10 Best Flip Out Car Stereos of 2023

Today’s flip-out car stereos are so advanced that they have become more than just a source of music.

With more and more people spending their free time in the car, it only makes sense that a lot of attention goes into enhancing these sound systems. Flip-out car stereos now offer numerous features like Bluetooth compatibility, in-built GPS, Apple car play, Android auto, etc.

best flip out car stereo reviews

These new features are fantastic for keeping you entertained while driving, with your eyes focused on the road.

If you’re shopping for a new flip-out head unit, we’ve done some research and found the 10 best flip-out car stereos in today’s market. They are all single DIN, so read through to find out which one suits your lifestyle!

Also, we wrote a buying guide below to assist you with what to consider before buying a flip-out head unit. 





Pioneer AVH-3500 NEX Car Flip out Car Stereo


Sony XAV-AX8000 Car Stereo


BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI Car DVD Player


Soundstream VR-75XB In-Dash LCD Screen DVD Car Stereo


JENSEN J1CA9 Car Stereo


10 Best Flip Out Car Stereo Reviews:

Go through the detailed reviews to find out the pros and cons of each device-

1. Pioneer AVH-3500 NEX Car Flip out Car Stereo

The Pioneer AVH-3500 NEX car stereo is a powerhouse of features and technology. From the sheer number of inputs to the high-quality audio, this stereo has it all. You can connect your phone and utilize its applications on the audio display when driving, thanks to its Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Your phone’s navigation system will also show up on the screen so that you don’t have to reach into your pocket or bag every time you want directions.

If music is more your thing, the Pioneer AVH-3500NEX vehicle audio comes with the SiriusXM app that’s accessible on IOS and Android, so you’ll never run out of music! Also, if you are an iPhone user, you can leverage the power of SIRI with this car stereo by connecting it to your iPhone to hold conversations with SIRI hands-free.  

This vehicle stereo also has a 13-band graphic equalizer so you can tailor your listening experience to your preferences. With it as an addition to your car, you can enjoy high-res FLAC files up to 192kHz/24 bit without the need to convert. You can also watch youtube videos with it, thanks to its weblink app feature. 

Another distinct feature of this Pioneer AVH-3500 NEX head unit is its compatibility with Pandora for discovering new music. This platform has an app on Apple iOS & Android devices that supports smartphones with Bluetooth serial port profile (SPP) for easy access. 

The Pioneer AVH-3500 NEX car stereo has an easy-to-use and highly customizable touchscreen user interface that is fast, smart, and simple. It also offers configurable parking assist instructions to aid you in correctly parking your vehicle. It is a single DIN, so installation is a stress-free process. Plus, it comes with an installation manual, a quick start guide, and the necessary screws and accessories needed for installation. 


  • This car stereo is a powerhouse of features and technology.
  • It is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. 
  • Installing it in your vehicle is easy.
  • It has a good touchscreen user interface. 


  • None

2. Sony XAV-AX8000 Car Stereo

The Sony XAV-AX8000 car stereo is for those who love music and driving. The innovative technology of this car stereo allows you to conveniently control your playlist from the steering wheel so you can stay focused on the road. Not only does this product offer convenience, but it also provides high-quality sound with multiple features. Its features include Bluetooth connectivity, wireless Android auto integration, Apple CarPlay compatibility, satellite radio compatibility, built-in GPS navigation, and a lot more.

This car stereo provides a whole new music experience with its dynamic stage organizer that makes music sound like speakers are on your dashboard. It has HDMI inputs for viewing videos from your smartphone or tablet on its large display. Plus, a web link that you can connect to Apple or Android devices to get directions, stream music, and do so much more. You can even charge your devices with its rear USB port. 

The Sony XAV-AX8000 head unit comes with a wide 8.95” display touchscreen so you can see everything at a glance. It has simple button controls for easy access to its features on the go. If your automobile has a rearview camera, you can view the footage on its screen. There are also personalized guidelines to assist you with parking safely. One downside is that the screen isn’t bright (400 cd /m2). Anyways, Sony has a three-year warranty on it, so you can rest assured it will last for a long time. 


  • It has a dynamic stage organizer that adjusts sound signals to produce quality sounds.
  • You can modify the display mounting in three ways.
  • It houses a lot of features and compatibility with iPhone and Android devices. 
  • The manufacturer has a three-year warranty on it. 


  • The screen is not bright.

3. BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI Car DVD Player

The BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI car radio may be the appropriate choice for individuals seeking a high-quality and affordable car stereo system. This car stereo has amazing features that will blow your mind. It’s a premium sound system with Bluetooth technology that allows you to play music wirelessly in your car. Plus, it provides excellent sound quality for your listening experience while driving.

The BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI car stereo includes a DVD player, AM/FM radio, and a built-in Bluetooth receiver. It has audio streaming, which lets you stream music wirelessly from services like Pandora or Spotify so you can listen to your favorite songs while driving. Its Preset EQ curves allow you to choose from different music styles such as Rock, POP, etc.

Furthermore, its oversized LCD offers you a wide view of its different functions without distracting you when driving. And its touch screen panels give you quick access to its functions on the go. You can also use this stereo screen to view the back of your car when reversing with a rear camera (if installed). It has RCA outputs galore, including two front speakers, two rear speakers, video out 1, video out 2, AV In (left, right, and video), and camera In (for a backup camera).

This car stereo has an SD memory card slot that accepts full-size SD cards up to 32 GB for music playback and photo and video viewing. It can also play music, browse images, and watch videos from USB flash drives up to 32 GB. The wireless remote control allows you to control all of the functions with the palm of your hand. 


  • It has RCA outputs galore. 
  • It has a large screen with a touchscreen panel. 
  • This car stereo has a ton of features, and it is very affordable.
  • Its wireless remote control gives you stress-free access to functions from the palm of your hand. 


  • The screen stops coming out after a few months of use. 
  • DVD gets stuck in the system.
  • It doesn’t last long.

4. Soundstream VR-75XB In-Dash LCD Screen DVD Car Stereo

The Soundstream VR-75XB In-dash LCD screen DVD car stereo has many useful features that make it worthy to be in your car. The built-in DVD player allows you to play movies and music from CD’s, giving you hours of entertainment on long trips. It is compatible with SiriusXM satellite radio tuner SXV300 (sold separately) for listening to commercial-free music, live play-by-play sports, news, etc., from over 140 channels. However, its sound quality is not up to par. 

This flip-out head unit features a screen with 800 x 480 resolutions, which provides crisp images and an easy viewing experience for all passengers. It also offers a capacitive touch display with SmartSense, which has sensors that absorb conductivity on the surface of your skin to detect where your finger touches on the screen. However, the sensor is a little substandard.

The Soundstream VR-75XB car stereo features V4.0 Bluetooth connectivity so that you can wirelessly stream your favorite songs and receive calls hand-free. It also includes cutting-edge technology such as USB for playback from external devices and SD card slot for playing media from up to 64 GB memory card. In addition, there is an AM/FM radio and a digital media player (MP3). The best part about this flip-out car stereo is that it doesn’t take up much room in your dash! 

The Soundstream VR-75XB has multiple 10-band graphic equalizer sound modes such as rock, pop, jazz, classic and more, which produces clear audio quality in any environment. It has a wireless remote for more accessibility and control. 


  • It is a very functional car stereo.
  • It has many features and technology.
  • It is affordable and offers excellent value for money. 


  • Inferior sound quality. 

5. JENSEN J1CA9 Car Stereo

JENSEN is a company that provides in-car entertainment products. The J1CA9 stereo features iPod/iPhone compatibility, USB input, and Bluetooth technology. This flip-out head unit will allow you to play your favorite songs for hours on end or just tune into the radio while driving down the road. It comes with an extra-large 9” LCD HD (1,024 x 600) adjustable touch screen display for a comfortable viewing experience. The touch screen is very responsive.

More so, it features Apple carplay that takes the experience to another level. Just connect your phone to the receiver’s display and ask Siri for instructions or use Apple Maps to get directions. You can also make phone calls, listen to voicemail, send and receive messages, and listen to music, all while keeping your eyes on the road. Android devices aren’t left out. This car stereo also features Android Auto’s intuitive voice-controlled interface that pairs with your android phone to become your assistant on your car journey.

The JENSEN J1CA9 car stereo has a front 2.1 amp fast-charging USB port and a rear 1.5 amp fast charging USB input. There are three pairs of 4V RCA preamp outputs (F/R/S) with 8 EQ presets to tune music to your preference. This car stereo is a single DIN, so you shouldn’t have an issue installing it in your vehicle. And JENSEN has a one-year warranty on it. 


  • It is easy to install and has great build quality. 
  • This car stereo has an extra-large 9” LCD HD (1,024 x 600) adjustable touch screen display.
  • It supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto.
  • Its sound quality is good.


  • The screen is too bright at night.

6. Pyle PLTS78DUB In-Dash Car Stereo 

Pyle has always been known for making quality, affordable car stereos. This PLTS78DUB In-dash car stereo is no exception. It features Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from your smartphone while you’re driving so that you never have to pick up your phone again.

You’ll enjoy one of the best in-car driving experiences thanks to its 7″ HD 800 x 480 display screen and touchscreen user-friendly control interface. However, the screen doesn’t last for long. 

This flip screen car stereo features an FM tuner with 30 stations presets. If that isn’t enough, it also comes with a microphone input for receiving calls hands-free. Note that it doesn’t play video while driving for security reasons. The sound quality of this system is perfect, no matter if it’s playing through built-in amplifiers or your speakers via its RCA outputs. 

The Pyle single DIN PLTS78DUB In-dash car stereo also comes with a CD player, USB port, and SD card slot for easy connection of smart devices or playing MP3s through an external drive. This means you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music on Pandora or Spotify as well as play CDs from the past! 


  • The sound of this car stereo is quality.
  • Its screen is large with a touchscreen user-friendly control interface.
  • Installation is easy since it is a single DIN head unit.
  • It is very easy to use.


  • The screen goes bad within a few months of use. 

7. Hikity Android Car Stereo 

Hikity is a car stereo with a 7″ LCD flip-out touch screen and FM radio with 18 preset stations. It has 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity that supports hands-free calls, phone book download, and music play from your phone, USB drive, or SD card. However, when you make a car, the receiver at the other end can’t hear you clearly because the mic is not good. 

That said, this car stereo also has built-in GPS that supports Android navigation apps that allow you to download free maps of any country for offline navigation. Thus, you will no longer get lost when traveling to unknown areas. However, it doesn’t give traffic information. Unlike most flip-out head units, you can adjust its brightness to suit your preference. 

The Hikity android car stereo has a mirror link for linking android (4.0-7.0) and IOS (5s-7s). It supports backup camera input by showing feed on the screen when you are parking your car. This feature helps you park/reverse safely. You can connect Speakers to it through its RCA input/output port. It also has several EQ sound effects adjust modes. 

This LCD touchscreen car stereo is a single DIN but comes with several wires that make installation hard. Also, the installation manual it comes with is useless.


  • It is inexpensive and offers value for money.
  • It has built-in GPS and supports Android navigation apps that allow you to download free maps of any country.
  • You can adjust the screen brightness to suit your preference.
  • Touchscreen display


  • It has a faulty output mic.
  • Installation isn’t straightforward. 
  • Apps take forever to load. 

8. Power Acoustik PTID-8920B In-Dash Car Stereo

Power Acoustik PTID-8920B is an in-dash car stereo that provides the user with many features for a great price. It contains Bluetooth, USB connectivity, and an aux input, making it possible to safely integrate cellphones and other devices into the car music system. With it installed, you can listen to your favorite music or podcasts while driving. Its SDHC Card Reader supports up to a 32GB SDHC card for MP3 audio, MP4 video streaming, and photo browsing. But be informed, this car stereo doesn’t fit all car dashboards.

The PTID-8920B car stereo also features PhoneLink for Android, allowing complete control of selected Android smartphones and tablets via its unit’s operating system. When you connect your smartphone for the first time, the head unit will install an app in it. Subsequently, the app will immediately run as a background task each time you connect the phone. Thanks to the touch screen controls, you’ll find navigating through its extensive features and settings easy. 

The PTID-8920B also comes with built-in navigation, which will help you get where you are going safely and quickly. You can play DVD movies, MP4, and Xvid/Divx video files with this car stereo. Further, it includes an 8 or 10-band graphic equalizer that allows you to tune audio to your tastes. This vehicle audio rear camera input will display the video from your back camera (if installed), making parking or reversing safer. Power Acoustik has a one-year warranty on it.


  • This stereo is very functional.
  • It is affordable and durable.
  • There’s a one-year warranty on it. 
  • Its touch screen controls make it simple to operate.


  • It is not a universal fit. 
  • After using it for some time, it will start freezing up and resetting itself.

9. Planet Audio P9759B Car Stereo

Planet Audio is a company with an extensive range of car stereos, and the P9759B is one of their top-of-the-line models. It will give you high sound quality for your car audio needs. You can connect any device to it through the front auxiliary input or enjoy hands-free calling from your phone by pairing it with Bluetooth technology. The dual-band WiFi connection allows easy access to online music stations and streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify. 

The car stereo also has a USB port that makes it simple to play all of your favorite tunes from a flash drive or charge portable devices like phones and tablets. It comes with an SD card slot that accepts a full-size SD memory card up to 32 GB to listen to music, view photos, and watch videos via the stereo. You can also play a DVD or CD and tune into your favorite AM/FM radio stations as you drive around town or during long-distance travel. 

The Planet Audio P9759B car audio 7″ touchscreen monitor provides you a complete view of all of its functions while also making it simple to use. It comes with a wireless remote for controlling its operation from the palm of your hand. You can also connect the stereo to your steering to control it via the steering buttons. However, you’ll need the Metra ASWC to do this. 


  • The sound quality of this car stereo is satisfactory.
  • The touchscreen is very responsive.
  • This car stereo will last for years. 
  • It is inexpensive and comes with many features. 


  • It constantly resets itself. 
  • There is feedback when viewing movies.

10. EinCar Android 10.0 Car Stereo

EinCar is an Android 10.0 car audio system that provides car drivers with a wide range of features to keep them entertained while on the road. With the EinCar Bluetooth connectivity and mirror linking, drivers can listen to their favorite music or radio stations, watch videos from YouTube, stream movies from Netflix, etc. You can also receive calls hands-free.

The car stereo also comes equipped with an FM transmitter, so if there isn’t already a station available where you are going, you’ll be able to find stations. It has a USB port that you can plug your smartphone into to charge and listen to whatever song or podcast you want! Plus, an SD card port that supports SD cards of up to 32GB. You can download apps to use on it, thanks to the built-in play store. 

This EinCar Android 10.0 car stereo features a 7” auto flip-out screen with a high resolution (1024p x 600p) that shows crystal clear images and videos. It also has a capacitive touch screen that makes navigating through its functions as easy as ABC. You can adjust its brightness to meet your needs, change the car logo, and set wallpapers of your interest. 

Furthermore, the EinCar Android 10.0 car stereo features a GPS navigation system for easy navigation around your city. With turn-by-turn navigation at your fingertips and offline & online 2D/3D Google Maps built right into the dashboard display, getting to your destination has never been easier. It’s a single-DIN, which means it’ll fit in practically any single DIN vehicle. Plus, it comes with an installation bracket.


  • It supports mirror linking.
  • It has a GPS navigation system with offline & online 2D/3DGoogle Maps. 
  • This car stereo has a 7” auto flip-out screen with high resolution (1024p x 600p).
  • It has quality sound.
  • Detachable faceplate makes it easy to troubleshoot.


  • It doesn’t have a DVD/CD player.

Best Flip Out Car Stereos Buying Guide

Buying a new car stereo for your vehicle can be tricky. There are many factors to consider that it might be difficult to know what to search for when buying. If you want some help, then this buying guide is perfect for you! We’ve compiled a list of factors to consider before buying your next car stereo system. Read on!

Screen Size:

In general, the larger the screen, the better the viewing experience. As a result, you’ll want a car stereo with a screen large enough to view everything clearly, but not so large to distract.

Hence, you have to make sure the screen size of the flip-out car stereo you’ll buy fits the space in your dashboard perfectly. One of the most common screen sizes for flip-out car stereos is 7″ in diameter, which fits almost all cars.  


Some car stereos have touch screens panels while others don’t. There’s nothing wrong with either style – they both achieve the same goals. However, touchscreen capabilities can add a bit of fun and convenience while driving.

Rear Camera Output:

Rear camera output is another factor worth considering when buying flip-out car stereos. While not required for operating your stereo system properly, it will make parking and backing into spaces significantly easier. 

Apple Car Play Support:

Apple Car Play allows you to integrate all your Apple devices with your car stereo. Once connected, you’ll have access to all the features & apps on your Apple devices including, GPS navigation system, music & video streaming apps, etc.

If you own an Apple device and you want more functionality from your car stereo, buy the one that supports this feature. 

Android Auto Support:

Android Auto is a similar system that works on the same principle as CarPlay. It lets you connect your Android phone or tablet to your car stereo, giving you access to various music applications and other Android functions in the car stereo. Hence, it is a good feature to have in your car stereo especially if you own an android device. 

Bluetooth Capabilities:

For a flip-out car stereo, the ability to wirelessly play audio from different devices via Bluetooth is a huge plus. Therefore, only buy one that has the  Bluetooth feature because it can link with both modern and traditional phones that don’t have internet access.

SD Card Port: 

We all know what an SD card and SD card port are for. For context, an SD card is a microchip that stores files like movies, music, pictures, etc. While an SD card port is what reads an SD card. 

Having a flip-out stereo with this feature will enable you to stream music from an SD Card. This is a plus if you don’t want to go through the process of connecting Bluetooth or cables.

Also, you don’t need internet access to watch your favorite movies or play your favorite songs. All you need to do is use a computer to transfer the files into the SD card then slot it into the port in the car stereo and enjoy some personalized entertainment. 

USB Ports:

 Another connection feature a flip-out car stereo should have is a USB port. While this port charges your phone with the stereo, you’ll be able to stream or play audio files, manage messages, and make phone calls.

You can also use a USB Flash Drive to play suitable audio files in the same manner that an SD Card does.

Built-in GPS Navigation:

Another factor to consider when buying the best flip-out car stereos is a built-in GPS navigation system.

This will make it much easier for you to navigate unfamiliar places or roads without having to glance down at your phone while driving, which can be unsafe and distracting! Map data is updated regularly so that everything always runs smoothly – no more getting lost in an unknown city ever again!

Ease of Installation:

You should go for a stereo that is compatible with your car’s dashboard. Before you fill in your card details to make that purchase, ensure the flip-out car stereo you are buying fits the space and size of your dashboard. If your dashboard is built or designed for a 1-DIN stereo, don’t buy a 2-DIN and vice versa.

Additionally, look for a unit that includes all the essential add-ons or accessories that make installation easy such as mounting brackets, harnesses, and even the installation manual.

Price Tag:

When it comes down to it, the most important factor in buying a flip-out car stereo is price, because no one wants to go broke purchasing new equipment for their ride!

So, compare different models by seeing what kinds of features they offer at which prices before making your final decision. Remember, there’s always something that fits into everyone’s budget without sacrificing quality or performance!

Final Thoughts

A car stereo system is one of the most important accessories for all car owners. A solid sound system will provide you with a lot of entertainment when you’re out on the road with your friends or family.

Our list comprises top brands such as Pioneer, Planet Audio, BOSS Audio, Pyle, Power Acoustik, UNITOPSCI, Regetek, EinCar, Hikity, etc.

In conclusion, each flip-out car stereo that made it to our list has been thoroughly reviewed, covering all the specs and features you need to know.

Also, if you read through our buying guide, you should know what to look out for before making a purchase. So, select from the list of products and make a purchase.  

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