13 Reasons Why Dashcams Stop Recording: Solutions to Fix

Dashcam is a device that records what happens in front of your vehicle. It captures all the accidents and collisions that take place on the road.

why dashcam stops recording with solution

Dashcams have become popular because they provide insurance for drivers against false claims by other drivers involved in an accident.

However, there are instances when dashcam doesn’t record anything at all or stops recording abruptly- This blog post discusses 7 reasons why this might happen and their solutions to fix it!

1. The Connection with Dashcam is Interrupted

The most common cause of stopping dashcam recording abruptly is when the connection with the dashcam is interrupted. There are a number of different reasons that this might happen:

2. You Have Damaged Wire Connecting the Dashcam

The wiring may be damaged or broken, and it’s not providing an adequate power source to your car camera;

Your dashboard has been installed in such a way as to leave no room for enough wires so they’re getting squeezed too tightly, which can cause connections to break and lead your camera to stop recording;

Your windshield may have been installed incorrectly or for some reason, it has become warped. This will also impact the wiring in such a way that power isn’t getting through as well as it should be.

It could be due to an external source interfering with the dashcam, such as a solar flare.

3. You Have a Problem with Car Battery

A power problem with the car battery could also be to blame for why your dashcam is not recording properly, or stop recording.

Many times when a car battery becomes weak or dead, you may experience the dashcam getting stopped without giving you any hint.

It is advised to check the battery first before looking for other possible reasons.
If you do have a power problem with your car battery, then it needs to be replaced.

4. You Have Installed the Dashcam Incorrectly

Apart from the power supply issue, your dashcam installation may be faulty as well.
The internal wiring for your dashcam might have been wrongly installed, or the wires may be loose and not plugged in completely.

If you are experiencing this problem while driving, then it is recommended to stop as soon as possible and check that everything is securely fitted before continuing with your journey.
A faulty installation can also lead to your dashcam getting damaged in the event of an accident.

5. A Power Surge Caused the Fuse to Cut off

If your car’s power supply experiences a power surge, then it may cause the fuse to cut off.
This is a high-risk factor as it can be very dangerous and lead to your car shutting down without warning.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should always have an appropriate amount of protection for any potentially hazardous areas on or around your vehicle.

When installing a dashcam, it is recommended that you purchase an additional fuse for protection because the fuse within your car will not be able to handle any other electrical equipment.

Apart from these common issues, there are other problems as well that can lead to a dashcam stopping recording suddenly. Go through the part of the solutions to know the other reasons along with their solutions.

Solutions to Dashcam Stop Recording Problem

Use this checklist one by one until the dashcam starts recording again to solve the problem-

1. Start with Connecting Plugs & Sockets

Check that all connections are tightly fitted and fixed into place, not loose or broken. Ensure there is no contact with water or dust; this could cause short circuits and power fluctuations which can stop recording.

In many cases, your problem will solve in this stage without going any further.

If it doesn’t then it is time to go through the other stages.

2. Check if Fuse is Blown

Check the fuse in your car. If it is blown, replace it with a new one to see if that’s what has caused the problem. You can also check that all connections are tight and secure by checking them again.

Fuse can blow away for many reasons, some of those are-

  • Short circuit in electrical wiring.
  • Sudden power surge can happen if the battery is disconnected or defective, alternator not charging correctly, loose connections to other electrical systems (for example various lights/electric locks).
  • Damaged wire insulation from short circuits and electric fires.

3. Check if there is a Functional Memory Chip

Make sure you have installed an SD card correctly as this could be causing issues too – try putting it into a different slot or plugging it into the computer and reformatting it.

Although you may see the SD card as a functional one when you connect it with a computer, it may be an incompatible one with your dashcam. Make sure to check that as well.

4. See if there is Any Issue with the Motion Sensor

Check that you have turned on motion detection – if your dashcam is not recording anything, this could be why as it has detected no movement for some time so it’s stopped recording. A good solution is to adjust the settings in order for the camera to detect movement more quickly.

The solution is quite simple here, you should get away with just tweaking a few settings and you are good to go.

5. Live Video Feed May Cause Issues as Well

It could be a problem with the live video feed you have connected to your dashcam. If this is not fixed, it can lead to the footage being lost from the camera’s storage card as well – so always check that there are no problems here too.

6. Kids May have Messed up with Dashcam Settings

You may also need to change settings on your dashcam such as the time difference. Dashcams record at a certain speed and if there is too much of an adjustment, it can cause problems with recording – so make sure to adjust this carefully.

7. Try Clearing Storage

The most common issue is that you may have filled up your storage card on your dashcam which means it’s not able to write any more footage, so make sure to delete any old footage you don’t need and clear up some space.

Although dash cams come with an automatic system to clear the old data to allow new footage to be written, it is always wise to manually clear the storage card if the automated system failed to do so.

In addition, you may need to get a new memory card and replace the old one if there are any issues with file formats or compatibility.

8. Dashcam Battery May have Died

It could be a problem with the battery on your dashcam – in which case it will stop recording automatically when it runs out of power. This can happen if there is insufficient voltage or vibrations from rough roads that are too strong.

9. Environmental Factors Can Come in Question as Well

The weather can also pose as a factor in why your dashcam stops functioning properly – such as when there are too many dust particles or raindrops that interrupt the recording.

10. Internal Damage to Dashcam will Require Repair or Replacement

Another reason why a dashcam may stop working is that it could be damaged or broken internally, which will need to be looked at by specialists and repaired before being used again.

11. Water Damage

If your dashcam has been exposed to some sort of liquid – such as rainwater, coffee, soda pop, etc., then it is possible that the device will no longer work again.


Dashcam may stop recording for many reasons but the best way to solve the issue is to go through the checklist we have given in this article. This solution will help you to troubleshoot the ‘dash cam keeps turning off’ problem as well.

However, there may remain some rare that may not fall under any of these mentioned fixes, we encourage you to find a professional to fix that for you. And don’t forget to let us know how you fixed it so that we can share with our readers, a new fix.

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