10 Best Single DIN Head Unit [Reviewed in 2023]

If you’re like most people, your car is more than a way to get from Point A to Point B. It’s also your home on wheels. It’s where you store the things that help make commuting from place to place easier and more comfortable.

Best Single DIN Head Unit For Sound Quality

A great single-DIN head unit will help you enjoy music when driving and improve the comfort of your vehicle. If this is something that matters to you, you’ve come to the right place!

The single-DIN head unit has become one of the most popular options for car audio. It is a simple solution that allows you to have all the features you need in your vehicle, while not taking up too much space.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Single DIN Head Units on the market based on performance and thoroughly reviewed them to help you get the right one for your vehicle. Without wasting any time, have a read!

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Top 10 Best Single DIN Car Stereo Units:

1. Kenwood KMM-X704 Digital Media Receiver

Kenwood KMM-X704 digital media receiver is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade the sound system in their car. For just over $200, you can enjoy superior digital media playback via Bluetooth or USB as well as seamless SiriusXM satellite radio reception. 

This receiver can connect to your iPhone (through USB or Bluetooth) or Android (via Bluetooth only) to play music from your favorite online music services like Pandora, Spotify, and others.

You can also make hands-free calls while driving with the in-built microphone. Kenwood equipped this receiver with Alexa to be your assistant. So, you can use voice commands to play music, place calls, listen to audiobooks, hear the news, etc. 

With its integrated 13-band EQ and digital time alignment, the Kenwood KMM-X704 digital receiver also offers simple touch screen sound customization. It comes with a quality wiring harness that fits most single-DIN vehicles, making installation straightforward in a wide range of vehicles. 


  • The receiver Bluetooth works great.
  • Alexa is also on point, and you can play Amazon’s music through it. 
  • You can customize its sound output to your hearing preference with its 13-band EQ and digital time alignment.
  • It offers excellent value for money.


  • None

2. Pioneer DEH-S1100UB Single Din In-Dash Stereo Receiver

Pioneer is a world-known brand of car stereo equipment. Their single-DIN in-dash receiver is for the not-so-techy individual that needs something to play music in their vehicle. Neither doesn’t support IOS devices nor does it offer Bluetooth connectivity. 

This Pioneer DEH-S1100UB head unit can play your favorite CDs or MP3s with ease. It is integrated with Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), which identifies the Android smartphone as a music storage device.

This feature allows you to play music through it from your android phone without the need for an app. When connected, you may utilize the built-in USB auto-switch feature to choose whether to charge your phone or use it as a music source.

Additionally, Pioneer included their innovative MIXTRAX technology that creates a seamless mix of your playlist, along with a variety of DJ-inspired effects. The sound quality of this unit is also good, which makes it perfect for the avid listener who lives on music. Plus, it comes with alpha Sonik earbuds for your listening pleasure. 

With its MOSFET 50Wx4 amplifier, the sound quality will be much better than your factory speakers could produce. Additionally, there are built-in EQ settings that allow you to adjust the bass and treble levels based on your personal preference. The front panel display allows you to see what song is playing at all times.

This single DIN stereo receiver also has a remote control, for remote access to all its functions. It is also easy to install on any vehicle that accepts single-DIN head units. However, you’ll need to buy a compatible harness for your vehicle.


  • This car stereo produces quality sound.
  • It comes with a remote controller, so you don’t get distracted when driving.
  • You can play music without connecting to your phone, thanks to its MTR feature.
  • It is easy to install.


  • You’ll need to purchase a compatible wiring harness for your car to install it. 
  • It doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity and doesn’t support IOS devices.

3. BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI Car DVD Player 

BOSS Audio Systems is a company that has been in business for over 25 years. They have put their expertise to the test with this single DIN car stereo. This unit has several features, including Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to play music from your phone or other devices. Furthermore, the Bluetooth interacts with the built-in microphone to answer/make calls hands-free without interruptions.

The BV9986BI 7” flip-out touchscreen allows you to access the unit’s control functions by just touching the option you wish to access. The screen has over 16 million color choices to set the atmosphere. Every day of the week, you may use any combination of your choice.

If you have a rearview camera installed, you can monitor the footage on the screen while reversing or parking your vehicle with the screen. However, be informed that the screen doesn’t last up to a year before developing some faults. 

There are various options for playing music, viewing images & videos in this head unit. You can access music apps like Spotify and Pandora, plug a USB flash drive with a capacity of up to 32 GB in the USB port, slot in an SD card to play music, auxiliary jack to connect MP3, audio output from smartphones, and DVD player to play CDs/DVDs.

Its sound quality is also commendable. Simply connect your speakers to the front, rear, and subwoofer pre-amp outputs and groove to the rhythm.

You can control the functions of this Boss Audio Systems BV9986BI car head unit from the palm of your hands thanks to the included wireless remote controller. Installing it is an easy process because it comes with everything you’ll need to install the best flip out car stereo


  • This head unit has a 7” flip-out touchscreen display that’s user-friendly. 
  • It supports Spotify and Pandora music streaming.
  • There are many options to play music and watch videos with this head unit.
  • Installation is straightforward.
  • Thanks to the wireless remote controller, you can control all its functions from your hand.


  • The screen doesn’t last for long. 

4. JVC KD-X260BT Digital Media Receiver

The JVC KD-X260BT digital media receiver is a top-of-the-line single-DIN car stereo that features Pandora compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, USB input, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. It doesn’t play CDs because it has no CD player.

The Bluetooth of this device allows two phones to connect simultaneously. Plus, it enables you to receive hands-free calls so you can concentrate on driving.

This car receiver has an AM/FM tuner with presets for quick access to your favorite radio channels. It has an impressive 4×50 watts of power to drive your speakers or amplifier for higher sound quality.

With its wide range of parametric equalizers, you can customize sound settings to suit your taste in music or audio quality preference. 

This receiver also features a front USB port which allows you to charge smartphones while driving. You can play music via the USB port with Android phones or tablets (version 4.1 or later).

The manufacturer, JVC, created an app available on android and IOS to control the functions of this head unit from the comfort of your smartphone. However, the head unit doesn’t work with iPhone 8 upwards. 

You can connect this head unit to your steering wheel’s OEM steering wheel control features to increase accessibility when driving. But, you’ll need a third-party adapter (sold separately). Or, you can purchase the rm-rk52 remote controller to operate the head unit from the comfort of your hand. To install it, you’ll need to buy a compatible wiring harness and dash kit. 


  • This head unit sounds great.
  • It offers a wide-ranging equalizer that allows you to tailor sound settings to your specific musical tastes.
  • With its Bluetooth, you can connect two phones at the same time.
  • It has an app available for Android and IOS devices for controlling its functions.


  • It is not compatible with new iPhones. 
  • No CD player. 

5. ATOTO S8 Gen2 In-dash Video Receiver

The ATOTO S8 Gen2 in-dash video receiver is the 2nd generation of ATOTO S8 android car stereos. ATOTO upgraded it to give you everything you need for listening enjoyment on long drives or just day-to-day driving around. It is a single-DIN car stereo that offers an array of features including a built-in CD player to listen to all your old favorites! 

This car stereo supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for smooth smartphone integration. It also comes equipped with two Bluetooth (BT1 5.0 & BT2 4.1). The BT1 offers multi-connections with phone & BT devices, while the BT2 is for hands-free calling and streaming audio.

There are three options available to connect to the internet with this car stereo. You can either use the Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth (BT2 ), or USB tethering. 

This car stereo has a high definition 178° full-viewing angle 8″ IPS touchscreen display to enjoy media in the best possible condition. The touchscreen allows a 2-finger/3-finger tap to navigate the multi-task menu, switch between preset 9 EQ settings, change screen brightness, etc., improving safety while driving. You’ll also love its AM/FM tuner with RDS text information scrolling across the screen when tuned to your favorite station. 

One of the best features of the ATOTO S8 Gen2 in-dash video receiver is its speed-compensated volume control (SCVC), which automatically adjusts the system’s volume when the vehicle speed changes to eliminate road and wind noise.

That said, the car stereo also works with the ATOTO AC-HD02LR camera to show HD rearview feed. It comes with 2 video inputs, but you’ll need one extra USB-to-RCA or USB-to-HDMI adaptor for video output. Also, the installation process is simple.


  • This car stereo has a lot of essential functions with quality sound.
  • Its 8” touchscreen display is user-friendly.
  • It supports Carplay and Android Auto.
  • It comes equipped with dual Bluetooth for connecting two phones simultaneously.
  • Wind and high-speed noise doesn’t affect its sound.


  • When connected to android auto, it plays too loud. 

6. Alpine CDE-172BT Bluetooth Receiver

Alpine is a car audio brand that has been around for decades, and they have some of the best sounding receivers on the market. The CDE-172BT Bluetooth Receiver is an excellent example of what they can offer, with its ability to connect wirelessly to any music device via Bluetooth. It will allow you to stream your favorite songs from your phone or tablet. And comes equipped with a microphone for making hands-free calls while driving. 

This car stereo features an easy-to-use interface and sleek design, as well as built-in controls so you can control all of its different functions with ease. It has a high-contrast LCD with variable color illumination for clear visibility. With its CD player, you can play all your traditional music or videos from CDs. It supports Pandora and SiriusXM internet radio control with iPhone and Android devices. It also has an AM/FM tuner to keep you up to date on the latest news.

The Alpine CDE-172BT Bluetooth receiver can play audio files from a USB drive, including MP3, WMA, and FLAC. It allows you to tailor the sound outputs to your hearing preferences. You won’t experience any problems installing it. 


  • You can customize music to your taste.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface with a high-contrast LCD with a lot of color illumination.
  • It supports Pandora and SiriusXM.
  • Easy to install.


  • The Bluetooth is very erratic.

7. Sony DSX-A410BT Single Din Bluetooth car stereo

Sony’s DSX-A410BT single DIN Bluetooth receiver has a lot going for it. It offers hands-free calling and music streaming, as well as a host of other features.

With the built-in dual Bluetooth technology, you can effortlessly pair one device with the stereo for complete access to navigation, music playback, and communication features. And pair another one for making phone calls with the equipped external microphone while driving down the highway.

This receiver features an integrated amplifier to power speakers or subwoofers. Its sound quality is excellent when used with high-end speaker systems. Plus, it has an EXTBASS feature that brings out the dynamics in your music. It has a USB port for connecting android and IOS devices or other audio devices to play music files including FLAC files.  

With 5X the contrast of normal screens and an optimized viewing angle, its screen is easy-to-read. One of the best features of the Sony DSX-A410BT receiver is its ability to listen to your voice to control its functions.

So, if you want to change music, get real-time directions, etc., you can simply use this voice command without taking your eyes off the road. Additionally, it has FM/AM, comes with earbuds, and will fit any single-DIN dashboard.


  • It has a dual Bluetooth system for connecting two phones at the same time.
  • This receiver produces quality sound.
  • You can use voice commands to change music, access your contacts, and generally control its functions.


  • None

8. Pyle PLTS78DUB Single DIN Head Unit 

The Pyle PLTS78DUB single DIN head unit is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to upgrade their factory radio without the hassle of replacing an expensive dashboard. This head unit includes built-in Bluetooth that connects to both IOS and Android devices for wireless music streaming.

Pyle equipped it with a built-in microphone for making hands-free calls. It has an FM/AM tuner with 30 presets. Plus, a CD/DVD player that supports MP3 playback from CDs & DVDs. 

The Pyle PLTS78DUB single-DIN head unit features a fold-out 7” touchscreen high definition display for better viewing of navigation maps, text messages, and more. The touchscreen display is bright enough to see in direct sunlight. If you have a backup camera, you may see footage on the screen while reversing. 

Furthermore, this head unit has an AUX input, so you can play music from any device with the appropriate cord. It includes a USB port, SD card slot, and front panel auxiliary connection for connecting your smart devices and other external audio devices. Thanks to the included remote controller, you can access all its functions from the palm of your hand. 

The Pyle PLTS78DUB single-DIN head unit can be installed in any vehicle with a standard-sized single-DIN dashboard. It’s also straightforward to install, so even those who are inexperienced will have no trouble installing it. With all of these features at such an affordable price tag, this head unit makes for the perfect addition to your vehicle’s sound system! 


  • It comes with a remote controller for easy access to its functions. 
  • It is straightforward to install.
  • This head unit comes with a fold-out touchscreen display. 


  • It doesn’t last long.

9. BLAUPUNKT Irvine 70 Multimedia Car Stereo 

The BLAUPUNKT Irvine 70 multimedia car stereo is a high-end Single-DIN head unit that offers great sound quality. It features an LCD that allows you to see all of its functions plainly while driving.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy hands-free calls and connect your smartphone to play music from apps like Pandora or Spotify. It also has a USB port and AUX-in for connecting other audio devices. Plus, 18 preset AM/FM channels for listening to the latest news and updates. 

The BLAUPUNKT Irvine 70 multimedia car stereo produces 120W peak power for clear and strong audio output. It comes with a remote controller for regulating its features at your leisure. However, the remote doesn’t work all the time.

With the included mounting brackets, you’ll be able to install this car stereo in any single-DIN compatible dashboard. It’s inexpensive, costing less than $30. So, if you’re looking for a low-cost vehicle radio, this one should be on your list.


  • It is very affordable and comes with remote control.
  • You won’t have any problems installing it in your single-DIN dashboard.
  • The sound of this car stereo is remarkable. 
  • The Bluetooth connectivity is very stable, fast, and reliable.


  • The remote tends to malfunction. 

10. VDO Continental TR7412UB-OR Car Stereo

The VDO Continental TR7412UB-OR car stereo is a great option for people looking for a retro-looking head unit. This particular model comes with Bluetooth technology, which gives it the ability to play music from your smartphone and make hands-free calls. However, while using Bluetooth, it does not display song information and caller information when you get a call.

This car stereo orange display blends in nicely with modern cars to give a vintage look. It produces quality sound and features two RCA outputs so you can connect speakers. There are six different EQ settings in this car stereo to fine-tune your listening experience to your taste.

Please be aware that it lacks a CD player. Other intriguing features include settings for FM and AM radio stations. Additionally, it contains a USB port and an auxiliary input connection for connecting other audio devices. It supports a wide range of media formats.

The VDO Continental TR7412UB-OR car stereo comes with a 12V wiring loom for easy installation. The manufacturer, VDO Continental, has a two-year warranty on it. Overall, this is a top-quality head unit that will serve its purpose well. 


  • It supports a wide range of media formats.
  • VDO Continental has a two-year warranty on it. 
  • It produces quality sound and features two RCA outputs so you can connect speakers. 
  • It comes packaged with a 12V wiring loom for easy installation.


  • The Bluetooth connection doesn’t display any information.

Best Single DIN Head Unit Buying Guide

Choosing the best single DIN head unit can be a tough decision. There are so many different types of units on the market, and they all have their own pros and cons. We will go over some things you should think about before purchasing to help match you with the right product for your needs.

Expandability with Multi-Port Options

When choosing a head unit, you should think about how many devices you need to connect. If you would like the option of connecting multiple sources at once, your best bet is going to be one with multi-port options.

These allow for easy connection and switching between all your different audio and video inputs. Some units will even let you charge your smartphone while you’re using it.

Sound Output

If you are an audiophile, sound quality is ultimately going to be your biggest concern. It’s important to find a head unit that has the best possible sound output for your needs.

The higher-end units will have better preamps and amps than their lower-cost counterparts. This means they’ll produce louder volume levels with less distortion when it comes to playing your music.

Ease of Use and Customization

Any head unit you purchase should be easy for anyone to use. Look at the different preset options on each model to find one that offers a lot of configuration settings, such as EQ level customization and button assignments.

This is an important feature if you plan on installing it in more than one car, as you can program everything to your liking and make it work the same way every time.

Price Point

When considering all of these different factors, be sure to review each product’s price point before making a purchase. This will help narrow down which models offer the best value for what you’re looking for in a head unit.

You’ll find that you typically get what you pay for, so it’s worth spending a little extra if your budget allows.

Brand Name and Reputation

When considering various models, one of the most important factors is brand name and reputation. You’ll want to choose a model from an established manufacturer with good customer service in case you run into any issues. Some great brands to look at are Alpines, Sony, Kenwood, and Pioneer.

Smartphone Compatibility

If you are an avid smartphone user, look for a head unit that offers compatibility with your device. There are several models on the market today that offer this feature in one way or another.

It’s not necessary to have it built-in, but be sure to check out what each model can do before making your purchase decision.

If you are in the apple ecosystem, it’s a must for you to have a stereo system with Apple Carplay, and if you use android devices, check for Android Auto compatibility.

Stereo Outlook & Controls

It’s important to consider the overall aesthetics of each unit. You’ll want something that will look good in your car, but it should also have a user-friendly layout and simple controls for ease of use when driving.

Otherwise, try to get a head unit that has big buttons and easy-to-read text on the screen. This makes for quick operation when you are driving, so it’s important to find one with great aesthetics or one with great control and easy to read display.

Look for a Nice User Interface

Last but not least, you’ll want to find a head unit that has an easy-to-use interface for operating the system. It should be laid out in a way where everything is easily accessible and customizable. You can also look at how many presets it has on each mode so you pick what works best for your listening preferences.

Display Quality and Type

It’s important to have a unit with a high-quality display so you can see everything clearly at all times. Most models use LED displays, which are easy to read in most conditions and provide crisp images when playing your videos or movies.

Choose the Right Size for Your Dashboard

Before making any purchase decision, also be sure that it will fit your car dashboard perfectly. Some models are designed to work with certain types of vehicle interiors, so you may need to double-check the dimensions on each unit before buying it.

Bluetooth, Wifi, and other Connectivity

Additionally, you’ll want a head unit that supports Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. This allows you to stream your favorite content from various sources such as Spotify or Pandora to the stereo system without any hassle.

If this is something important for you to have in a car stereo, be sure it has these capabilities before making your purchase decision.

GPS Navigation

Another feature that can be useful is built-in GPS navigation. If you don’t have a car stereo with this capability, then you’ll need to buy one separately or install it yourself in your current model.

This may not seem like something necessary when shopping for the best head units, but if you plan on driving long distances frequently, having GPS navigation built-in will be a huge time and money saver.

If you’re specifically looking for a unit with great connectivity, consider the best car stereo with Bluetooth and GPS, and Backup Camera.

Think About Custom Installations

If you want to have the most luxurious head unit in your car, then look for one that has custom installations options available. This can give it an even more professional touch when installed with other accessories such as rearview cameras or video monitors.

Build Quality and Materials

Last but not least, you’ll want to get a head unit that has high-quality materials and construction. You don’t necessarily need it to be made out of metal or stainless steel, but the casing should feel sturdy so you can trust its durability in your car. This is especially important if you live in an area with a lot of road bumps or potholes, as the head unit will experience a lot of vibration during everyday driving.

And you’ll want to get one that has some decent weight so it doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy when holding it in your hands or mounting on the dashboard. You can always check out what customers are saying about each model to find out how well it’s built.

Final Verdict

If you’re in the market for a single din head unit, we hope that this review article has helped you narrow down your choices. The 10 single DIN head units we reviewed are all great options for those who want to upgrade their vehicle’s stereo system. 

Choosing a product from this list will allow you to enjoy high-quality music and voice commands with simple integration into your existing car electronics without any complicated installation process.

If you have been looking for a solution that offers both enhanced sound and handy features, then one of these products may be just what you need. Good luck!

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