Kenwood Car Stereo Troubleshooting: Sound, USB & Bluetooth Not Working?

You are driving to work in the morning and your car stereo suddenly stops working. You try turning it off and on again but nothing happens, so you pull over to the side of the road. Now what?

kenwood car stereo troubleshooting

This is a common problem for many car owners who use Kenwood car stereos, which means that you’re not alone! We’re here to help with some troubleshooting tips.

There are a few things that you can check before taking it into a professional and some of them might even be easy enough for you to do on your own.

Here we will discuss the following: No Sound, USB not working, Bluetooth not working, Error codes, and others. So, stay with us!

How to Fix Kenwood Car Stereo that Has No Sound?

There are a few problems that may be causing this issue. Here’s what you can do-

1. Check Speaker Wiring

If the newly installed stereo or an old one suddenly stops producing sound, it’s time to start the troubleshooting process from speaker wiring.

Sometimes the wires get loose or you may have forgotten to connect some of the important wires which are causing the issue.

2. Check Fuse of Speaker & Stereo

The next step would be to check the fuse of the speaker and stereo. If either is blown, it will need to be replaced before you can get your sound working again.

If both fuses are good, proceed with the following steps-

3. Enable Speaker Sound

This may sound funny but it’s the most common way to fix the issue. Many new speakers come with a factory default of zero sound which people often don’t check after installing a new device.

Some devices may need specific setups as well to get it working properly. So, check the user manual to see if there is anything that can help you regarding this.

4. Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

If the speaker you are trying to run with the stereo through Bluetooth is at a good distance or something is interfering with its connectivity, then you may hear a buzzing sound from the speaker instead of the actual sound.

If this is what’s your problem, I recommend double-checking anything for interference.

5. Faulty AUX Cable

If every other way got failed and the connection is made using AUX cable, it’s time to change the cable to see if the problem lies in the cable.

Fixing the Kenwood Car Stereo Bluetooth Not Working Issue

If you are facing Bluetooth connectivity issues in your infotainment system, it’s likely that some software got bugged up. We have got quite a few solutions to solve this-

1. Restart the Device

The first and the most simple solution would be to restart your device. This will solve most of the Bluetooth connectivity issues, especially when you are trying to connect with a new device.

Sometimes, even after restarting it might not work at all so we got some more tips for you-

Turn Off & On Bluetooth on your phone or the other device that you are trying to connect with the stereo.

2. Delete All Bluetooth Pairing Data

If restarting didn’t solve the issue, try to delete all Bluetooth pairing data on your Kenwood system.

To do this, go to “Settings”, then choose “Bluetooth”. Here you will see “Clear All Paired Devices” option at the bottom of the screen where you can simply click it and this will remove everything from here.

3. Reset the Device

You can also reset your Kenwood system to factory settings and see if it helps in solving the issue. While the first two methods work in most cases, you may need to perform a hard factory reset sometimes to get Bluetooth working back again.

Kenwood Car Stereo USB Not Working

From physical damage to a software bug, there are many reasons why your car stereo may have not been able to detect USB devices. Here are some of the fixes that you can try before consulting any professional-

1. Use a Different USB Cable

First, try to use a different USB cable that you are sure is working fine with other devices.

If the issue still occurs even after using another cable then it’s time to move on-

2. Try a Driver Update

Some Kenwood stereos require drivers to run the USB devices. So, if you have updated your stereo’s software but nothing is working out for you then I recommend checking system requirements on the manufacturer’s website to see whether it requires any specific driver update or not.

3. Check Compatibility Issues

Many times people complain often about USB non-detection without a prior compatibility check. If the device you are trying to connect using USB is not compatible with the stereo, it won’t show anything.

If you are already using a compatible device then make sure that it is in working condition. Otherwise, it will act like there is nothing at the other end of the USB cable.

4. Update Firmware

Many old cars have very outdated stereo devices that require firmware updates to be compatible with newer devices. Kenwood provides firmware updates for its stereo devices. You need to check their website if there is one for your model.

The last resort would be to hard reset the Kenwood device and then try connecting USB again. If nothing works at all, I recommend taking it to a professional who can diagnose for any physical damage or specific issues related to your model.

Kenwood Stereo Error Codes

There are many error codes that may pop up in your stereo. We’ll describe the ones that are common and mostly misunderstood by people-

TOC Error

This is an error code shown for disc error. If the disc is inserted upside down, corrupted, has scratches, bruises, or dust in it, the error may pop up on the screen. Try cleaning the disc and inserting it correctly to get rid of the error.

NA File

The error means that the file you are trying to play is not supported by the stereo. To avoid this issue, we recommend converting audio files to either .mp3 or .aac since these two file formats are supported in almost all kinds of stereos, be it a modern one or a 20 years old antique one.


This is not an error code but people often consider this as an error code as it stays on the screen for a long time. If the system is hung up due to a very deep folder structure or for large file size, this can appear on the display to prevent you from doing other tasks that may cause the system to bog down completely.

To avoid this from happening, you can keep folder structures simple and don’t overwhelm the device by putting unnecessary files in it.


Kenwood stereos can be tricky to troubleshoot. If you’re experiencing any of the issues mentioned in this article, try out these few tips before consulting a professional. They’ll help you get your Kenwood back on track and let it work like new again!

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