11 Reasons Why Your Car Stereo Keeps Resetting [How to Fix]

The first time you realized that your stereo was resetting to factory settings and all of the music, contacts, and other information on it were gone, you probably thought “what’s wrong with my car?” That is a very common misconception.

how to fix car stereo keeps resetting

The problem doesn’t necessarily lie in your vehicle; instead, there are usually several reasons that lead up to this event.

We will discuss all the reasons why your car stereo keeps resetting so that you can fix it now and prevent it from happening again!

Why Car Stereo Keeps Resetting?

Issues with Memory Wire

The most common issue behind car stereo resetting is a bad memory wire connection.

Memory Wire is the wire that connects your stereo to a memory card. If this wire isn’t connected correctly, then you’ll start having issues.

If it’s not done right, the car sometimes resets itself until everything has been erased from the car’s stereo.

This wire contains power all the time, which is why it has to be connected correctly.

Issues with Power Supply

Car stereo is not an essential part of your car to function properly. However, it takes power from your car, failing of which may well lead to car stereo resetting.

The most common issue with the power supply is a short or bad connection, which will cause your car’s engine to be turned off while you’re driving and cause the sound system to shut down.

If this happens, then it’ll take some time for your car audio system to reboot again because of the way it is made.

Fault in the Fuse Can Cause the Car Stereo Reset Issue

Another possible reason for the car stereo reset issue can be a faulty fuse. Finding this fault may not always be easy as you need to take help of the owner’s manual for finding the right fuse to replace it.

The fuse will cause the power to shut off in case of a power problem.

Head Unit Has Internal Issue

Apart from the wiring and fuse issues, a fault in the head unit can cause the car stereo to reset. The head unit stores the information about your car stereo system and it is responsible for controlling power to all components.

It may keep on resetting as a result of excessive heat or voltage surges, which can lead to the overloading of circuits in some cases. In some instances, you’ll need professional help from an expert audio specialist if the issue doesn’t go away after implementing the following fixes.

How to Fix Car Stereo Keeps Resetting Issue

There are some simple fixes you can attempt before taking your car to a professional.

First, make sure that the stereo is shut off and only turn it back on one or two times per day. You also want to avoid operating any other electrical components for extended periods of time in order to prevent overheating.

Additionally, place an automotive-approved fan near the stereo in order to keep it cool. You can also use an automotive-approved heat shield when parking your car for long periods of time, which is a metal plate that covers the stereo and absorbs any excess heat.

Lastly, check if there are any loose connections or broken wires by removing all the items from your dashboard before attempting to diagnose what is wrong.

If the above tips don’t help you, here are the fixes you should try one by one-

Try Replacing Memory Wire

Sometimes the memory wire that connects your car stereo to your battery won’t work and you might need to replace it. You can get a new one at any auto parts store for under $20.

When replacing the memory wire, ensure that you connect the wire properly this time.

Replace Damaged Fuse or Connecting Wires

Try replacing the fuse in your vehicle’s dash with an automotive-approved replacement from an auto parts store.

Sometimes, you might find that your vehicle’s wiring has been damaged and the power is not going through at all to reach your car stereo in some cases. You will need an electronics technician or a mechanic to fix this for you or can try DIY techniques as well. But make sure to use high-quality cables and proper user manuals to solve repeatedly turning on and off issues.

Fix for a Damaged Head Unit

If your car stereo is still not working and the fuse has been replaced, then it might be a problem with your head unit. The best way to fix this would be to buy a new one from an auto parts store or take it into an electronics repair shop.

Sometimes there are things that can cause your speakers to stop working and one of the most common ones is that your speakers are blown out. When this happens, it is best to replace them with new ones.-

If you have a built-in amp in your car stereo system then there might be an issue with it as well that can cause things such as your power supply or ground wire to go bad.

It is possible that the speaker wires are no longer connected or have a loose connection. If this is the case, then it might be time to take your car stereo system in for a check-up and make sure everything has been wired correctly.

If you’re still experiencing issues with your speakers after reading these tips, then you may want to call a professional.

Reasons Behind Car Stereo Turns On and Off Repeatedly?

The most common reason for car radio to turn on and off repeatedly is overheating. A stereo system can overheat for a number of reasons:

– You have the volume too high and it is constantly being played for hours.

– The car’s air conditioning has been turned off, so when you start driving your speakers get hot from all the heat/humidity in the vehicle.

Car battery is low, so the amplifier is constantly under a lot of stress.

– If this happens only while driving, you should start with Memory wire, fuse, and other wire connections to see whether any loose or bad connection is causing this.

Why My Car Stereo Cuts Music itself?

It is possible that the stereo system has a faulty wire or an issue with power. Due to poor connection, music can cut off.

To fix, Turn off your car and turn it back on to see if this has resolved the problem. Check all of your wirings for any signs of damage, because wires can sometimes get tangled up in things like seat belts which causes them to short circuit.


Whenever you try any fix, make sure to double-check that all the connections are secure.

Unless you are 100% sure about what you are doing, we don’t recommend attempting a fix that is directly connected to power and wire.

You should carefully try the fixes and see if things come back to normal. If the issue persists, you may need to consult a professional for a full diagnosis of the stereo system.

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