perfect compatibility and everything else looks good.

Software Bug on the Phone or Application

If you have a software bug on your phone or tablet, then it might be conflicting with the AUX cable and that will result in low volume as well.

In this case, try to close all other applications which are running at the same time as the music application before trying again. Or a reboot of the phone may also do the trick.

Software Bug on the Stereo System

If you’re not able to get a loud sound out of your AUX cable, it might be because the stereo system is having some software bug which results in Car Aux volume being low. You can try resetting your car’s stereo to see if that helps.

How to Make Car Aux Louder?

Even though there are a number of reasons why your car aux isn’t working or producing low volume, these solutions will help you resolve the problem and provide good quality sound in your automobile. Now let’s get started!

Connect a Working AUX Cable Correctly

If it turns out that your AUX Cable doesn’t work, then go ahead and purchase a new one. If the aux cable does work but there’s a low volume in Car Aux, make sure it has been properly connected to both devices.

You’ll have to plug the AUX end into your phone and then connect the other end to the auxiliary port in your car.

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Make Sure Aux Cable is Compatible with Car Stereo System

If you find that there’s a low volume when playing music on an iPhone through aux cable, even though it works fine for listening to podcasts or talking over Bluetooth, try using another aux cable to see if that helps.

If you have an android phone, then the problem might be with your car stereo system as most AUX cables are compatible with android devices. However, trying a different cable is still our guidance as you never know what will fix the issue eventually.

Turn the Headphone Volume Up on the Phone or Tablet

If there’s a low volume with Car Aux, you can try turning up the headphone volume on your phone or tablet.

This might be because the application which is playing music has its own built-in settings for controlling aux input so make sure the volume of that app isn’t turned down all the way to avoid distortion and poor sound quality.

Turn the Aux Volume Up on Your Car Stereo System

If you find that there is a low volume in your car aux cable, make sure to turn up the AUX volume of your stereo system.

This will help boost sound levels and provide good quality music when using Car Aux. Sometimes this step might not work for some older stereos since their volume levels can’t be adjusted when an external device is connected through AUX input.

Close Any Other Running Applications on the Phone or Tablet

If there is a low volume with Car Aux, you might find that closing other applications which are running at the same time as your music app (e.g., Spotify) will help increase its sound output and provide loud music in car aux for your phone or tablet.

This generally happens with low to mid-range smartphones as their processors are not so powerful to handle many things at once.

Reset the Stereo System in Your Car

If your auxiliary cable is working fine but you’re not able to get a loud sound from the car aux, then it might be because of some software bug on the stereo system which results in low volume when using AUX input. In this case, try resetting your car stereo to see if that helps.

Use a Headphone Amplifier

If all else fails, you can always use a headphone amplifier to boost the sound from your car aux. Just plug in the AUX cable and connect it with this device through its input port, then you’ll be able to get good quality music output without any distortion or low volume issues.

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With all the different solutions we’ve provided for how to make car aux louder, you should be able to hear your favorite music at a loud volume.

Remember that there are many reasons why AUX cables might not provide good sound quality and it’s possible that any one of these techniques may work for you.

Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android phone, the stereo system in your automobile should be able to provide the best quality sound through AUX input.

Before you leave, let us know what worked best for you by commenting below and share this article with others who need help resolving their own issues as well. We want everyone to enjoy getting loud music out of the car aux cable.

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