How to Set Clock on Pioneer Car Stereo [3 Easy Methods]

How can you set the clock on your Pioneer car stereo? I know it might seem like a simple question, but in reality, there is more to it than you think. People often get confused as to which button to press or where to find the clock settings.

So, we’re here for your rescue! Read through this blog post and learn how to set the time on your Pioneer car stereo with ease.

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Setting Up Clock on Pioneer DEH Series Car Stereo

Although there are different methods for setting up the clock on pioneer radio units, it’s more or less the same when it’s a single DIN unit. Here’s what you need to do-

Turn off the Stereo unit

Before you start setting up the clock, you need to turn the stereo off so that you can start from the beginning. Although you can tweak the settings by going to the source but from our experience, it sometimes causes the system to lag or slow down a bit. If you want to start from any source, then you can skip this step.

Go to System Settings

Press on the volume controller and scroll with the knob until you find ‘System’ settings. Press on the volume controller again to enter into the system settings.

Scroll to Clock Set

After you’re in the system settings, it’s time to scroll using the volume control knob until you find the ‘Clock Set’. Press enter to select that option.

Set the Clock

Now that you’re in the right place, you need to set the clock by using the Volume Control Knob. Turn the knob, you should the clock settings modifications happening on the screen. Once you get to your desired result, press enter. This will set the hour setting and move you to the minutes setting.

Following the same procedure, you adjust the minutes as well.

You can adjust the 12 Hour or 24-hour mode by pressing the back option and scrolling to the next option after ‘Clock Set’. This should show 12H/24H followed by the default setting. You can adjust that by pressing the volume controller and turning the knob. Press enter again once you’re done.

Go Back to Source

Once you’re done setting the clock, press ‘Back’ to go back to the source. This will get you out of the settings and leave you with whatever source we were in.

How to Set Clock on Pioneer AVH Car Stereo

Setting the clock on your Pioneer AVH car stereo is very simple. While the single DIN units have knobs and buttons for you, the touchscreen models make it seamless when it comes to setting up the clock.

Here’s what you need to do-

Tap on the Clock

The first step is to tap on the clock. No matter what source you are in, you can simply tap the clock on the top of the screen to reach the clock settings.

Adjust the Calendar and Time

The settings screen will have options to adjust the calendar, followed by the clock. And you’ll also find the format you want the date and time to be shown on the display there. Adjust accordingly.

Go Back to the Source

After you’re done, simply tap on the cross located at the top right corner of the display. This will take you out of the settings and allow you to enjoy whatever you were enjoying before.

How to Set Clock on Pioneer Radio Mosfet 50wx4 Super Tuner iii D

Setting the clock is pretty easy on this model. Follow these steps-

Press Clock Button

Press the clock button located at the top right corner of the device to access the clock. After you see the clock on the screen, press and hold the volume control for five seconds and then release.

Press and hold the volume control knob again. You should now see the clock blinking which means you’re in the settings.

Use Navigation Keys to Adjust

Use the navigation keys around the volume control knob to adjust the clock settings. Press up and down buttons for adjusting the hour setting. Once you’re done with that, press the right navigation button to access minutes settings.

Follow the same process for adjusting the minutes.

Complete the Process

After you’re done with the adjustment, press on the volume control knob. This should take a second to take you to the home screen. The clock has been set. You can confirm that by clicking on the clock button.


The clock settings on Pioneer car stereos can be a little tricky to get used to, but the process is actually quite simple. With these few steps, you should be up and running in no time.

The single DIN units are a bit tricky to adjust as it takes a lot of button press here and there to finally achieve the result. On the other hand, the touchscreen stereos offer tremendous experience when it comes to setting up the clock.

Please note that the steps mentioned here can be slightly different on your model as we’ve taken one sample model to assist you. But rest assured that the ways are more or less the same in all of the similar devices.

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