8 Best Wheel Locks for Trailer Reviews 2023

Everybody wants to own a vehicle, and that is why there will continue to be an increase in the demand for vehicles worldwide. The increase in demand has also brought about an increase in vehicle theft.

best wheel lock for trailer

Vehicles are created to transport people and goods from one place to another. There is no doubt that in the process of transporting humans or goods, you will have a course to stop for some reason.

Losing your vehicle should not be what will be crossing your mind when you want to leave your vehicle.

The invention of wheel locks can make you breathe a sigh of relief. They provide great assistance to ensure your trailer is safe from thieves. And now this is a must for those who are annoyed with trailer wheel intruders or thieves.

In this write-up, we have analyzed the 8 best wheel locks for trailer and narrowed down the options for you. Stay with us!

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Our 8 Best Trailer Wheel Locks For Safety:

Here is our list of the top wheel locks that you can use to protect your trailer-

1. Trimax TCL65 Wheel Lock Review:

Trimax TCL-65 wheel lock is designed distinctively. It fits perfectly to the wheel of any vehicle when fixed and can be easily withdrawn.

When you insert it into the wheel of any vehicle, the security of that vehicle is guaranteed. You can rest assured that you will meet the vehicle where it is parked. Also, its adaptability qualities are another thing you cannot shy away from.

It is made with a hefty gauge and strong iron and is also covered with steel that makes it resistant to any external force it comes in contact with. It is produced in red and yellow color to make it visible when you are close to it and also when you are far from it.

The weight is moderate. It is designed moderately so that it can easily be carried from one place to another for ultimate security everywhere. It weighs a little above six pounds with a dimension of 4×11.7×15.5 inches

Trimax as a brand has been producing quality wheel locks for a very long time, and the Trimax TCL-65 is not an exception. When you get the Trimax TCL-65 wheel lock, you can be assured that your trailers and other vehicles are in safe hands.


  • Easy installation, so can lock easily
  • Very strong construction 
  • Can fit any vehicle and wheel type
  • The locking appliance is superb
  • Red and yellow colors makes it visible


  • Does not come with a user manual

2. Hurbo Wheel Lock Clamp

The Hurbo Wheel Clamp is one of the best ways to protect your trailer or other vehicles from theft. This is a 15.72 pounds wheel lock featuring a very portable design that will easily fit in the boot of your trunk. 

The best thing about Hurbo Wheel Clamp is its construction and surely one of the most salient features. This amazing anti-theft device is constructed with heavy-duty steel combined with a rust-resistant coating, making it highly durable, reliable, and even weather-resistant. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Another interesting feature about this anti-theft wheel lock is its disc covers. It comes with locking Lug Nuts-Heavy gauge steel disk covers, which provide great protection to your trailer wheels by preventing tire removal or theft. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about your trailer wheel when Hurbo Wheel Lock is set up.  

It just gets better as you will find it extremely convenient to use. Why? Because it is very quick and easy to fix or remove, protects hefty ways of cutting through it such as sewing, cutting, etc., and it even prevents the vehicle from rolling away.  

This product has dimensions of 25.4 x 13.4 x 6 inches and is suitable for different kinds of tire and rim sizes, which makes it versatile as well. Thus, it ticks all the features you desire in the best wheel lock for trailers, and it is going to provide great value to your money and utmost protection to your trailer’s wheel.


  • Suitable with different sizes of tires and rims
  • Durable construction with advanced features
  • Easy installation instantly prevents rolling
  • Made of high-quality weather-resistant steel material


  • Barrel lock quality is not good enough 
  • Thin metal sometimes cannot resist theft attacks.

3. CURT 23255 5th Wheel Trailer Lock for 2-Inch King Pin

Curt 23255 is a very solid anti-theft device that can boast a quality design. The job of a wheel lock is to protect vehicles, and that is what the manufactures did with the Curt23255 wheel lock. It is constructed with quality material which makes it very strong and gives it an edge in the market over its pairs. 

As solid as it is, it is not too heavy to carry from one place to another. It can be easily transported from one location to another because of its balanced weight. It weighs just 1.6 pounds with a diameter of 6×5.5×3 inches. The buyer should not be deceived by its weight; it is very strong and can last for a very long time.

Also, another thing that caught our attention is how simple it is to attach to the wheels of the vehicle. It can be fixed easily and also removed easily from steel pins.

When you purchase the Curt 23255 wheel lock, you are assured of double keys at the point of purchase. The reason for giving the buyer double keys is for the comfort of the buyer. When one key is missing, the spare key can be used to replace the missing key.

It is designed in flashy colors. Colors that make sure it will be sited from afar. This alone will scare intruders from tampering with your vehicle.


  • Placing and withdrawing from wheels is simple
  • Accompanied with dual keys for added security
  • Can be transported easily 
  • It is water-resistant with high-quality finish


  • It needs to be upgraded for expensive tires

4. VaygWay Tire Clamp Wheel Lock

VaygWay Tire Clamp wheel lock has an amazing anti-theft metal boot stabilizer. It wraps securely around the wheel by preventing theft attempts. The best part of this lock is that it can easily work for any sort of ground motor and makes your trailer difficult to be ripped off. 

The durability of this anti-theft wheel lock is another distinctive feature to look at! As it is made up of high-quality ABS that gives durability for a longer duration along with efficiency. The PVC coating is done in such a way that it prevents the wheel rims from damage and scratches. Isn’t that amazing?

Moreover, the installation of this wheel lock is another highlighted feature that is not just easy to install but simple to use as well. It can simply attach to the clamp of the wheels and pocket your keys.  

This wheel lock also includes two pairs of keys so that you have a backup available to you in case you lost one. Every feature is worth your money, right! Not just that, but its striking red and yellow color is highly and easily visible. 

This is one of the important things to consider for those who have bumper pull trailers.


  • Fitting the wheel lock is effortless
  • High visibility
  • This wheel lock is protected by anti-theft metal boot stabilizer
  • It can be easily adjusted


  • Complaints about loose-fitting

5. Zento Deals 2 Pack Security Tire Clamp Heavy Duty Wheel Lock

Are you in search of an anti-theft wheel lock that gives maximum protection? Then you must check this lock by Zento! This wheel lock is best of all in terms of protection than every product mentioned in this list of best wheel locks for trailers.

It is made up of the finest quality ABS that gives a more durable and strongest long-lasting clamp than many others. The handle is coated with a soft material so that it is easy for you to carry. Amazing, isn’t it? The PVC soft coating prevents the wheel rims from scratches and any sort of damage. 

The best part of this product is that it is a multipurpose lock! Yes, you heard it right. You can use it for any SUV, RV, ATV, truck, or even car. The tire clamp of this heavy-duty lock can securely wrap around the wheel and prevent them from theft attempts.

It is an extremely durable and versatile lock along with a lightweight design. What else do you need then? It is designed in such a way that it gives longer duration customer satisfaction very conveniently.

And guess what? You can use it for bikes too! It can easily be adjusted due to its versatile design and compatibility. It also includes two keys for your convenience so that you always have a backup in case you lose one.

Moreover, the attachment of this lock is another distinctive feature to look at as it is very smooth when and simple to function with. In short, you can say that this product is worth investing your money!


  • The lock is highly flexible
  • It is very adaptable to trailer tires
  • Extremely durable and compatible with a versatile design
  • Gives maximum protection with rubber coated arms


  • It sometimes stuck when removing

6. McGard 24538 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Lock

McGard is one of the most popular brands in the USA for producing the finest wheel locks. And McGard 24538 Wheel Lock is also the result of their precision and brilliance. These one-piece wheel locks work as standard nuts that are easy to use. However, the highlighting point is that they need to be installed or removed using a special key tool.

Want to know what’s the best part? The locking system McGard 24538 Wheel Lock is equipped with one of the best locking systems that are continuously being refined and enhanced. With computer-generated key designs, you can have an unlimited number of key patterns. 

The user-friendly steel collar directs the key into the lock pattern. The collar keeps the key to enable smooth fixing and withdrawal. The narrow pattern gap at the lock prevents penetration into the pattern of removal tools. Thus, making your trailer wheels’ security impeccable. 

It only gets better as it includes triple-nickel chrome plating in its construction, with each layer having different advantages and improving security. The first layer makes it rust-resistant; the second layer is for luster, while the third layer of nickel combines with the microporous chrome layer to dispense the corrosive effects of nature. 

This wheel lock is provided with high strength with the help of precision machining and core integrity. The fact that it meets or exceeds OEM proof load standards makes it more reliable and valuable. Thus, it is going to be a great investment that can protect your trailer wheel for a long time.


  • Triple-nickel chrome plating makes it corrosion resistant
  • Key design is initiated by a computer
  • Budget-friendly option for car’s tire
  • Best locking system for most vehicle models


  • It does not include a spare locking nut in case one gets misplaced. 
  • The keys’ quality needs improvements

7. Zone Tech 2-Pack Security Wheel Chock Lock

Annoyed with trailer wheel intruders? Well, you must get your hands on Zone Tech 2-Pack Security Wheel Chock Lock. With this wheel lock by your side, you can park your trailer anywhere, and this product will prevent any attempts of theft, towing, or annoying activities. This wheel lock is ideal for trailers, cars, vans, and many others. 

Zone Tech 2-Pack Maximum Security Wheel Chock Lock includes premium quality ABS construction offering it the durability and longevity you desire. You can comfortably carry it around with a soft coated handle. The fact that it consists of PVC coating makes it more amazing because it prevents your wheel rim from scratching or damaging.

This trailer wheel lock does not need any installation. You simply need to attach it to your wheels and relax, knowing that your trailer is safe.

It includes dual keys for your comfort, so if you lose one, you don’t have to worry as you have got a spare one. Moreover, this wheel lock is also one of the most affordable options. Overall, this is an amazing wheel lock that includes durable construction and provides your wheels with the utmost protection.


  • The anti-lock braking construction system
  • It is painted with Polyvinyl Chloride
  • You can easily install it without any experience of using locks
  • Protective coating ensures extra precaution against scratches
  • Very strong frame


  • It has weak bends and design 
  • Can be frustrating sometimes with unlabeled keys

8. LonTime Trailer Tire Boot Lock

LonTime Trailer Wheel Boot Lock makes it to our list of best wheel locks for trailers. This wheel lock consists of premium quality A3 hardened steel construction, making it a strong, robust, and long-lasting trailer wheel lock. You can easily carry it around with a soft coated handle, and the surface of the product is treated with soft PP glue to prevent the wheel rims from scratching or damaging. 

It has a very bright color combination making which can be seen from close and distance, preventing thieves and intruders effectively. The fact that this is an extremely adjustable wheel lock, making it convenient to use because it will easily adjust to any size of tire. When the LonTime Trailer Tire Boot Lock is wrapped around your trailer, you don’t need to worry about theft attempts, towing, or any messing activities with your vehicle. 

This wheel lock has very simple and easy functions, and you can conveniently set it up on your trailer. The fixing is extremely easy, thus you don’t have to hassle much. All you need is to attach this adjustable wheel lock according to the size of your trailer wheel and walk away calmly, knowing that your wheel is safe. You will also get two keys for emergency and convenience.  

Since the LonTime Trailer Wheel Boot Lock is highly versatile, therefore, you can easily use it with a number of vehicles such as cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, and many others.

Although this product made it to the last of our list, it does not lack any important feature and gives tough competition to other options available. Overall, this is a great product to invest in, and it is worth your money.


  • High quality A3 iron construction 
  • Polypropylene glue is used to prevent damage
  • Highly versatile
  • Attaching it is straightforward


  • The product needs improvement to be ranked amongst the best
  • Prone to get broken with hefty ways 

Best Trailer Wheel Locks Buying Guide

What is a Trailer Wheel Lock?

Locking mechanism to keep your wheels safe from being attacked by thieves. These are hardened steel-made clamps or chokes that wrap around the wheel to lock it in place.

Are wheel Locks Effective?

Yes, as long as you use a good quality one. With a heavy-duty and secure lock, your car should be safe even when you are away. Apart from keeping the vehicle safe from bad guys, locks are effective in compensating for a weak brake or supporting the vehicle when parked on the slope.

Why Do You Need Anti-theft Lug Nuts?

Wheel theft is seeing an increase in recent times and to prevent the bad guys to steal your trailer wheels, a wheel lock is what you need.

These lock your wheels from rolling and prevent thieves from attempting to get rims off of your vehicle. So, you need to buy trailer wheel locks to be safe from stealing. Plus, it relieves you from stressing about theft when you are in important works in the office.

Benefits of Trailer Wheel Locks

The key benefit of installing wheel locks in your trailer is keeping it safe from thieves. Apart from that, it makes it easy for you to locate the vehicle in a big parking space.

Plus, when you park your vehicle on slopes, your car can start rolling downwards unless the ebrake is engaged. Sometimes, a worn-out or ineffective parking brake can’t prevent your car from rolling. In such cases, a wheel lock can do the job for you. It will keep the vehicle stable in place by not allowing the wheels to roll or move.

Although modern cars come with different security mechanisms, it is good to have an additional layer of security mechanisms installed.

Types of Wheel Locks

As thieves started using different techniques to steal wheels, modern security specialists became busy designing different kinds of locks to protect vehicles from unwanted hands. Here are some of the most common wheel locks that you may use conveniently in your trailer-

1. Locking Lug-Nuts

These are one of the most convenient and easy-to-use locking mechanisms that you can use in your vehicle. Spline drive lug nuts are like your normal lug nuts but the difference is- you need a unique key to remove the nuts. So, thieves won’t get access to the main lug nuts to remove the wheel.

2. Clamp Wheel Locks

Most common locks people use in the trailer. These clamps wrap around the wheel and lock it. When you come back to your vehicle, you need to use the unique key to remove it from the wheel.

3. Boots Lock

Similar to the wheel clamps, these are designed with a solid steel arm that keeps the vehicle in place. Without removing the lock, the wheels won’t roll.

However, because of its additional steel arm, it is bigger than clamp locks. So, it will take more space of your trunk and require you to more weight than the earlier type.

4. Wheel Chock

A combination of chock and lock. The chock is placed in front of the wheel to prevent it from rolling and the other end of the lock clamps the wheel and locks it.

So, the double-layer protection makes it a reliable locking method.

Apart from these popular types, you’ll find hitch locks, cylindrical locks, boat locks, and other types in the market. But we recommend picking either of the 4 mentioned above as these are the best bet for making your car safe.

How to Choose the Best Wheel Locks or Best Rim Locks

Wheel locks are great ways to prevent thieves from attempting to steal your wheel. But not all locks are greatly built. To give you a better idea of which lock you should invest your money in, we are sharing with you the exact method we have used to pick up the best products of this buying guide. So, buy wheel locks confidently from now on.

1. Enhanced Visibility

Get a lock that is easily visible from long distances. An easily visible wheel lock will prevent thieves from getting attracted to your vehicle keeping it safe.

Plus, you will be able to see your vehicle from long distances without going close to it. This allows the car owners to be relieved and stress-free.

Most of the manufacturers paint their locks with red or yellow colors for greater visibility. Don’t look for a nice-looking lock that matches your vehicle’s color. Get one that can act as a visual deterrent.

2. Easy to Install & Remove

It is not feasible to use a lock that takes an hour to be installed or removed. You need a product that can easily be installed and easily removed within minutes so that you can use this with your daily driver.

Although most of the wheel locks nowadays offer fast installation features, it is always recommended to check and verify the claims so that you do not end up making things hard.

3. Durability

Will you buy a product that is made to serve you for a month or a year? No! That’s why we put significant emphasis on getting a lock for your trailer wheel that is made with top-quality materials.

When it comes to security, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality for saving a few bucks.

Therefore, go with the product that has a sturdy design, additional layers of protection, and is built with heavy materials.

4. Lightweight

The lock should be lightweight and easy to carry. For the big clamp or boot-type locks, we recommend having one that has a carrying handle. Some products ignore the handle as they add additional weight to the lock.

In such cases, you should see whether the lock can be easily carried by holding on to its body.

However, locks should not be too light that they compromise with their quality. So, a good balance between strong build and weight should be your key concern when buying the lock.

5. Universal Fit Lock

Versatility in usage makes the lock more valuable. A good quality wheel lock can last for decades. But in the meantime, you may change your vehicle several times or may need to use the lock in different family member-owned vehicles.

So, getting a universal wheel lock for the trailer wheel relieves you from purchasing different locks for every vehicle you own. Don’t ignore this important factor if you want to deter thieves all the time.

6. Additional Security

As the main purpose of purchasing the lock is to keep your vehicle and its wheels safe. Having some additional security along with its lock makes it more appealing and unbreakable.

So, an additional layer of steel, extra protective keys, unique size, and lock types can make things harder for any unwanted person to get control of your vehicle. So, always aim for maximum security.

7. Trailer Wheel Lock Price

The final criterion for choosing a lock to save your trailer wheel is to check its price. Generally, these locks are fairly priced and because of the competitive market, there is hardly any product that is priced higher than it should be.

Good quality products range from 60 to 150 bucks while cheaper ones come at a range of 20 to 50 dollars.

How to Lock a Trailer Wheel?

Depending on the type of lock you choose to use, the locking method can differ. Spline drive locks are installed differently than locking clamps. Although the locks took the same, the locking method can differ significantly depending on the product you are using.

Manufacturers try to make their products unique to prevent thieves from getting hang of the locking mechanism. That’s why we recommend reading the user manual for the exact process.

Can I have Replacement Keys if The Keys are Lost?

No. In most cases, they do not keep logs of your key patterns for security. So, if you lose the key, there is a very slight chance that the lock manufacturer can give you a solution to this.

How many locks for the trailer wheel should I buy?

We recommend starting with one or two to check the quality and ease of use. However, you may get as many as you want from the manufacturers who are trusted and give you a decent one-year warranty or more on the product.

How to Check if it is compatible with my car, truck, or trailer?

Check the product description to see what the manufacturer says about the product. They will clearly indicate compatibility. Some great products nowadays are compatible with almost every type of car, truck, and trailer with their great adjustability. However, the key thing to check is your wheel size, both width and gaps in the rim.

Will Trailer Wheel locks prevent Vehicle theft?

There is no guarantee that the lock will prevent your vehicle from being stolen. However, it is an extra layer of security along with the built-in security system in your vehicle to protect it.

This keeps you relaxed and stress-free in terms of vehicle security when you are away from it.

Will trailer wheel locks damage my vehicle?

Locks are made to secure your vehicle so that it does not get attacked by thieves. Using good-quality locks will keep your vehicle safe and sound without any issue at all. However, low-quality and uncoated locks can scratch up your rims making them look ugly.

So, when getting a lock for the trailer wheel, make sure not to compromise with the quality.

Final Verdict

Every wheel lock that has been analyzed possesses quality. All are good, but it is our job to point out the best wheel locks for trailers from these products we have reviewed.

The wheel lock that stands tall among all the ones we have analyzed is the Trimax wheel chock lock. It has everything you want in a wheel lock. Strong, durability, versatility, smooth fixing and withdrawal, affordability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

When getting a lock for your trailer, don’t forget to check its compatibility, security features, and ease of use. These are the three main things that stand out among all the criteria. You may go with a steering wheel lock in case you are afraid of having the entire car stolen.

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